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 Walt Hansen

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PostSubject: Walt Hansen   Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:40 am

Full Name: Walt Hansen

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11


Physical appearance: Walt is a tall fellow for someone his age, sporting a gangly-yet-stocky build. Years of working on his father's farm in a rural, reputation-oriented town paved way for Walt to exert his entire being into doing his father proud, causing his body to be hardened. Dusty, dry skin surrounds his face and arms, and sickly-hazel eyes poke through his dirty-blonde hair.

Personality: Walt is of the repressive disposition. All feelings that aren't stoic or toughened-sureness, he forces down, swallowing any and all pains or sadness (and then swallowing the pains caused by already swallowing feelings), refusing to express them. He can also be very pessimistic, resulting from his upbringing and experience. He has internalized much of the small rural town's expectations of what it means to be a 'man', and thus is extremely hard-working and psuedo-independent as a result; and, tragically, he denies and represses sexual and romantic desires that aren't befitting of his gender, struggling with his closeted homosexuality. All of these traits form the disposition of Walt Hansen, someone who is selfless and extremely hard-working, but self-destructive in his efforts to be what every possible person could consider 'good'.

Through miseries regarding extensive farm labor and the many, many unfruitful seasons when the crops went bad, Walt is very pessimistic. Through bouts of pessimism, Walt often seeks sources of solace, albeit only ones that are socially acceptable. Because of this, it's very rare that he will ever rely on anyone else for support--indeed, venting would be akin to being weak in his and his father's eyes. Instead, he tries to act as a pillar for his friends, being a source of constant, unfaltering strength. However, as mentioned earlier, his pessimism and stoicism make it hard for him to be emotionally receptive, and he can often seem unsympathetic. Despite this fact, there are still plenty of tender, albeit somewhat superficial moments he shares with friends. With endearing traits such as valuing sentimental ideas like family and duty; and his considerate, dry charm, he has won over plenty of online friends--almost exclusively so.  

Walt cares an awful lot about what people think of him, and in many ways he can be quite naive when it comes to the value or good intentions of peoples' judgments. Always meaning to please, Walt pushes himself to his limits through hard work. While endlessly toiling away, he can always be found putting on a masculine, strong facade in the face of any grievance. No matter how toxic the judgment can be, he can often take it to heart, because at his core Walt is comfortable with parameters already being set for him. He wishes to devote himself entirely to laws and regulations set by other people, and as such, holds a high respect for rules, and even cultural customs. He wants things to stay the same, and wants to achieve a constant sense of homeostasis, and just embody the best traits he can--except these traits are what societies 'ideal' are, through every contradiction and toxic expectation. It is because of this that Walt is deeply uncomfortable with who he is, always doubting his masculinity or worth, especially due to distressing feelings associated with his closeted sexuality--indeed, Walt's homosexuality has caused him a great deal of grief in a society so unaccepting of non-heterosexual love.

Fed into his submission to society's whims and laws, Walt has a disturbing will to 'end' whatever malevolent force attempts to impose on those he loves. Going to extremes, he once nearly killed a schoolyard bully for bullying he and his friend, driving his friends and much of anyone in his class away from him due to, at the time, his complete willingness to go through with the finality of ending him. When his father was in danger, while he merely could have scared away the rabid coyote, after gaining the upper hand, knowing the coyote may return with a pack, he killed it to quell any of those fears, and to ultimately protect those he loved.

It is because of Walt's preoccupation with solace, death, and societal expectations, that he developed many self-destructive tendencies, wasting away everything up to even genuine emotional fulfillment, simply because he is so certain if he works hard enough, or quells his own feelings enough, he will find solace--not realizing that this solace (which he thinks is being good in the eyes of society and the world at large, existing forever comfortable and without judgment or pain), is actually just death itself. While a bit Freudian to say, death is the only way Walt could ever achieve the solace and comfort he desires to the extent he does. Through working himself to the bone, pleasing people and society to ridiculous extents, and sucking every last negative emotion down, Walt very likely will only achieve a holistic sense of acceptance and worth through his own demise.

Handle: toilingDecay

Typing Style: walt types all in lower case, using commas and other punctuation accordingly. he will often elect himself to adopt smiles that his friends use.

Eye color: Hazel

Symbol: A rotten potato.

Guardian: Walt's guardian is his father, who is a very strict, stoic person, setting expectations on his son like his own father did. While he genuinely loves Walt, very rarely can he ever express it aside from action. He does not force upon Walt these societal expectations out of malice--he merely does so out of the same cycle that his father and his father before him endlessly perpetuated.

Strengths: Physically, Walt is strong. He can withstand long working days, and lived through his fair share of schoolyard scraps--indeed, he won every single one of them, doing his father proud (although outwardly he scolded him). Walt has what seems like an endless reserve of energy and resilience, and can work through extremely distressing emotional or physical stimulus. Walt is very reliable, and will do almost anything to help a friend or loved one. He is also very brave, at one point even facing an irrational fear of dogs by saving his father from a rabid coyote using the scythe he had on hand.

Weaknesses: Walt is very unreceptive emotionally. He cares far too much about what people think also, which can lead him to be easily manipulated. He isn't the brightest person either, for while very grounded in common sense, Walt lacks a lot in terms of what he and his father like to refer to as 'book smarts.' He is greatly incapable of expressing emotional distress, making it hard for his friends to help him when he needs it--often times, he does not even consciously realize he does.

Fears/Insecurities: At his core, Walt is insecure about everything he is. He is driven to adopt and respect societal rules and regulations, to the point where his own sexuality causes a great amount of discomfort and emotional distress. He is unable to reconcile much of his own biological drives with that of what he, his father, and society think he should be.
He is also afraid of dogs.

Likes and Hobbies: Walt loves his creature comforts (that are okay to express). At one point, he even had some of his father's beer, after his own father was in a drunken stupor and decided that it was time to "make his son a man." While disliking the taste initially, knowing that it is acceptable for him to drink one after a long hard day at work, he eagerly awaits the age at which he can consume alcohol recreationally. In its place, he settles for a fresh glass of milk.
When Walt isn't working the farm, he likes to improve his father's tools, and go into town to converse with some of the folk there. However, he is quite shy and introverted, so very rarely will he ever strike up a conversation that he genuinely enjoys. He also enjoys playing games with his online friends, especially MMORPGs in which he can work as a team with his friends, grind endlessly, and respect and understand the rules of the game. He serves as a player moderator on his favorite one, noting bad behaviour and issuing mutes or bans as is necessary.

God Tier Title: Knight of Doom

Land: Land of Disorder and Swelter. This land will be experiencing a never-ending drought brought on by his denizen, causing all forms of food production to be minimal. Through the drought, much of its consorts are under a state of constant anarchy. Walt's quest will be to bring law to the land through the penalty of death, and stop his denizen from perpetuating its lifelessness, and cease the torment of its consorts by the agents of Derse and his Denizen.

Derse or Prospit: Derse

Strife Specibus: Scythekind

Describe your character in three words:
Repressive, Resilient, Rotting
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PostSubject: Re: Walt Hansen   Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:38 am



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Walt Hansen
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