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 Troppo Fagott

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PostSubject: Troppo Fagott   Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:46 pm

Name: Troppo "Trop" Fagott
Gender/sex: Male
Age: 7 sweeps
Derse or Prospit?: Derse
Fetch Modus: Melody Modus. Whenever he tries to captchalogue/retrieve an item, he'll be given a music sheet, he must play the song perfectly in order to captchalogue/retrieve the corresponding item. More powerful and/or bigger items have more complex/long melodies than weaker and/or smaller ones.
Strife Specibus: Lutekind and 2xdrumstickkind. Lutekind works like a blunt weapon and 2xdrumstickkind works like needlekind/wandkind.
Psionic Power: None.
Game Entry Item: A guitar, he had to play a song by ear to enter the game.
Sprite: Radiogalesprite. He prototyped his dead lusus and a radio, the result is a nightingale with a speaker coming out of its belly. It speaks entirely in music lyrics.
God Tier: Bard of Life
Hive: The first floor of his hive is your typical tavern, tables for guests, a stage, a meal block, and load grapes; while his respiteblock takes the entire second floor and is filled with musical instruments and scattered music sheets, his recuperacoon is tossed in a corner alongside his lusus' perch and his husktop is kept within his sylladex to save "music space".
Medium: Land of Birds and Musicals (LOBAM). It is a beautiful meadow with a road made of piano keys, the plant-life is shaped like wind instruments, percussion instruments are used as houses for the bird population, stringed instruments are floating in place of clouds, and it rains music sheets. Yeah, it is a very weird place.
Blood Colour: Blue
Symbol: A quaver (the eighth note, not the crisps) with the stem facing up.
Lusus: A regular-sized nightingale.
Trolltag: musicalityImprovised (MI)
Text Colour: Blue
Quirk: musical-themed wordplay, regular grammar, regular punctuation, regular capitalization, substitutes 7 for the letter T, sometimes multiplies vowels and punctuation by 7 for emphasis or when excited, multiple references to musicians, bands, songs, and musicals, his hashtags are usually related to his references.
Appearance: His horns are shaped like the stem of a quaver. His hair is tied in a ponytail that goes the length of his shoulder blades. He has some muscles, but nothing too impressive. His fingers are long and calloused. Trop has an average appearance, not ugly but also not handsome. Purposefully blunts his teeth with sandpaper under the claim that it makes him "sing better". Also, his claws are short and perfectly manicured.
Height: 180 cm.
Weight: 77 kg.
Clothing: wears a blue t-shirt with his symbol embodied in white, jeans with holes in the knees, and black boots. Sometimes switches his pants for a knee-length blue skirt (what? It's comfy).
Likes: music, musicals, singing, playing instruments, listening to music, math, and spending time with friends.
Dislikes: silence, off-key songs, rudeness, potato crisps, being alone, books, auspisticing, and having to fix other people's mess.
Bio: Trop was always an upbeat wriggler. His lusus taught him how to sing and introduced him to the world of musicals. Troppo spent most of his life buying several instruments and learning how to play them. His dream was to one day become a famous musician.
He used to run his hive like an actual tavern; hiring trolls to work there and offering meals and entertainment at an accessible price to all who entered. He used the opportunity to play to an audience and the profit to buy more musical instruments. Since it was mostly a hobby, he often allowed the poorer patrons to get free meals and the only rule was "no fighting", which turned the place into a safe haven for low bloods and gave him a steady and ever-growing clientele.
And that's about it. Nothing much more relevant happened in his life before he got a copy of Sgrub.
Personality: Troppo Fagott has infinite patience (I'm serious, he can put up with the combined forces of Kankri and Aranea with a smile on his face) and will listen to whatever others have to say. However, he demands good manners from others and will get agitated by any form of insulting or name-calling. Threatening anyone in front of him is a good way to get Trop to become aggressive towards the offender. Weirdly enough, he doesn't mind foul language and has no problem swearing if the mood strikes him.
He's usually very positive and tries to see the good side in everything. His cheerful demeanour hides a cunning mind; thankfully, he only wants to play songs and see everyone having a good time. Really, his first instinct when he sees someone having negative emotions is to ask if they want him to go fetch their moirail and if there's anything he can do to help.
Most of the time he spends his time playing songs, randomly trolling his friends, and fighting imps; ignoring most orders in favour of having fun. However, if he deems the task important enough, he'll do everything in his power to fulfil the task; sadly, said task has to be pretty much a life or death/doomed timeline situation to get him to put his wildcard Bard powers to use and save the day. Said wildcard Bard powers can be resumed as he coming up with an overcomplicated plan and then half-assing said plan all the way to the Furthest Ring because he hates having to deal with everyone's collective, accumulated mess that wouldn't even concern him if it wasn't for the possibility of creating a doomed timeline.
Trop never asks for help with his problems and tries to solve them by himself and by whoever is directly involved. And although he has no problem listening to people whining about their woes and asking for advice, he gets very angry when they ask him to help fix a problem that doesn't concern him; most of the times, he denies helping them immediately and tries to change the conversation topic, but can and will get physically aggressive in case the person insists on enlisting his help.
Aggressive by nature, Troppo is more than happy to fight anyone who challenges him. However, he never holds back during combat -- although he has no trouble keeping his strength in check any other time -- and can cause severe damage to humans and lowbloods. He doesn't stop until his challenger either surrenders or can no longer fight back. Troppo usually has average fighting skills and enjoys using lutekind (and playing little victory tunes), but will go full on murderous rage mode when wielding his 2xdrumstickkind (he can one-hit kill an ogre if angry enough), as a result, he avoids using his secondary specibus unless it's absolutely necessary.
Most of his calm and happiness is the result of hearing music 24/7, mostly thanks to his earpods. When the music stops, he becomes increasingly more negative and less patient until he snaps and literally tries to kill the next person who angers him; luckily, bringing the music back causes him to instantly snap back to his cheerful demeanour and apologise for being "a bit of a meanie lately".
Strengths: good at math, positive, infinite patience, good with musical instruments, good singer, good listener.
Weaknesses: highly dependent on music to function properly, aggressive, disobedient, slacks off most of the time, and not that hard to anger.
Insecurities: is very insecure about his role as the Bard of Life and fears that he'll fail his role and doom his entire session in the process.
Fears: silence, losing himself to his anger completely, dooming his session, failing his role as the Bard of Life, and going deaf.
Driving Force: become the best musician ever.
Hobbies: running his tavern, singing, playing instruments, and watching musicals.
If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: Nothing. For all his flaws, for all his fears, he still likes who he is and wants to overcome his problems at his own pace.

I indulge, nothing else exists.
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PostSubject: Re: Troppo Fagott   Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:54 pm

Although you didn't use our template, it looks good!
Make sure you've read the rules (there's a button on the main toolbar), and you approved!


hey im your tech support

do you have like a tech problem

cause i mean like i probably have a tech solution

idk i might not i'm not amazing at this

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Troppo Fagott
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