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 Land of Oak Trees and Enchanted Treasures [LoOTaET]

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PostSubject: Land of Oak Trees and Enchanted Treasures [LoOTaET]   Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:22 pm

Land Name: Land of Oak Trees and Enchanted Treasures

Terrain: 60% of the planet's surface is covered with Oak trees of different size and shape. Within the vast woodland territories lie a village of consorts living in an expertly crafted wooden house with gold intricate designs. Everything seems normal for them. 10% of the planet's surface is covered in sand and treasures, with an area where the lair of Ra lies within. The rest is covered in different bodies of water.


  • The player's house is the first landmark in the planet to be seen. For some reason, it's placed within a village when the player enters the session. Everything's still normal. How... strange...
  • The sword in the stone is a landmark where a sword is stuck between two rocks. No one has ever released the sword from the rock. It's said to contain magical powers, granting its user the ability to use magic on the blade, as the rumor says.
  • There is a destroyed village not far from the player's village, where at the center of the village lies a crossbow. It is said that when you fire an arrow with this crossbow, it never misses its target.
  • The Tower of Magic is a landmark where a guild of consorts settle there to practice magic. At the top floor, there lies a ring placed on a purple pillow. It is said to grant its user the ability to conjure spells.
  • Lastly, the lair of Ra, where it is located within the desert filled with enchanted treasures. 

Player Handler: obliviousPerfectionist
Main Quest:

  • His first quest is basically choosing between the three enchanted treasure. Each treasure has their own magic, and not the same as the other. He has to choose between as sword, a crossbow, and a ring. Yes, he obviously chose the ring because of his strife specibus.
  • His second quest is to prototype his kernelsprite with an armor, specifically a samurai armor, amongst the enchanted treasures lying around the planet.
  • His third quest is to visit the Land of Cherry Trees and Sweet Melodies, only find out that all of the trees are dead, and that a curse has struck the planet. His objective is to find a way to lift the curse.

Consorts: Salamanders
Denizen: Ra
Gate Color: Yellow

List of OCs:
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Land of Oak Trees and Enchanted Treasures [LoOTaET]
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