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 The Multiverse

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Pesky Urchin

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PostSubject: The Multiverse   Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:20 pm

Hello everyone! A lot of you might not have met me yet, but I'm Syn, one of your local Moderators. And today, I'll be talking to you guys about a new system we are planning on implementing here at HSRP that I've taken to calling the Multiverse.

So, what is the Multiverse? Well, it's everything! After a yet undecided future date, every session created will become part of this Multiverse by default, as well as any ongoing sessions by the request of the OP or acting Gamemaster.

What does this mean though? It means that every sessions will now be inhabiting the same 'Omega-Session'. At the completion of each session, characters will be granted access to this new session and be given the ability to influence the outcome there. This means your decisions in your own sessions will have an effect on this new site wide session.

Characters will also receive upgraded forms of their godtiers to explore and other interesting goodies.

As many of you have already guessed, this also indicated a broader, overarching story. While the effects will likely not be felt in the individual sessions, I intend to work with Gamemasters to incorporate some elements into the more prominent sessions that are currently being run.

The final currently planned element of the Multiverse is the incorporation of Dream Bubbles. Dream Bubble RPs can now be used to share information between members of sessions and those in the Omega-Session.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates as we work through this new system more thoroughly.
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The Multiverse
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