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 Her Epicurean Covetousness / The Covetess

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furry garbage
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PostSubject: Her Epicurean Covetousness / The Covetess   Sun Jul 17, 2016 2:39 am

Title: Her Epicurean Covetousness
Full Name: Ethide Deksea
Nickname(s): The Covetess
Gender: Female
Height & Weight: 6'8, 180lbs
Age: 174 sweeps.

Physical Appearance: Ethide is constantly dressed to impress and to intimidate. The outfit you'd see her in most would definitely be a black bodysuit, her symbol in fuchsia on the chest, wrapping around to the back, where her symbol was yet again. The bodysuit stops at her mid-throat, secured with flashy chokers made of gold. She had bracelets of all different sizes down her arms, stopping at her wrists where a piece extends down to cover her middle finger. You can hardly tell anyways, considering Ethide constantly wears fistfuls of rings. Moving down to the legs, there would be more details leading down to her large heels, both in fuchsia. Around her ankles would be even more jewelry. Finally, the head. Ethide shares the same horns as her descendant, a golden crown neatly fitting around them, laced in precious jewels. Her fins also seemed to be laced in jewels underneath her thick, fluffy hair reaching down to her heels.

Personality: Ethide was typically self centered, and was practically a sexual icon. She was an extremely charismatic and lusty troll before her death, which is why she ruled for a good while. She was known to have jewelry and other riches mass produced for herself, taking advantage of every perk there was to being an empress. Although she loved public attention, she'd normally just keep to herself in her absolutely massive palace that is now owned by her descendant. In her spare time, she used to flirt with low or mid-bloods, before culling them. What a BEACH.  

Typing Quirk/Color: Ethide types in fuchsia, or #99004d, her quirk replacing v with ^ and w with ^^. She also uses a lot of fish puns.
Blood Color: Fuchsia.
Symbol: Same as Jaivyn's.
Lusus: Gl'bgolyb


- Charismatic.
- As a fuchsia blood, she is extremely strong.
- Cold hearted.


- Easily distracted.
- Cocky.
- Not usually aware of her surroundings.

Fears/Insecurities: Being dethroned and losing everything she's "worked" for.


- Jewelry.
- The spotlight.
- Executions.


- Grubs for some reason.
- Any and every other fuchsiablood brought into existence. (They're aren't a hassle to deal with, it just gets tiring culling them.)
- Literally the rest of the hemospectrum.

God Tier Title: Thief of Life
Derse or Prospit: Derse.
Strife Specibus: [b]spikewhipKind
Psionic Power: No special power here. She doesn't need it.


Her Epicurean Covetousness was an heiress behind Her Dispassionate Ascendancy, and had taken the throne with ease. She had no problem slicing the previous Empress up, and had ruled for sweeps until a certain rainbow drinker assassinated her. But rest assured, the jadeblood was executed on the spot. Her Epicurean Covetousness lives on inside her descendant and only heiress now, as another lost but not forgotten empress.

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PostSubject: Re: Her Epicurean Covetousness / The Covetess   Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:08 pm



Whatever you want to glow

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Her Epicurean Covetousness / The Covetess
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