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 Purer spectrum of emotion

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PostSubject: Purer spectrum of emotion   Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:45 am


People often take the huss of lips's argument and say that you can't understand Troll relationships simply because we are not trolls.
This is idiotic. Humans can understand astrophysics, advanced calculus and theoretic philosophy. A dog can't do that, A monkey can't even do that, it's theorized that a human mind can develop to understand anything.

So why can't we understand a Kismesis, a moirailship?
Trick question, we can. In fact, even the clubs are understood, which is essentially spades but with more complexities.
So it's an undeniable truth that the huss of lips was blatantly lying when he said we couldn't understand. Either that, or he gravely underestimated the human race.

Which is my next topic. And this sounds dorky, cause I sound like an obsessed Homestuck fan. Which anyone who actually knows me. Knows I am not.
But it is the only this I have read with romance besides love. Which sounds like an oxymoron!
And yet it works.
So why can't it work with humans, hmm? Saying our spectrum of emotion doesn't reach that far is bullshit. You can feel love, right? Build a relationship around it, it's marriage. But what if you feel a mutual protective and helpfully supportive cocktail of emotion called tenderness? I'm pretty damn sure you can build a relationship around anything. People do it around money, around welfare. Often, not love. And yet you say it wouldn't work with, quite specifically, hatred.

Someone defy me, and explain why the human race cannot feel the adjective mutual applied to the word hatred.


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PostSubject: Re: Purer spectrum of emotion   Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:57 am

Nah, you're on point. We can feel this shit.
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Purer spectrum of emotion
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