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 Mae- Twin (Cherub)

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PostSubject: Mae- Twin (Cherub)   Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:25 pm

---------------Cherub Ø---------------

Full Name: Mae-Mae, "Mary Maydew"
Gender: It's up to interpretation, considering the circumstances. Identifies s female.
Physical appearance: Mary is a very thin cherub- Especially accentuating her skeletal frame. Her skin, which is the most noticeable factor about her, is a perfect inversion of the general Cherub green; A dainty frosted pink. Her long-lashed eyes are large and prismatic, heavily featuring orange and baby blue. Following the same theme is her tongue, a swirl of sky and pumpkin.
For fingers and toes and the like it's general besides these. She always wears a cute green suit with a pink clover pinned to the lapel, and a smallish green silk hat.
Personality: Mary is a fun one, she is- If not superstitious, she certainly enjoys a good gamble. But chance isn't her only vice; With her thin fingers and limbs she has developed an unmatched skill in sleight-of-hand and gymnastics, putting her physical advantages to use.
Along with that, she's good at looking at things from a different angle and is a crack shot with throwing knives.

As a person, however, it's a good deal more complex. She's generally genial and friendly, but sometimes she'll act abrasive and edgy, not necessarily mean but very paranoid. Better worded, she won't necessarily react to something the way you would expect. Generally sheltered in growing up, she doesn't know many people besides close family.

Handle: cloverfieldNeverendingly
Typing Quirk/Color: Black.

God Tier Title: Opting out of setting anything in stone for her ;>
Derse or Prospit: One on each; While dreaming on Prospit she is generally choleric and rude, while on Derse she is calm and charming.
Strife Specibus: Handgun/Knckldstrkind
Land: Not putting anything down yet :o

Guardian: A human she calls Pops. He enjoys science fiction and family gettogethers above all things. For some reason, nobody in the family questions having a pink skeleton for a relative.

Other: Mae-Mae is the result of the combination of many things. The first was being unable to consume the shell it was born in- The first meal of all cherubs that provides it with dubious nutrients that may even be why they pupate in the first place. The second reason was that, instead of consuming the shell which was hastily removed when its use was misenterpreted, the young dual-cherub snake was fed an entire box of Cadbury eggs. Other partial factors may include the cherub being tossed about a few many times as an egg, the frigid temperatures which probably slowed the hatching process, and the chemical production facility where it was initially found.
No matter the reason, though, Mary is a special case; While her body later pupated into that of a more humanoid form, her mind never unfused from its original state, over time taking an average of what the two cherubs could have been like.


hey im your admin

my characters

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PostSubject: Re: Mae- Twin (Cherub)   Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:09 pm

You need to include the god tier and specibus stuff.

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PostSubject: Re: Mae- Twin (Cherub)   Sat May 21, 2016 6:19 pm



Whatever you want to glow

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PostSubject: Re: Mae- Twin (Cherub)   

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Mae- Twin (Cherub)
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