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 Marzin Bryers

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PostSubject: Marzin Bryers   Marzin Bryers EmptyMon Jul 11, 2016 7:35 pm

Full Name: Marzin Bryers

Gender: Male

Height: Slightly below average for blood type

Age: 7.5 Sweeps

Physical appearance: Marzin is a muscly fellow, paired with his height looking very stout. His hair is perpetually tangled and rustled, matching the dishevelled attire he adorns while on a hunt. His messy cloths are littered with self made pockets and satchels slung around him. Needed to carry the materials he acquires while out and about. He walks with a wide gaunt, marching consistently through the rough terrain he often travels through. His mannerisms are very brutish and would not exactly be smiled upon by the more refined inhabitants of Alternia. He is also missing the top of his index finger on his right hand, disconnected at the first pivot.
Personality: Despite his hardened appearance, Marzin is very friendly when it comes to others. His career, while incredibly dangerous, has actually lead to good relations with his fellow trolls. Trading and bartering his pelts and meat to his hive neighbours has given him a more positive out look on the whole 'working together' business, something sadly absent in a lot of others. Giving the benefit of the doubt to strangers has lead to more sharp edged replies than he would like but he remains un-discouraged to try his best.

Marzin spends most of his time out hunting the various beasts of Alternia, his lusus playing important roles as 'smart bait' as it's size means it cannot fulfil the more traditional roles of a lusus. He prefers to trap his prey, leading them into unwinnable situations rather than facing off against them head on. He holds no disdain for his prey, fear being a more accurate way to describe his feelings. Still, he hasn't lost anything yet! (except a finger but eh) He can also be pretty compliant with the Hemospectrum, giving deals to High Bloods when they wander through his area to avoid any serious conflict.

Marzin is not particularly smart or brave. At least not in an academic or heroic way, respectively. He prefers to run away from people than hurt them and he will often do the same if encountering a wild beast with no sort of back up plan. He can also be a bit of a dullard, not really having an interest in book reading or any particular academic field. He isn't, however, incompetent. It's just that his skills come in a more practical format.

His is very positive about his future, despite the sad shortness of his life span. This optimism is what drives him to go out of his way for people and continue to live a dangerous life of hunting.

Handle: chipperChop

Typing Quirk/Color: Replaces o's and O's with #. Replaces a's and A's with @. Doesn't use proper grammar or capitalisation unless EXAGGERATING. Uses emoticons frequently.
"were g#ing #n @ hunt
be sure n#t t# die!"

Blood color: Brown

Symbol: Marzin Bryers 1z48mt3 

Lusus: A little white mouse, it's size does not allow for it to hunt for food like other Lusii so Marzin has had to take on that role himself.


  • Athletic and Strong.
  • Observant of his surroundings, acutely aware of movement around him.
  • Friendly and inviting to strangers.*
  • Practical and handy.
  • Somewhat skilled in Bartering.


  • A bit of a coward.
  • Friendly and inviting to strangers.*
  • Not very intelligent or knowledgeable.


  • Afraid of having to hurt others.
  • Insecure around smarter or more elegant people.
  • Fears falling to serious injury while hunting.


  • Hunting
  • Building traps
  • Trading
  • Fixing up his hive
  • Helping others
  • Whistling a tune
  • Singing a song


  • Fighting others
  • Books
  • Smug intellectuals

God Tier Title: Knight of Life
Land: Land of Trees and Tar
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: Hatchetkind
Psionic Power: None

Describe your character in three words: Happy little huntsman

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: An axe to hunt with and friends to hunt for.


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PostSubject: Re: Marzin Bryers   Marzin Bryers EmptyWed Jul 13, 2016 8:57 am


Marzin Bryers Ptolem10

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Marzin Bryers
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