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 The Danseuse

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PostSubject: The Danseuse    Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:52 pm

Title: The Danseuse
Full Name: Belela Circea
Gender: female
Height & Weight: 6'7 and 157 lbs.
Age: 17 alternian sweeps (36.83 earth years)
Physical appearance: She is on the taller side for her blood color. As well she has an hourglass body shape which compliments her dancing. She is very muscular but she does not like to show it. As well she has very slim legs that compliment her dancing even more.

She wears a long dress with her symbol around the chest area. As well she usually wears a veil that has her symbol emblazoned onto it which is another tool she uses when dancing. She also wear a veil over her face that is just superfluous. On her dress are a number of bells. She also wears twelve rings on her wrists that are all gold another superfluous thing she wears.

Her hair is very long and neat. She keeps it in a long french braid when dancing and fighting.When wearing her hair in a braid she has little pendants in there as well as flowers. She has three long portions of colored hair which she keeps free from her braid. She has two rows of horns that are curved like vriska's and kanaya's horns.

Personality: She is very sassy and cares about what she wears. Even if some of the things she wears tend to be superfluous. As well she likes to tell others what they should wear. Even if its her dispassionate Ascendency. She will still tell anyone if their outfit is bad.

Belela is very bad at caring for others. She is no longer allowed to try to care for her empress when she happens to fall ill. Her dances can be very inspiring to others and she dances for no reason sometimes. She is a master swordsman that can easily kill enemies. When she fights she tends to use dance moves that allow her to dodge easily.

She is unable to fire a gun properly. She has shot herself in the foot when trying to use her flintlock pistol. Due to that she has just kept to wielding swords and not fighting with guns. On thing that she hates and fears are the juggalo cult. She has made it her mission if her empress were to die that she would find and kill the grand highblood. As well she is fiercely loyal to the cadencey.

Typing Quirk/Color: sHe cAPitalizes HeR R's, A's, H's, and P's. As well sHe tends to be sAssy wHen tAlking.
Blood color: a minty green (color#33cc33)

Symbol: a music note that is in her blood color and located on her chest and veil she wears.
Lusus: a mockingbird mixed with a peacock

Strengths: Dancing, fighting, following orders, sword fighting, and fashion
Weaknesses: singing, leading, firing guns, and caring for others.
Fears/Insecurities: subjugglators, death, the fall of her empress, her dances not being liked.
Likes: music, dance, fighting
Dislikes: all juggalos, horror beasts, his honorable tyranny

God Tier Title: the seer of life
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: 3xswordkind, pistolkind
Psionic Power:N/A

History: She was the royal entertainer for her dispassionate Ascendancy during the rise of the signless. When the signless was executed she was there listening to the final sermon. It did not change her view on the hemospectrum but it moved her emotionally. After the condesce rose to power killing the cadencey, She left and set out to find and kill the grand highblood.

Two sweeps later she finally found the grand highblood and attempted to kill him. They dueled for hours seemingly equal. Until one of her three blades broke under the power of one of the high blood's strikes. Shortly after she was publically executed by the grand highblood. Before her death she yelled out "i will join you soon my emPRess!"

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The Danseuse
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