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PostSubject: HAH, GOT MY ISP   Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:57 pm

Remember my long-ass rant from like, late august? ?

Well I got to snoopin' with my friend and we found the following:

A PDF of my ISP's supposed prices and speeds:

And then this:

My plan is the first on the list. Y'know what this means?

Not only are they not providing FCC-required broadband speed as of 2015, but they are providing FAR LESS than that, considering I get a half a megabyte. I did the math, I should be getting faster internet than I am.

Now, do note that at the bottom of the PDF, it states that it may not be the same speed depending on where you live, but I live 4-5 blocks away, for one.

For two, it also says that they give us a modem --- I am using said modem, which is either restricting my speed or they are. Yes, I am using an old router, one from roughly 2003, but the thing being that my router can handle 54 megabytes per second, and i used a 2011 era that could handle about twice that, and got the same speed.

I could so legally fuck them.

And i probably will.

Prepare your anus, CTC. Bite the pillow, because not only am I going in dry, I am wrapping my dick in razorblades and barbed wire.

the nerds:

bro i'm like a 400 pound walking slab of rage meat but i spend most of my energy memeing and sleeping
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