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 Usagi Kalulu

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PostSubject: Usagi Kalulu   Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:54 pm

Full Name: Usaggi Kalulu
Gender: Female
Height: Five feet and two inches.
Age: 7.04 sweeps or 15.25 human years.
Physical appearance: Usaggi is somewhat short and slim, but also slightly round, like a ((You guessed it)), rabbit. Her hair is... Fuck I can't describe it. I'll put a picture at the end of this. Anyways, her horns are at the side of her head and almost immediately go down to about an inch above her shoulders, where they become blunt and rounded. She also has one at the very top of her head shaped vaguely like a curved claw.

In terms of clothing, she wears a baggy green t-shirt, which is so long that it would come out of her black hoodie with her symbol on it even if she hadn't cut the bottom half off. She rarely wears any pants, rather opting for shorts of her blood color that reach her knees. Her shoes are simple "Chuck"-style sneakers that are green rather than black, save for the places where they are white.

Her hair:

Personality: Usaggi is generally a kind troll, well, about as kind as a troll can be. She wouldn't harm anyone unless she was fighting for her or a friend's life, or they really, really deserved it in her eyes. In fact, she would rather not fight, and often runs from confrontations.

She's somewhat more intelligent than the "average", in that she knows various facts about random things, but doesn't specialize in anything particular, other than tailoring.

Speaking of tailoring, she takes pride in what she creates, even though she pretty much just slices pre-existing clothing and half-assed sews it back together, with other fabric pieces left over from other things she's used.

She's generally pretty easygoing and soft, but isn't afraid to stand up to things she sees as unjust. However, when she stands up to these things, she takes the pacifist approach for as long as possible. This doesn't mean she's not an apt fighter, no, she simply avoids it for as long as possible.

Usaggi realizes her place on the hemospectrum, and that she won't last as long as some of her friends. She detests the power that highbloods get compared to lowbloods, but she knows that they are, at least in terms of lifespan, genetically superior.

Handle: amiableDoe
Typing Quirk/Color: It's rel@tively... Unk1nd of you to call anybody th@."
Blood color: Olive
Symbol: I dunno, I googled this.
Lusus: A jackalope roughly the size of a German Shepherd.

Strengths: Ussagi is light on her feet, due to her well-developed leg muscles. These leg muscles also give her high lower-body strength and a high-jump ability.
Weaknesses: She will procrastinate doing anything, tries to be nonviolent for too long, and a bit too protective of those that can't defend themselves.
Fears/Insecurities: She's very fearful of purplebloods, knowing that they are usually quite murderous. She's also very insecure about her tailoring skills, and hates criticism on them.
Likes/Hobbies: Tailoring, dancing, playing the saxophone, talking lightheartedly to her friends, and a cool breeze.
Dislikes: Warm areas, criticism, violence, blood not being in a body, and anger.

God Tier Title: Heir of Heart
Land: Land of Conquest and Smog
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: Axkind, which also allows her to throw tomahawks.
Psionic Power: Usaggi can heat up objects, setting flammable ones on fire or making metallic ones fractionally more malleable, or, melting them if their melting point is low enough.

Describe your character in three words: Pacifistic Rabbit Grill.

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: A good ol' woodcutting axe and a tailor's kit.

Other: Two and a half hours. Without stopping. End me.

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i've got a pesterchum. i'm not on it often, but if you wanna chat, it's intravenousExtravaganza

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Usagi Kalulu
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