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 (first topic of mine) zombiestuck?

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PostSubject: (first topic of mine) zombiestuck?   Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:19 am

ooc: i just got here, and i love rp and everything to do with it, so i'm just going to post this and see if anyone is interested in it. (it took me 20 minutes to find the 'new topic' button) so this is open to anyone ocs, some non-cannon, and cannon of course. if it work with the site i shall be karcutie as human for zombiestuck au plus going with karkat being a redblooded mutant, he is immune but doesn't know yet. i'm sorry if it's long, i ramble a lot and got a good stroy for this au.

in the dark light of night, with only the moon to light what's left of he world, a young looking boy sits in his window shill. down below him stumble a rather large group of undead, around 20-30 of them. this said boy had boarded up his house when the scientists released this virus into the streets to test it, it spread too fast and now undeads are every where.

this boy sitting in his window, wears a jet black sweater with nothing but his sign, which just so happens to be cancer, he also had on grey faded and slightly ripped jeans. his face outlined by his unruly black hair, which fall just above his golden brown eyes. he has been alone for most for the four mouths of the undead, his older brother was taking care of him, not that he needed it, bhut he raided most of the places nearby and he had a enough food to last awhile. he had no reason to leave, he was runnign low on water but was doing fine.

he could hold his own against the undead, the weapon that worked best for him, was sickles it just felt the best in his hand, besides that he had a small pistol with one bullet. one of the biggest fears he has is getting bit and slowly turning unto one of them.
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(first topic of mine) zombiestuck?
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