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 Land of Death and Labyrinths

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PostSubject: Land of Death and Labyrinths   Land of Death and Labyrinths EmptySun May 01, 2016 11:19 pm

Land Name: Land of Death and Labyrinths
Player Handler: Quil Moran
Gate Color: #993366
Consorts: Light gray snakes that slyther about and live deep in the land.
Denizen: Persephone

Terrain: Upon entering, your home is transported atop a large, sharp edged mountain, the highest point of the land. Surrounding it below are similar mountains, all resembling giant blocks, that are flat surfaced at the top. Each mountain is separated some amount of feet away from each other. They are all a dark gray color and there is no sign of vegetation or water. The blocky mountains create labyrinths and mazes at the base of them, making one of the objectives of the player: to complete the maze and reach the denizen. There are various nooks and crannies which can lead to treasure or dungeons as well. Occasionally, consorts are also seen slithering along the paths. if they decide to cooperate, they are able to guide the player to the denizen, the end of the maze. The atmosphere of the plant is clouded with dark gray and little to no light is seen peeking through them.

Landmarks: Consort square - The center most part of the consorts' village and civilization that rests deep within the planet. A large fountain is seen to symbolize the center, however, the stone is cracked showing age and no water is running through it.
A large, gigantic windmill and watermill - Both act together to clear the dark clouds above and allow light to reach the surface of the world, providing energy for vegetation to grow. It activates once water flows through the planet.
Persephone's Prison - a large temple acting as the final obstacle from completing the planet's quest. The temple is riddled with large powerful monsters that trapped the denizen to kill the planet, since the denizen brings forth life.

Main Quest: The player must move through each maze monster riddled maze, going through each gate until they reach the denizen. The dungeons along the way are optional and are only there to strengthen the player. After entering the last gate, the player must navigate around the temple found there and free the denizen, Persephone. Should the denizen be killed, the quest is considered a failure and the land can not be resurrected. Upon freeing the denizen, water will flow through the temple and out into the planet, activating the watermill and fountain. After light shines on the land, grass, flowers, and fauna will begin to grow on the surface.
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Land of Death and Labyrinths
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