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 Searching for some GHB action

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Mystic Song

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PostSubject: Searching for some GHB action   Thu Jun 04, 2015 12:21 am

Hallo! I was trolling ((Hah, puns)) through the fanfiction sites for some GrandHighBlood X Reader stuff, but, as is common with these sort of stories, none of them really held my interest. I'm sure if you've read some stories with a character from a legit medium, you've found people who write them all wrong. It's like having the Joker from Batman be kind and caring; it just doesn't work that way.

So, I'm looking for someone who is willing and able to play the GHB well. If you know anything about him, you'll understand that there will be a LOT of swearing, and more than likely, a lot of blood and gore. The kinky stuff is optional, though I would prefer it. I'm just messed up that way ;) I will be playing my own Olive blood named Ceraci, a rather meek little thing, but in front of the culler of most low bloods, wouldn't you be?

I ask for perhaps a sample of how you would act as the purple blooded muthaf*cker, just so I can be sure I've made the right choice. I prefer fair sized posts, though I can understand if there is little to react to and you have to downgrade your post a bit. I just ask for paragraph or two long posts.

To begin, my character is being brought to the throne room, and expects to die very very violently. Post your response to the newcomer, and I'll make a new topic if I like it. :3

Let the fight for my GHB begin!!
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Searching for some GHB action
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