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 Vira Bauer

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PostSubject: Vira Bauer   Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:42 pm

Full Name: Vira Bauer

Gender: Gender Fluid (mainly between bigender and agender)

Height & Weight: 4'11” and 110 lbs.

Birth-date: February 23rd

Age: 15

Physical Appearance: Vira is very pale due to anemia issues and is almost translucent. Her hair is medium brown with a full, forehead covering fringe. The back of her hair is shaved with little strands framing her face, ending at the bottom of her chin. The fringe is dyed cerulean. Her eyes are gray and dim and rather tired looking, always half-lidded. Dark circles always round her eyelids. Vira normally has a deadpan expression unless someone has excited her. She doesn't care for shaving, so she has a thin layer of hair on her arms and legs. She bites her lips a lot, so her lips look chapped and worn. She wears contacts, but she does have to wear her glasses occasionally. Her glasses are purple. A long scar runs down the center of her back, and she cannot feel the upper half of her back as the nerves are very dead. She often wears a red tank top with bronze borders. If it is cold, she will wear a black hoodie. She wears a pair of gray jeans. Her symbol is attached to the end of a thick, black string that she keeps tied around her neck like a necklace. It is also a chewy stim toy. She always wears flip-flops, even when it's cold because she hates when her feet get hot, but she hate when anywhere else gets cold. She never wears makeup but will occasionally wear face paint of varying patterns and colors.

Personality: Vira is generally tired. That is basically a summation of her personality. She is normally pretty bored and uncaring. It's hard for her to get attached to people because of how guarded she has become over time. She is extremely strong mentally despite her mental illnesses. Vira tends to radiate an uncomfortable aura, and she doesn't enjoy social convention very much as she is very much introverted. Social situations with people she doesn't know freaks her out, but she tries very hard to be kind and talkative. The latter usually doesn't go quite to plan. She notices small details a lot faster than the big picture. If she's getting snappy, it's not because she's mad, but instead because she's exhausted of social interaction. Or she thinks you're stupid and shouldn't speak to begin with. Vira is quite the comic book enthusiast. She is extremely intrigued by other cultures, especially ones more alien in nature (i.e. trolls or cherubs). (Honestly, she would enjoy Aranea or Kankri's monologues quite a bit and wouldn't care to stop them.) She has trouble multi-tasking and gets fed up with herself if she can't complete a task quickly enough. Towards others, she is kind and considerate as well as very caring. If you're feeling bad, she's there to help with a strange amount of wisdom for someone her age. She responds rather well to being teased, just as long as others respect her boundaries. She will start sputtering perfect Latin sentences when thoroughly frustrated.

Handle: serpentineSweetie

Typing Style: Vira has fairly good grammar unless it's been a while since she's slept (about 15 hours will do). She uses variations of the XD face quite often. This is her chat color.

Eye Color: Gray

Symbol: An ace of spades card.

Guardian: Concerned Mom

Strengths: Vira is quite determined about anything she becomes passionate about, whether it be drawing, writing, saving a life, gaining someone's affection, etc. She is very strong mentally. She has a mean grip. Her pain tolerance is rather high.

Weaknesses: Vira has asthma, so it's difficult for her to run or do vigorous actions. Her spine is her weak point. She has anemia issues, so if she doesn't eat much, she will grow faint. The issue with this is the fact that she has extreme trouble remembering to eat and has to be reminded constantly. She over thinks important issues.

Fears/Insecurities: Vira is so afraid of being alone that she is prone to panic attacks if left alone for too long (about 7 hours will do it, but if she hasn't slept in a while, it drops to a mere 2). She's afraid of drowning which is too bad because she loves to swim (despite the fact that she panics if she goes deeper than 5 feet). She is afraid of falling.

Likes: Drawing, writing, anime, comics, manga, superheroes, super villains, apples, thinking, swimming, scrutinizing, laughing, playing with her fingers, folk-rock, milk, water, snakes, spider, cats, roses, chess, cards, board games, dreaming, daydreaming, the colors crimson and cerulean, and the internet.

Dislikes: Bigots, anger, running, death (not her own), isolation, birds, over-thinking, abrupt loud noises, inconsistent noises, pop music, the color yellow, meat, violence, super social situations, and pointless murder.

Driving Force: The people she loves.

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, and sizing others up.

God Tier Title: Page of Space

Land: The Land of Pyres and Frogs

Derse or Prospit: Derse

Strife Specibus: Noose-Kind

Describe your character in three words: Quiet, thoughtful, and tired.

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they bring?: A boat and a sketchbook for when she's sailing back to the mainland.

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: They don't particularly care to change.

Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?: Damn, that's a lot of soda. So many kinds, too. Oh, and salads, fruitless yogurt, many apples (mainly green and winesap), two gallons of milk, a hell of a lot of vegetables, ranch dressing, thousand island dressing, two jugs of apple juice (she can't get enough apple), and a bag of Lindt Lindor chocolate.

Other: She probably wouldn't like Gamzee much.

"We become aware of the void as we fill it." - Antonio Porchia

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PostSubject: Re: Vira Bauer   Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:25 pm

i love her to bits!! however, since she is a space player, her land needs to have 'Frogs' in the title (i.e. Land of Frost and Frogs).

she is accepted, tho!
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Vira Bauer
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