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 [FanRace] Thalassai

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PostSubject: [FanRace] Thalassai   Mon Mar 14, 2016 7:29 pm

Racial Name: Thalassai ( Plural: Thalassii)

Nick Names: Fish People, Ugly fishes ( By someone Somwhere.), Mermaids.

Genders?: Yes, Male And Female, however They possess A pair of sexual organs And One of them is hermaphroditic.

Average Life span: The females live longer being able to reach 300 years. Males Live 100-160 years in best case Scenario.

General Appearance: Thalassai have a very human-esque body. There is sexual dismorphysm thus females are different from males. Male Thalassai are shorther than females ranging from 4-7feet. They have 6 limbs: a pair of lower limbs that look like legs, they help with locomotion on land but are also structured nicely enough to enable fast swimmin, a pair of upper limbs that ressemble arms, also used to swimming as well as holding objects and a pair of limbs on the back that are flexible and work as tentacles, able to hold objects and constriction. Their body has a head and a torso like humans. Their eyes have large blank pupils that enable them to see on the pitch dark of the night, counstricting to slits when exposed to light or when angered. Their nose is usually small and very vestigial, yet it has mastery in perceiving blood on the water. Their ears are fin-likeand detect electromagnetic pulses on the water. Their "hair' is composed by a collection of many tentacles and can be grown/shrunk at will. Their mouth has a deattachable Maw that can open on a 90°range. They have two sexual organs one placed between their legs and another on their tail that also works as an acid spitting glan. Female Thalassai are usually bigger and they range from 9-12 feet. They only have 4 limbs, 2 leglike and 2 armlike. They posses a torno but they have no head. What seems to be a head is actually a tongue of their mouth positioned on the base of their "neck" the head is fully functional however and is able to smell, hear and eat. They have a tail with a bloodsucking cavity that is also a reproductive organ and they have a regular reproductive organ as well. Their bodies range widely on fit and fat standards. Their "Hair" colour comes in multible tones but it's mostly common in green, blue, teal and purple tones. Their bodies range from light baby blue to pitch dark blue and from rosy pink to Deep purple. There's the possibility of albinism. They have Gills attached to their sides and bioluminescent spots aorund their bodies. They are vulnerable to heat but don't get dry easily when out of water.

Common Personality: They are natural hunters and predators prying on smaller fish and sometimes on sharks and whales. They reject no food source and can be said to be omnivore. They are a quite territorial species that protect their homes violently and usually keep no prisoners. Males looks more aggressive but are slightly more passive, females are deceiving and aggressive. Their childbirth numbers are 8 males for each female. Female have habits of keeping their own harems. Females can devour males if they are hungry. The opposite rarely happens. Homossexualism is greatly common between the males, But there are females that prefer to couple with other females. They can reproduce in homossexual relationships if involved with members of the same species. Other species are limited to only heterossexual relationships being able to have babies. Usually the Female has her harem to seek food to feed her and themselves. They live in society and are able to build advanced crafts and weapons. They know engineering vastly and build huge temples and statues on their underwater caves. Females are usually above males on the Thalassai hierarchy, but they receive no repression if they take down their previous female consort. Their children are raised mostly by the male servants of the Harem owner, but if the charge is female, the owner will take the little apprentice and teach her the ways of their people.

Society: They are already a developed community with a language of their own, and a currency (fish and fishbones) for product trading. They build many villages across the underwater caves and they are extremely territorialist.They have a Ruler, always a female. The females spar to decide who will be their empress. The empress remains untill she dies of old age or is killed. They work togheter to protect their own territory but usually fight among themselves if not threatened by an ulterior force. They have sense of economics and a huge sense of private property. They are a naturally sparry community and see fight as a way of solving problems.
The empress rules above all. Then there are the Great Mothers, the owners of the harems of Males. The Male Priests come right after that. And Lastly the rest of the Male community.

Home Planet: Mnemoseyne ( Planet B-Liese 6734 on Andromeda Galaxy)

Relationships: Most Thalassii are polygamous, as the Female keeps an Harem of many males for her Pleasure/entertainment. The Males from Harems usually Also get into homossexual activities with eachother. Thalasii can Be Monogamous, However It is uncommon, occurring more often by Unaligned/unmated homossexual Males. The relationships However have a priority order, And the Great Mother always has her favourite concubine that os cherished above all. All in all Most of their relationships work like humans But in a Polygamous/polyamorous scale. Females may Or may not devoured males If They ever break up/ are caught cheating though.

Reproduction: Thalassii have two sexual organs, one placed on the pelvic area, on the crotch, where most sexual organs reside, another at the end of their flexible tails. Thalassii have developed such organs to make it easier for them to reproduce, due to the huge sexual dimorphism. Many males engage intercourse with one female at the same time. she holds many eggs inside her tail, and they fertilized by the male with the most potent acid/sperm. She then will lay the eggs and leave the males taking care of the offsprings. Males have Ovaries along with the testicles of his more human like penis, some males insert their tail appendage inside the Male's urethra and fertilize another male from there, Alas having their ballsack double as an Uterus for the eggs to grow an then be expelled. The females also can have same sex relationship for they posess testicles on the tail appendage, the process in this case is similar to normal sex. The eggs hatch within six months.

Guardians: The Adult Males tend for the children And Teach them the Thalassii way, Probably With the help of a Priest of Kélifos. If the charge is female she'll be Raised By the mother, to Tell her the way of a Great Mother/Ruler.

Symbol Rules: They are all so different outside that Usually They don't need symbols to distinguish themselves, each Light Spot pattern on their Bodies is Unique as well as their skin colour. But to cater to the Homestuck Demographic, They have rudimentary acessories to distinguish them.

Naming Conventions: Thalassii have no Character limit for ther name, However females are usually named with part of their Mothers name. Example: If a Great Mother's name is Aquedeleah, her child's name had to have at least a name reminiscent of her like Mareleah.

Racial powers: Breath Underwater, Powerfull deattachable maw, Glow in the dark, Sight in pitch black enviornments, Ecolocalization, skills to whitstand high pressures, hability to manipulate water, Eternal supply of teeth, can eat 5 times their weight on food, Poison.

Attributes: They are skilled warriors, dangerous and swift in combat, they can last for hours on seemingly endless fights for the woman they have sworn their allegiance to. Underwater they are tremendous hunters, knowing every nook and cranny and every single camouflage and deceipt technique to lure and then kill their prey. Despite being powerful underwater, on land they lose resilience and speed, becoming even a little funny to look at, as their modies feel light and unstable when they have no pressure applied to them. They are also VERY sensitive to light and any strong flash might blind them for good, or at least faze them to the points they flee. They are also pretty stubborn fighters and would rather die than come back in a failure. They use shields poorly and are more focused on offense and speed. Kill it and kill it fast. Despite being really belic internally, they prefer to fool around with other species rather than cause any major harm.

Traits: I already decribed this previously

IM System: Fishnet

Typing rules: They have no Typing rules.

Other: They have a religion. They adore the Goddess of the waves, Kélifos. Some Males are Trained to be priests of said goddess ever since childhood And spread her words of creation And beauty. As well as Why females are superior to males in every single way. (Not my opinion, It's their society.)

My OCs:
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PostSubject: Re: [FanRace] Thalassai   Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:34 pm

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[FanRace] Thalassai
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