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 The Pugilist

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PostSubject: The Pugilist   Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:41 pm

Title: The Pugilist
Full Name: Leedan Cekova
Nickname(s): "Kaleidoscope"
Gender: Female
Height & Weight: 5' 7" 135 lbs
Age: 25 sweeps
Physical appearance: Leedan keeps her hair short so it doesn't get in the way in a fight. She wears a tank top and athletic shorts with a sash tied around her waist, simple slip-on shoes, and keeps her hands and ankles wrapped. She's a bit petite for a troll of her age and bloodline, but she is nothing but lean muscle. Her horns curve out from her head, back in, and then end in another curve out.
Personality: She can be a bit cocky and sometimes forgets her manners when around those higher up than herself, but she does acknowledge her place on the hemospectrum. She is fiercely loyal to the few friends she has and would do anything to help them. She does not care for people that abuse their power over others, especially the strong abusing the weak or defenseless. She would prefer to never fight someone unarmed, unless they are also a hand-to-hand fighter, feeling that it is something only a coward would do.

Typing Quirk/Color: #0042EE Begins Every Word With A Capital Letter, sometimes uses fighting puns.
Blood color: Indigo
Lusus: A Saber Kangaroo

Strengths: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Speed, Agility
Weaknesses: Has trouble when given an order to do something that goes against her beliefs, Cocky, Brash
Fears/Insecurities: Her greatest fear would be having to kill someone she sees as defenseless, either as an order or under the affect of some sort of control.
Likes: Brawling, Running, any sort of physical activity
Dislikes: Orders, Authority, Bullies

God Tier Title: Knight of Void
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: Footkind
Psionic Power: None

History: Leedan was raised much like many other Indigo bloods, expected to excel as a Ruffiannihilator, but she had a problem with authority and a tendency to run her mouth. She also did not care for taking orders. Especially when it involved doing the one thing she refused above all else, attacking a defenseless opponent. Still, her superiors put up with her attitude at first, hoping to tame the unruly side of her. Such strength would be a shame to lose. When all else failed they brought in a powerful psychic in an attempt to control her mind. For perigees this worked, and she was nearly the perfect Ruffiannihilator. However, the psychic had to be kept within a certain distance of Leedan for the control to continue. While this distance was by no means small, they still had to be careful not to allow her to be too far from the source of her control. She was finally able to escape the psychic when an explosion set off in a riot blasted her off a cliff and into the sea. She was thought to have been killed, either by the blast, the fall, or the sea itself. She washed ashore far from her home and awoke for the first time in many perigees, unsure of how long had passed but aware of everything she had been forced to do while under her superiors control. Both enraged and saddened by her actions, she ran. Never again did she want to be used like that, forced to fight like a mindless solider, forced to kill without discretion. Completely alone in a new city, she looked for work. She was sure nobody would recognize her here, but she still chose to wear a cloak and a hood to cover her face, just in case. She found work doing what she did best, fighting. While fighting in a pit for the entertainment of others was far from a noble way to live her life, she accepted it. At least here her opponents were willing. Armed. She spent a perigee or so there before she first heard of the Signless. From what she picked up, he was fighting for equality. The more she heard of the Signless, the more she wanted to hear him for herself.

Other: Her nickname "Kaleidoscope" was given to her after a fight. She was pitted against multiple opponents of different blood colors and won. The image of her whirling around her opponents covered in the various blood colors reminded some of the colorful spinning toy.

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The Pugilist
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