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 The Keeper

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PostSubject: The Keeper   Thu Jan 28, 2016 6:59 pm

Title: The Keeper
Full Name: Svanto Zyiexx
Gender: Female
Height & Weight: H- 5’2” W-110lbs
Physical appearance: A petite woman with a slim frame that's a bit on the underweight side, the Keeper dresses in second-hand clothing. Her usual attire consists of a dark brown dress and black slippers. Her hair is shoulder-length, straight, and the usual black colour, with bangs that reach her eyebrows. She can be described as "a common woman with no significant traits to her appearance." However, she always wears black thumbless gloves, for personal reasons.

Accessories include: Her gloves, a grungy parcel bag, and multiple dull scarves she wears around her neck. Sometimes she wears them around her head + face.

Personality: Shifty, elusive, and manipulative to an extent, the Keeper prefers solitude to socializing. She’s passionate about some topics, and usually keeps her opinions to herself. Rarely is she one to start a conversation, preferring the peace of her home. She has a rooted love for literature, and doesn't mind stealing what she needs - or wants.

Handle: intransigentPerfectionist | Colour: CC0000
Typing Quirk: she doesn't have the best computer, so when she actually is online her messages are usually brief and to the point. lower-case, and with no time wasted on quirks
Blood color: Mutant red; the only one of her session.
Symbol: (She has one, but she doesn't wear it on her clothing. Mainly because her clothing is secondhand. Her symbol can be found on her personal tome, however.)
Lusus: Sugar Glider

Intelligence and problem-solving skills are slightly higher than average.
Swift and cunning when setting her mind to a task.
Has learned much from her books; knows many things. Mostly fictitious things.

Lacks sympathy/empathy for those around her.
Not very strong, does not know how to fight.
Stubborn to the point of ridiculousness, which may get her into bad situations.

Fears death, feels insecure when around others whom she perceives as more “skilled and sociable”.

Likes: Her collections, reading, Fangs, the outside.
Dislikes: Her past, the hemospectrum, cheese, her uncomfortable life.

God Tier Title:  Seer of Mind
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: Rodkind
Psionic Power: Low, probably

History: She was born and raised as any other troll would normally have been, but upon discovery of her blood she was casted out. Seeing that her life had been changed forever, she stayed away from society, adopted by a lusus sometime later, due to her former vanishing. She learned how to live on her own, and lived a second life in the plots of books she collected. Her life became a routine of solitude, something she found a preference for.

Longer ver.:

Other: I'm surprised she's lived this long

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PostSubject: Re: The Keeper   Thu Jan 28, 2016 7:11 pm

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The Keeper
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