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PostSubject: Lethie Hynpos   Lethie Hynpos EmptyThu Jul 07, 2016 4:20 pm

TW: Manic-depressive disorder and suicidal tendencies are described lightly, along with other things like OCD and ADHD.

Full Name: Lethie Hynpos
Gender: Female
Height: 5’
Age: Earth 16
Physical appearance: An even five feet and relatively thin, it could equally be said that she both doesn’t take care of herself and that she worries about her looks. She frequently dyes her hair to be white with a streak of jade, something that would probably get her culled if she actually lived on Alternia proper. Living slightly outside, in a satellite station orbiting it, she is allowed freedoms an adult troll might have, and is treated similarly. She takes advantage of this by dying her hair, wearing lots of bangles and bracelets, and having lots of gold studs and hoops pierced in all the normal places. One on her lower lip, a daintily-hooked hoop for her nose, five going up each ear, and two on each eyebrow end and one on the front of the left one.  
Her face is a bit thin and her complexion is about 20% darker than average, unless she gets mad, which makes her lose her grip on the biological parlor trick keeping her skin from showing its bioluminescence.
Her expressive hair is cut bob-style, simultaneously trendy and sensable. She tries to keep it looking nice, fixing it up in the reflection of her much-used handmirror every time she loses her cool. Her nails are kept nice and trim, never allowed to reach beyond her fingertip for fear of her hurting herself or others.
She wears a black, sterile gown that looks closer to pyjamas than actual clothes. Buttoning right over left with a tiny collar, the top is embroidered with her name and symbol in a fancy jade hue on the breast. The pants are smooth and comfortable, cuffed above black socks on her small feet.
Personality: Lethie is deeply disturbed, the doctor said. The only reason they hadn’t culled her a long time ago, apparently, was because she had put everything that went near her to sleep when they harbored ill will- Even drones. Her ability was frightening to them, and it worked over great distances, so they simply gently plucked her from her home and put her in a facility where they could monitor and subject her to tests. She grew up uniquely, every day giving blood tests and answering simple yes or no questions. Her doctor, who she calls her Lusus, is a troll trained to be a psychiatrix. Without a real parental figure to depend upon, she was never told what was precicely normal, allowing her quirks to shine through. Nothing was ever discouraged or encouraged, simply observed with the other children on board the satellite. She almost never saw the other trolls, but she new some died and some left or were taken away- She’s the only one left.
She likes to draw but isn’t very good at it, and if she can settle down and not think about silly little things for a while, she has a good mind for music (something discouraged in other environments.) She is prone to dramatic rages, not exactly violent, but emphatic. She may get upset at the strangest of things, but often forgets quickly and moves on. She seems to operate of a different version of logic than others, coming to the right conclusion the wrong way or completely missing the point sometimes.

She is manic-depressive and minorly suicidal, the latter of which lead to her status as blood-sucking zombie/Rainbow Drinker; She threw herself off a counter at a young age to try to see how much it hurt, which ended up breaking her neck. All heights and such were removed after that, showing it was actually a feat that she had managed to hurt herself. She got up fine and dandy a while later after she was found in a crumpled heap by her doctor, but she had glowing skin.

Handle: neuroticPsychosis
Typing Quirk/Color: Replaces O with 0- and o with o-. Types in her blood colour o-0-
Blood color: Jade
Symbol: Base (A circle with a horizontal line in the middle)
Lusus: None.

Strengths: Rainbow drinker and used to it, but unused to combat situations. Not really book smart, but she catches on quickly.
Weaknesses: No practical knowledge whatsoever, and she’s unstable as hell.
Fears/Insecurities: Too many to count. Don’t step on the cracks in the tile, don’t brush something one way without brushing it the other. Inability to do simple things like that makes her highly irritable until she forgets, but she often remembers in the middle of the night and tries to do it again if she can.
Likes/Hobbies: Not really… Anything? Conversing in general, I bet. She’s good at music, but doesn’t like it, and she likes to draw but isn’t good enough and doesn’t get the point.
Dislikes: Not really any dislikes either, besides herself. Herself, a lot sometimes.

God Tier Title: None.
Land: None.
Derse or Prospit: Neither.
Strife Specibus: Handmirror/Spoonkind. The least dangerous thing they could give her.
Psionic Power: Lethie is a gem, having a powerful psionic ability and the benefits of a rainbow drinker; Freakishly durable and surprisingly athletic along with the power to put people to sleep at will. The sleepers are hypothesized to share her view of reality while out, but it’s unknown since you can’t be two people.


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do you have like a tech problem

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PostSubject: Re: Lethie Hynpos   Lethie Hynpos EmptyThu Jul 07, 2016 7:43 pm

1.) Approved
2.) This is a rather hard for somebody to top.
a.) *winks to anybody reading this*
b.) *accepts own challenge*

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