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 The Duardin, the Underfolk

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PostSubject: The Duardin, the Underfolk   Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:45 pm

Racial Name: The Duardin
Nick Names: The Dwarves, the Stunties, the Squats, Beardlings, Keepers of the Word.
Genders?: Male, Female.
Average Life span: 400 years, however they live longer under the right circumstances.

General Appearance: They are short, squat beings with very strong constitutions and upper body strength. Their hair and skin tones vary from hold to hold, though it goes all around the spectrum of colors, though they are always related to the earth in one way or another. The males of the species have long beards that denote age and continue to grow throughout their life. While they are the same color as the rest of the Duardin's hair at first, the grow to be a snowy white in their elder years. The females have an equivalent in their hair braid, which continues to grow throughout their life and is carefully braided in order to prevent immobility. Beard and braid maintenance is an important aspect of Duardin culture, and thus those responsible for their upkeep, the Braidmeisters, are held in very high esteem.  Their clothing is usually blandly colored and very functional, with the exceptions of the merchants whom show off their wealth using richly decorate dyes and ostentatious jewelry and warriors, who are always wearing at least their chain-mail. Outside their hold, a Duardin will always wear a mask, as they believe otherwise the sky will suck away their soul. These masks are always masterfully made, and usually passed down the generations. Ones mask is not only an indication of their social status, as more important Duardin will have more intricate masks,but also a connection to their Hold that is deeply valued by any Duardin away from home for extended periods of time.

Common Personality: Duardin are usually quite conservative in their thinking, preferring to not fix something if it is not broken. They do not look kindly upon taking things too fast, believing firmly that haste makes waste and it's best to test something for a few hundred years to work out the bugs. This means that while they develop technology slowly, when it is complete it is designed extremely well and more than ready to pass the test of time. There is also a deep veneration for those older than them drilled into the minds of young Duardin from a young age, and they are told exactly what is expected of them. While in humans or trolls this might breed rebelliousness, that trait is very rare in a Duardin. Instead, they take what is expected of them as a challenge and work very hard to meet it. Stubbornness is a natural trait in every member of their race, it allows them to survive and keep their sanity when faced with the horrific creatures that dwell beneath Grungiheim

Society: Duardin society is centered around the inner workings of massive structures built inside mountains called Holds. Each hold is self-sufficient and made up of numerous extended-family units called clans. The inner workings of hold economics, politics, and warfare revolve around these clans. Each clan is led by a Thane, who in turn make up a council that decides on all the major decisions relating to the hold at large. These councils are led by the hold's King or Queen, who are the Thane of the hold's royal clan. Each clan is expected to provide able-bodied individuals to serve in the clan's Throng, the military body of the Hold. Thanes are expected to be military as well as political leaders, and thus train near constantly when not fulfilling their other obligations. A Duardin's status in society is defined by three things: Age, Wealth, and Skill. The older a duardin becomes, the more respect they are afforded, as all young Duardin are taught rightly to respect their elders. The next factor is wealth, which corresponds both to the individual and clan-wide level. Finally, there is skill. If a dwarf excels at their craft, they will receive a measure of respect regardless of their age or clan wealth. As such, a young Duardin from a wealthy clan who is also a prodigy will receive just as much respect as an old Duardin from a economically average clan whom has a good deal of experience in their chosen craft.

Holds primarily only come together during great celebrations honoring the ancestors, the greatest of which is Grungi, father of all duardin and the one from whom they learned how to smelt metal and carve a home into the mountains.

A core facet of duardin society is the Grudge. A duardin can have a grudge against anything. The creatures that populate the underdark and sunless seas, the primitive races which also call these places home, or even their fellow duardin. These grudges can form over anything as trival as property dispute to that of the death of several kinfolk. Entire throngs have gone to war with one another over something so petty as calling a royal marriage off. Yet the Duardin see nothing amiss with this, as for many of them their honor is more important than their life, and they are too stubborn to back down from a fight. The most important tome in any hold is it's Tome of Quarrels. This tome is always kept by the King's side, and serves as a history of the entire hold and every clan in it, done so by marking every crime committed against them. The success of a king is measured in how many grudges they can strike from their Tome. More often than not, though, grudges are added more often than they are removed.

Home Planet: Grungiheim, it is a massive planet covered in high mountains and low, low valleys. The massive oceans of Grungheim exist below the surface, far from the ministrations of the sun. The planet itself is extremely rich in ores of all kinds, with many caverns below it's surface home to hundreds of terrifying species. The further up you go in terms of atmosphere, the more tame the ecosystem becomes.

Relationships:  The Duardin have three types of relationships, named after different gemstones.

Rubisight is the way a Duardin sees their lover, this often leads to a life-long and fulfilling relationship.

Opalbound is the way a Duardin sees their mentor and Thane, it conveys a sense of deep respect and obedience.

Amethyrium is the state of parental affection towards all children in the clan, not just the Duardin's own children.

Reproduction Reproduction is a very private affair between two partners of different sexes. It is simple meiosis!
Guardians: Usually the Longbeards and Greybraids of the clan raise the children, taking them as apprentices from a young age to teach them the ways of their clan. While rare, it is not uncommon that the leader of the clan, the Thane, will take a young Duardin under their beard to groom them for leadership.
Symbol Rules: They use the symbols of their overall clan. For example, Grimnir Shalefist would likely have a fist made of the before-mentioned material as his symbol.

Naming Conventions: The Duardin first name can be any number of things, from Thorin to Gotrek to Hoarfrost. They will have their clan name at the end, of course, as well as a personalized name gained through their accomplishments in the middle, which will either be assigned by their 75th round(a celebration that occurs on the day the Duardin was born, revolving around the breaking of a full barrel of ale to be enjoyed by their entire clan.) or after a truly mighty deed. For example, Gotrek is born into the Rubyeye clan, so he is Gotrek Rubyeye. After a campaign against the hated Rustspitters, he avenges the destruction of an ancestral shield and upon returning home receives the name AegisAvenger, a great honor!

Racial powers: There are some clans, inevitably highly respected, that are capable of crafting runes from special alloys that they imbue with some of their own stubborn, magical power. These runes can have any number of effects, from illumination to reversing kinetic force. The mightiest runes are capable of sundering mountains. However, it takes hundreds of years to master this craft, and some Runelords are so stubborn regarding their hard earned knowledge that they never find an apprentice that meets their standards.

Attributes: The Duradin are expert defenders, and there are few things besides monstrous creatures that have a hope of piercing their shieldwall once it's been formed. They are squat and extremely durable, with a constitution that allows them to live on smoked sausage and ale if the need calls for it. They have extremely strong night vision as a result of living underground for thousands of years, but this has led being quite sensitive to sunlight. Their hair is extremely thick and often drenched in sweet-smelling oils by their sacred braidmasters, while their teeth are designed for an omnivorous diet of mushrooms and lean meats. Despite this diet, they are very squat creatures.

Traits: I've already really described this in previous sections.

IM System: Pyrite, a messaging system that is very useful for communication between holds!
Typing rules: They use simple, direct language. Depending on the type of clan they come from, they might speak different. Warrior clansmen will be more confident and even more blunt in their speech, while Runesmithing or Record Keeping clansmen would use a more advanced diction.

Other: I'll be sure to add on to this if I have any new ideas.
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PostSubject: Re: The Duardin, the Underfolk   Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:41 pm

ooh, i'm hooked! accepted~! ::::)
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The Duardin, the Underfolk
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