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 Land of Cherry Trees and Sweet Melodies

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Location : Land of Cherry Trees and Sweet Melodies

PostSubject: Land of Cherry Trees and Sweet Melodies   Tue Jan 12, 2016 5:52 am

Terrain: 60% of the planet's surface is covered pink luscious cherry trees, all petals flowing in the vast current of the wind and the planet's gravity. 10% of the planet's surface is filled with lush green meadows. The remaining percentage is covered in a sea filled with cherry blossoms. The sea itself is also pink. The serene atmosphere of the planet also gave sweet melodies, the wind whispering beautiful poetry, not literally. Its breeze feels sweet, and the fragrance is sweet, too. The flowing waters within the river bend are gentle. Within the vast Cherry Tree forest lies a village of consorts. But once the hero of Hope is cursed to eternal sleep, the trees will wither and die.

  • The house itself is a landmark in the planet. Ever since its arrival, the wind speaks with gentle blows, with a sweet fragrance dragging along. It lies within the meadows, and the field is empty.
  • The hero's sleeping slab is a landmark where a prophecy states that "the Hero of Hope will succumb to a curse worse than death." In this case, it's Buck, the Prince of Hope, who will be cursed to eternal sleep. In the stone slab, there lies a passage saying that "Only true love's kiss can wake the Prince."
  • The lair of the denizen is a giant Cherry Tree. Consorts don't dare enter its lair. Within the lair, one can assume that the architecture of the lair is similar to that of an Egyptians. Ironically, his lair is placed in a planet of Cherry trees and not sands.
  • There are not only villages in the planet, but there is also a castle which is occupied by consorts. There lies the sleeping slab, all fixed. Once the hero of Hope is cursed, the consorts within the castle shall sleep as well. The cherry trees surrounding the sleeping slab will not wither.

    Player Handler: paranoidArtisan
    Main Quest:
    The player, upon entry, has no quest yet. However, once he progresses, he will have to find himself a way to die in the planet, and at the correct time. On his death, he will wake up in Derse, but is quickly put to a sleeping curse. Once the curse hits him, the trees will wither and die, and all the consorts will succumb to eternal sleep. His only quest is to wait for his true love to kiss him, and lift the curse on the land.
    Consorts: Crocodiles
    Denizen: Sobek, an egyptian diety taking the form of a rather bulky anthropomorphic Nile crocodile equipped with armor barely covering his body. He has a complex and fluid nature. He has a reputation of slaughtering anyone who comes inside his lair, but for the hero of Hope, he makes an exception. He is also responsible for the Cherry blossoms
    Gate Color: Green

    • The consorts are seen to be dressed in a rather medieval way. They also speak of Old English.
    • Buck often calls Sobek as "Renekton" from League of Legends, since Renekton is based on the egyptian diety Sobek.

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PostSubject: Re: Land of Cherry Trees and Sweet Melodies   Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:54 am

Very nice! I admire the extra level of challenge, with having to have your Dreamself alive, and using it to progress. I haven't seen too many planets, but this one deserves kudos >;]



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Land of Cherry Trees and Sweet Melodies
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