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 The Ellipsis

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PostSubject: The Ellipsis   Wed Aug 12, 2015 11:11 pm

Title: The Ellipsis
Full Name: Vyrken Snekub
Nickname(s): "The Lost Voice"
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: Six feet, nine inches, 236 pounds
Age: 24 Sweeps
Physical appearance: Like most of his bloodline, Vyrken stands as one of the taller trolls, and a bit meatier. His black hair falls down to his shoulderblades, and somehow manages to stay straight, despite him never making an attempt to groom it. He wears a yellow vest with a loose black shirt underneath, white pants and black shoes. His hair falls over his eyes if left alone, which is why he usually pins it behind both ears. He's a little over average in terms of muscles, though since he hasn't had need to use them, they've fallen short of their former prowess. His arms are rather long, his fingertips reaching four inches above his knees. He's generally lank, and when standing, slouches forward a bit, which on it's own helps him get into most doorways. His horns come out of the sides of his head in a folded winglike manner.
Personality: Originally, he was a rather sassy, open-mouthed individual, which led to his later personality. After having his tongue forcibly removed, he became solitary, reclusive, and rather quiet, within a short period of time. He can now bee seen as some sort of a living statue, forever there, somebody to pour your feelings onto without wanting a response, as the most you will get is facial expressions and small gestures. Because of his willingness to listen, and inability to speak back, he exudes a calming presence.

Typing Quirk/Color: I don't quite know how to fill this out, since he can't speak. If he were able to, it would likely be a long drawl with emphasis on certain words to show extra sass. But since he has his tongue cut out, he communicates in gestures --- indicated by *Furrows his brow and gains a skeptical look to his face*, except I may fuck up and replace the asterisks with hyphens. He types in his blood color, yellow.
Blood color: Yellow
Symbol: A circle that appears to be diagonally cut through the center and split, with steep, methodical line-waves over the diagonal cut
Lusus: A salamander.

Strengths: Great listener, physical prowess ((Now unused)), ability to instill fear of the Cendency in others.
Weaknesses: Cannot speak, remains in neutral ground, Physical strength has withered away.
Fears/Insecurities: He fears that he may one day regain his tongue, and by extent, his speech. In addition, he also fears that he will speak of things the Cendency would not allow. He's also afraid of spiders.
Likes: Silence, solitude, being left to his own thoughts.
Dislikes: Being disrupted, loud noises, dancing, and sleep.

God Tier Title: Seer of Rage
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: Shotgunkind
Psionic Power: He can melt bread into a glassy liquid.

Of neutral standing on the hemospectrum battle, The Cendency confided in him a secret, a secret that he once spoke of, and word reached her. As punishment for his heresy, he had his tongue removed. His last words were "I cannot speak, for when one can speak, they may speak of things they ought naught." Now, while he still could speak, he simply refuses to, though nobody quite knows why. Maybe he accepts his punishment, maybe he can't at all, or maybe he's simply biding his time to put out all of his gathered information at once. All that's known is that he and the Cendency are in some sort of blackrom relationship.


the nerds:

bro i'm like a 400 pound walking slab of rage meat but i spend most of my energy memeing and sleeping
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The Ellipsis
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