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 Land of Troubled Water and Blackened Mind (LoTWaBM)

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PostSubject: Land of Troubled Water and Blackened Mind (LoTWaBM)   Wed Feb 10, 2016 3:07 pm

Land Name: Land of Troubled Water and Blackened Thoughts

80% percent of the land is covered in oceans, colored dark purple, which has various sealife, like turtles, whales, octopuses, various kind of fish, corals and crabs.
The ground on this planet forms smaller and bigger islands, covered in grey and white sands, the biggest ones even have grass and trees on them. Colorful shells lies on the coasts, and the consorts use them to decorate they places.
On the three, great land the consorts built several big cities and peaceful villages, some with harbors, some surrounded with fields or woods. The nations have sheep with red, blue or yellow wool, which roam the lands freely.
On some smaller islands ships got wrecked, while on others birds and crabs live between violet and white rocks, again others are only plain plate of sand.

Tiamat’s hive became one after she entered the Medium. Now it is a palace in a cave with a huge tower reaching the skies.
The castles of the three nations are very nice sights, built of white rocks, decorated with shells in the nations color.
On a middle sized island stands another cave, leading into the heart of the planet, where the denizen’s lair lies.
There is an octopus shaped mountain without any particular reason to exist, on one of the larger islands, but not on one where consorts live.

Player Handler: irregularWave
Main Quest: The consorts live in the three biggest island, they formed nations and fighting viciously. To stop the fighting, Tiamat has to search for the Great Diamond, steal the anger of the consorts and lock it away. The trick in the quest is that the Diamond moves, as it is located on the back of a giant turtle swimming in the oceans.
Consorts: Violet newts, depending on which nation they belong, they wear red, blue or yellow capes as clothing.
Denizen: Scylla – She has a woman’s torso and snake tail covered in dark scales.
Gate Color: violet #9966cc


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Land of Troubled Water and Blackened Mind (LoTWaBM)
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