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 Tales of my Dreams

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PostSubject: Tales of my Dreams   Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:41 pm

First Fall
The bell rings, and just like that, the day ends. It was just like any other day, the hours after hours of being lock down behind the self-imposed routine. Hour after hour, day after day, always repeating the same road to come back to the little cave he called home, just to leave it the next day and repeat the cycle.

The bells stop their ominous sound as the kid leaves the building to start, yet again, the walk on that old road. The little guy was taking the first steps, as he guides his left hand into his pocket taking out an old phone, and turning on the symphonies that usually accompany his journey. Ignoring the world around him, putting his look no higher than the floor, the boy finds comfort on the hazy world he creates over the landscape of his shoes hitting the ground and the cords ringing on his ear.

With both the wind and the cold flying towards him, he can’t avoid hugging himself from the inside of his jacket, accidentally pulling out the cord of his phone that starts loudly calling for attention. As the kid takes it out to put the cord back into its place, the sound of the howling wind and the screaming guitars are abruptly silenced by the soft sound of the honk of a car that runs him over as it crashes into the glasses of the shop behind him. The melody of the shattering glasses is subdued by the chant of waves coming back and forth in front of the surprised boy, whose vision is slowly blurring between the car and the red ocean that comes out of him, gazing a little dark dot coming towards him.

He can’t move, he won’t even try, and he just waits for that little figure to come for him. He recognizes the shape of a small wooden boat coming from the red ocean coming to pick him up. A skinny inviting hand comes to his sight, as a raspy voice tells him to get on board. The man that rides the boat hides most of his body on a tall robe too big for him, but he can’t avoid showing his rough and sick skin covering his arm and face, witch possess a golden sash that prevents the kid from seeing his pair of useless eyes. As the kid gains some notion of his current situation, he waves his hand and simply says “Hi Steve”. A scream of frustration comes out of the man, being “God dammit” the only thing that could be heard in the echo of the place as his putrid lips crack open on a moment of pure emotion, “not you again” he says hitting his face with his former inviting hand, trying to release the stress formed by listening to that familiar voice one more time.

Second Song
He lets out a big sight, “What was it this time?” the river man asked with disdain on his tone, “was it a lose shoot like last time, or maybe an insect in your drink again?” he asked always using a condescending tone as he had seen this guy to many times like to care anymore for his way of passing, but even though, a spark of curiosity always stroke him as the why and how death would keep claiming this boy.

The young man just giggled bowing his head, as he had done time and time again in front of the same situation that keeps happening for the whim of destiny itself. He reached for a coin that he knew would be on his pocket, and throw it to the air as to repeat an old habit, the coin flipped through the air and its one shinny aspect became just dust , the once golden coin reduce to nothing more than dirt on the wind.

“You have paid me with the same coin to many times to still have any worth on it” the river man said inviting him once again into his boat, still determined to do his job, either for pride on his task or for the insignificant bond he had created with the only person he had seen more than once on his life time, no matter how alien that concept was for him, he couldn’t stop that feeling from reaching his hermit soul, even if he didn’t understand it, as his destiny was bound to that river, to travel the same waters every time with a different partner, with only one exception, the boy that keep coming, that keep using the same coin to pay the same travel, so without even thinking about it, he took him to the same destination as he always took him to, where the a woman keeps waiting for him, expecting him to stay, but always knowing that his visit would be only temporary, selfishly wishing that his beloved finally takes his last breath so he could accompany her for the rest of time, but to no avail, as the boy keep leaving, but always returning to her arms.

Third Travel
The boat went on and on in those red waters for what it seem an eternity, being pushed by the untiring  arms of the river man, minutes became hours, hours in days, and days into years. The travel was always long and silent as neither of the two opened their mouths at any moment to speak to each other, they would spend the travel every single time not with words, but with a simple melody that the boy always hum, the same soft lullaby that was once played by cords and now was repeated by nothing more than a closed mouth.

The river man was always bombarded by the questions of his passengers driven by fear of the unknown and the impatience of the men over the long journey. But never the boy, even on his first time centuries ago he never questioned him, he never was afraid of the travel they both always took, he didn’t question it, he didn’t denied it as it was the common reaction the river man was used to. The boy only hum the same song every time, just being interrupted in rare occasions by a short and inconsequential question that never expected an answer.

The eternal song swing by with the rhyme of the waves hitting the side of the boat, being interrupted only when there were no more waves on the way. No more waves, no more sea, only an empty void that the wood keep floating on showing the end of the road. The black sky under the boat was the signal for both of them that the journey was over once again. And with nothing more than bowing of his head, the boy said goodbye to his partner, jumping from the boat and falling through if the sky it was.

And as the sky took its righteous place on top of the boy’s head, he landed on what can only be described as an island in the middle of nowhere, where there was no water, no sky, not even darkness around it, reality and even existence itself just seemed to stop on the edge of that island, where a simple house lied on the center, where the boy found yet again that feeling of nostalgia invading his heart.
“I’m home again” he said as he took his first steps towards the door that opened before he could even touch it, being greeted by that woman that ported a motherly aura around her, as she weakly smiled at him as her weight was being hold by the door.
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Tales of my Dreams
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