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 Klaus Evergreen(Trigger Warning)

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PostSubject: Klaus Evergreen(Trigger Warning)   Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:26 am

Full Name: Klaus Evergreen
Gender: male
Height & Weight: he is 6.3 feet tall(192 cm/1,92 m) and has an average weight.
Birthdate: 20 september
Age: 16
Physical appearance: well, klaus has long, dark brown wavy hair, curly in some places. sometimes he collects his hair in a ponytail. His eyes are also a dark brown that makes you think about a delicious hot chocolate cup. he has his lips(2), nose(1), ears(2/ear) and an eyebrow(2) pierced. the piercings are golden or sometimes, teal or green coloured.
He is tall and well built, his skin is not wait but not black, is just dark or tanned. he has a tattoo on his chest and another on his right arm. the first one on his chest consists in thin lines, light blue coloured, which doesnt seem to have any meaning, but are representanding a tree.
The tattoo on his right arm is a black stain with a handprinteye a pawprint.
sometimes he paints his nails, dark purple or black. his arms and legs are strong, as well as himself. his usual clothing consists of, a dark grey t-shirt with a black monster's eyes and mischievous smile on it, a yellow and purple jacket, with the green silhouette of an owl on the chest, and hitches on the shoulders, because he can wear the jacket with the sleeves attached to it, or without them. The hitches are silver coloured.  Then he wears some black jeans with chains attached to them, and black and white or purple trainers or sometimes snickers.
he usually has some wounds or scratches from going into the forest.
Klaus wears some black leather or fabric gloves without the finger part, and with a metallic fringe on the knuckles. he has another pair with metal spikes on the knuckles.
Personality: Klaus is usually a quiet and paceful guy, when he is alone or with is dog, or as he calls him, his bro, Grey. Klaus doesnt have much patience though, and for the majority of the people, is the typical bad guy you dont want to mess with, violent and merciless. he doesnt beat anyone who isnt able to stand by him or herself, but when a girl is strong he wont doubt about fighting with her, with this i mean that he isnt the "i'd never hit a girl" kind. Klaus has been going to self defense, boxing, and close distance fight classes, what makes him a difficult adversary. he also knows how to shot, but doesnt practise it very often. Klaus doesnt like problems or long things, he has no patience for that, as he calls it, bullshit. So if you mess with him you'll probably end fighting. Anyway, as long as you arent an asshole, this doesnt happen. When he is with someone he likes, he can be chatty and with friends, he is also funny and smiling, a happy boy after all.
Klaus lives in a huge house by  a deep and large forest. His parents are never at home, so he has been living alone with his dog since he was 11 or twelve years old. Since his parents are never at home, he is sometimes rude and uses bad words as if it was something usual, not just for swearing but as nicknames, not pretending to insult anyone, but people sometimes feels insulted. And as his parents never called him for his name, but using nicknames as honey or darling, he only calls people by their names when he has a lot of confidence, or when what he has to say is really, really important. otherwise he uses nicknames as, friend, pal, boy, girl, dude, man, woman... lots of them. besides his dog, he calls grey, bro.
Since klaus turned more or less 14, klaus discovered he is bisexual or pansexual, since he doesnt really care. But he feels attracted by both genders, and before his voice changed and all that about puberty, he used to do crossdressing, being really good at it, he enjoyed seeing himself as a girl, and called himself Klaudia, when pretending to be a girl. When his parents found out about this, they did not support his idea of being bisexual and do crossdressing, so they sent him to a psychologist, to fix their son. Klaus never met the psychologist because he totally refused to meet him or her((#TRIGGER WARNING)). And as rebellion, he became really promiscuous, and he would drink, only because his parents hated this about him, so he'd do it just to mess with them((END OF TRIGGER WARNING)) Also, Klaus loves animals and nature, and animals love him, like his dog or any other. He also spends lots of time in the forest next to his house, enjoying each second.
he uses his tongue to play with his piercings on his lower lip when nervous.
Handle: PiercedAnima (maybe everybody knows it, but i didnt know it until not long ago, so, Anima means Soul)
Typing Style: Usually makes words shorter, ((wanna, gonna, dunno)) uses double brackets, types in #1c9909
Eye color: deep green colour 1c9909
Symbol: An owl
Guardian: His dog Grey. A really big Rotweiler.

Strengths: Fights body to body, meeting new people, clear/open minded, he is practical
Weaknesses: his lack of patience, sudden mood changes and violent and rebellious behaviour
Fears/Insecurities: monsters, yes, he is scared from monsters. being attached or obligued to follow rules and dont being able to do it right. being constantly controlled, lose grey. long distance fights.
Likes: nature, people, movies, crossdressing
Dislikes: rules, silence, reading, fanfiction, little fights
Driving force: to not be ruled by anyone or anything and express himself as he wants to
Hobbies: Hunting, walk, go to spend the weekind in the forest, fight with "friends"/strifes

God Tier Title: Seer of Life
Land: Land of Strife and Forests
Derse or Prospit: derse
Strife Specibus: glove kind|daggerkind

Describe your character in three words: one rebellious mess
If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: his dog grey and his phone

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: their fear towards mosnters that arent supposed to exist
Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?:
coke, beer and some apples

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PostSubject: Re: Klaus Evergreen(Trigger Warning)   Fri Aug 21, 2015 7:40 pm


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Klaus Evergreen(Trigger Warning)
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