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 Vrelun Travia

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furry garbage

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PostSubject: Vrelun Travia   Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:10 am

Full Name: Vrelun Travia
Title(s): Queen of Meereen, Lady of House Travia
Gender: Female
Age: 8 sweeps.
Height: 5'6.
House: House Travia

Physical Appearance: Vrelun is a troll of High Valyrian descent, and like most High Valyrians, has long silvery gold hair instead of the regular black draped over her shoulders and down her back, two long horns sticking straight up from the sides of her head splitting her hair. Following her recent conquering of Meereen, Vrelun wears a small golden chain underneath her hair that is only visible while looking at her from the front, resting just on her forehead. Her jawline is lined with fuchsia-red cusp colored almost transparent scales instead of fins, reaching down her neck. The outfit she wears most often is a white dress with two straps reaching down to cover her breasts, joined to a long skirt just covering everything, normally in bare feet underneath. The two breasts straps reaching down her body are actually one just wrapped around the back of her neck. Her back completely revealed, more scales down her spinal area. Vre doesn't wear too much flashy jewlery, aside from the few small bracelets she constantly has on.
Personality: Vrelun is a quiet, intimidating fuchsia blood set on claiming back what was rightfully hers; the iron throne. She can be extremely kind, but the next moment the fire in her heart could be blazing with rage. As young as she was, she already had an army of Dothraki savages behind her as well as hundreds of freed slaves. All of them marching for once goal; to completely dismantle the power structure of their current society and reinstate her as queen. When she arrives in Westeros, only those who welcome her with open arms will be spared.
Blood Color: Fuchsia.

Strengths: Her overwhelmingly large army, two dragons, and her overall determination.
Weaknesses: She's most often lost in thought plotting, and not very quick on the draw. Vre also enjoys a lot of time alone.
Psionic Power: None.

Describe your character in 3 words: Angry dragon heiress.


- She has two dragons, Isriez and Evlion. They're both white as all other lusi, but were thought to be extinct. Isriez hasn't grown much since hatching, and is small enough to sit on Vrelun's shoulder. Evlion on the other hand is large enough to be her personal mount. She holds both of them dear, and will even go so far to refer to them as her best friends from time to time, and even her sons.

the boys:

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PostSubject: Re: Vrelun Travia   Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:20 am

Approved (I dunno if I'm supposed to approve em)
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Vrelun Travia
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