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 Dessia Euterp

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PostSubject: Dessia Euterp   Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:00 pm

Full Name: Dessia Euterp
Gender: Female
Physique (Height/Weight): 5’7’'
Age: 7.4 Alternian solar sweeps (16 earth years)

Personality: Dessia is a very sure of herself toll, so sure of herself that it can become a danger to her and others around. She is sure of her abilities and strength after years of tussling with her Lusus for fur clippings to use in her projects. She doesn't mind handing out advice, you know..Not that she is any good at it. She is a sweet troll, if not a little too honest, and will listen to you over a cup of hot tea.. if you don’t mind all the eyes staring at you. She wants to distance her self from what her ancestor was, and how she was seen. She hate’s to be pitted due to the story of her Ancestors break down on stage, she doesn’t need their pitty. She has taken up Taxidermy to create clothing, jewellery, and furniture. Selling on a black market (she has mastered it). She is great with money and negotiation. (She is a little too good with money.)  

Physical appearance:
full body:

Strengths: She is loud, proud, and doesn't want your opinion. She tussles with her Lusus for years to clip its wool.
Weaknesses: She is very sure of her self, she isn’t afraid to kill, she has a lack of apathy.
Fears/Insecurities: fitting in to Social norms. Being seen as weird and crazy. She fears if she goes forward with her love of music that she would be shunned from the stages of alternate.
Likes/Hobbies: Bones, Taxidermy, nifty hats and proper etiquette, music.
Dislikes: Ugly hats, Poor manners, nagging.

Handle: lovelyBones
Typing Quirk/Color: Aqua (1ec7c7)
T = ✝
t = ┼
Blood color: Aqua
Psionic Power: N/A
Symbol: Alter
Lusus: Sheep

God Tier Title: Seer Of Hope
Land: Land of catacombs and mist -LOCAM
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: Axe Kind
Fetch Modus: Operation



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PostSubject: Re: Dessia Euterp   Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:11 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Dessia Euterp   Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:44 pm

Last name update to match ancestor in the making.

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PostSubject: Re: Dessia Euterp   Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:58 pm

Re-approved from your re-do!


hey im your admin

my characters
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PostSubject: Re: Dessia Euterp   

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Dessia Euterp
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