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 Land of Snow and Shadow

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PostSubject: Land of Snow and Shadow   Fri May 06, 2016 5:02 am

Land Name: Land of Snow and Shadow [LoSaS]

Terrain: This land is covered by a vast forest, with constant snow drifting to the ground. Rising out of the forest are three plateaus, none withing sight of the others. Winding through the forest and its great, plain-like clearings are swift flowing, ice cold streams and rivers, and three great rivers that divide the Land. Each of these great rivers can be traced back to one of the plateaus and the roaring waterfalls cascading from their heights, but climbing them and finding the source is nearly impossible.

Landmarks: Chief among the Land's landmarks are the Great Plateaus and the rivers that originate from them, each plateau being integral to the player's advancement. One of the plateaus is home to the player's Denizen, another to their Slab, and the third to the great castle of an Agent of Derse. Scattered throughout the forest and its clearings are towns and villages, but all of them are empty.
Player Handler: Erebos Xantus
Main Quest: The consorts of this Land have been forced into slavery by Derse's Agent, and the Denizen forced into enchanted sleep. The goal the Hero of Heart is to bring low the Agent, free the consorts, and wake the Denizen.
Consorts: Blue-Ringed-Octopus-People
Denizen: Artemis. A snake like creature with a feminine figure, she guards an artifact held in trust for the Knight.
Gate Color: Boop #008080
Other: In addition to the imps, ogres, and other such creatures that have infested the Land since the game's beginning, it is also inhabited by predators that roam beneath the trees, across the clearings, and along the rivers.


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PostSubject: Re: Land of Snow and Shadow   Mon May 09, 2016 8:09 am



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Land of Snow and Shadow
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