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 Boogies, the Nightmare Race

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PostSubject: Boogies, the Nightmare Race   Tue May 05, 2015 10:11 am

Racial Name: Boogies

Nick Names: Spooks, Creeps, Nightmares.

Genders?: Yes

Average Life span: 140, many are killed sooner and some have lived to more than twice this age. Boogies arrange time by epochs, on epoch being approximately two and a half years. Boogies don't achieve sentience until their first malt into their adult form, they reach this point after about two epochs.

General Appearance: Boogies have a short coat of dark fur ranging through soft, oily and bristly and usually cut or styled in the way the Boogieman or woman considers most impressive or suiting for them. Their eyes tend to be solid colour and reflective as well as quite large. Though they have no use in reproduction Boogiewomen do have breasts though these are stores for nutrients and replaced on Boogiemen by large frongs that protrude from the back of the shoulders. Large chests are considered highly attractive because they represent a capable hunter. Boogies are capable of growing horns, additional eyes and other facial accessories usually determined by their habitat and lifestyle though these are never that common and are considered mutations.

Common Personality: Boogies tend to take the aspects of their personalities to great extremes, in the time they refer to as the haunting these were universally negative and even violent but as their abilities have weakened through time their aggression has become less necessary in their day to day lives until they have a much more mixed pattern of behaviour. Still Boogies tend to emphasise one part of their nature to ridiculous extents. Boogies tend to have a natural enjoyment of challenge, likely what prevents the adult packs from hunting children, its just not sporting.

Society: Boogies form loosely associated packs usually based around those that they emerged alongside or roosted with as infants ranging in number from thirty to fifty on average. Packs usually dwell in secluded locations such as caves or groves, anywhere that can provide enough crevices for all its members and enough seclusion and confinement to protect them from some of the larger creatures on Undrum. Interaction between packs is avoided until adulthood as conflicts are common over things like territory and star members that might be wanted by other packs.

Home Planet: Undrum. The Boogie homeworld is pretty much entirely filled with dark colours and its rotation is so quick that during one earth day its sun will rise and set five times casting a dull red light over the planet. Because of this fast moving source of light and warmth life on Undrum is adapt to living in dark conditions as even when the sun is visible its usually blocked out by trees or other natural obstructions, being caught in it directly is an easy way to be detected by larger predators. Much fauna on Undrum has to function between the cracks of their rough and cramped home usually climbing over or under while lurking in the shadows. Boogies are the second part of a dual race that makes up the only humanoids on their planet, the other half being Grindies. Despite being similar in some physical aspects Grindies are not sentient and are skittish and unaggressive, their bodies are hairless and a pale grey as well as being far less fearsome. Grindie survive on plant matter and are in turn the primary food for Boogies. Technology on Undrum was largely salvaged and reverse engineered from cultures they stalked with their powers and as such certain forms of tech are somewhat common and usually powered by solar satellites in orbit around the planet. Their technology is largely compromised of a slate like stone and strands of organic matter rather than any kind of metal, mining is practically none existent on Undrum. All technology on Undrum comes from a single city sized factory entirely self automated, products are regularly delivered to spires across the planet for packs to obtain.

Relationships: Boogie relationships fall into something they refer to as the triads forming the shape of four triangles on top of one another when displayed. This shape creates three upper relations, three lower relations and a centre one. Switching a relationship back and forth between the top three or bottom three is considered common, but to change a relationship between top and bottom it has to pass through the middle point. These relationships are gathered as follows. The central point is Limbo, in this state both partners are fluctuating between emotions and at times can barely perceive one another, these events only stabilize into the upper or lower relations once both partners feel the appropriate feelings at the same time.
Lower relationships are usually a mixture of physical interests and trickery, a thorny mix of intrigue and intimacy that represents the darker side of Boogie relations. The first lower relationship is Carna, a state of great physical attraction and intimacy that is usually wild and spontaneous and regularly jumps back and forth between its twinned relationship. Phlethon is less wild and deviant as Carna instead becoming very scheming and subtle using tricks and slights to jump back into Carna. The pinnacle of the lower relationships is Cocytus, a deeply entwined fling of emotion similar to an affair among humans.
Upper relationships are a combination of genuine concern and the best intentions for the partner, at one time this relationship was considered taboo for Boogies but now they're more accepting of it. The first relationship is Mercian, desires for the best of someone and to help them achieve their ambitions. The second relationship that intertwines with Mercian is Crucadia, the intention to protect someone and if necessary hold them back in safety. The final relationship is Empyrea, devotion to one another and love much as humans consider it.

Guardians: Boogies have no guardians other than the other members of their pack.

Symbol Rules: The symbols of Boogies are usually taken from the seal for theological demons that are often believed to have been ancient Boogies of immense power. Most Boogies have no symbol but some will inherit it from an elder Boogie who possessed it previously, those with symbols tend to lead packs and are believed to have some part of the power of the ancients. The symbol is usually a fragment of the seal and as such different parts of it can be shared out, if one Boogie manages to obtain all the symbols to recreate a demons full seal its believed they will inherit their full power and iconic features, these can also be obtained from god tier.

Naming Conventions: Rather than having surnames Boogies have descriptive titles awarded by their pack during adolescence.
Racial powers: Boogies have the ability to enter dream bubbles even when unconnected to Sbode (their equivalent to Sburb). During the haunt Boogies had the power to travel through this ability often into the dreams of other sentient beings across the universe. This ability to dream jump is the origin of nightmares across most sentient species, when they jump the bridge between them and the dreamers causes images of Undrum and its denizens to appear in the mind. In the hight of the haunt people often went missing because of Boogies hunting them through this connection. This power has slowly become inert through generations leaving Boogies stuck on their own world, they can still visit dream bubbles from time to time but cannot proceed beyond them.

Attributes/Traits: Boogies are adept at climbing and crawling, any motions that allow them to get around obstacles. To assist in this they usually have thin forms and long limbs. Every part of their bodies is covered in a coat of dark fur though this can be short or long depending on breed and personal preference. Their eyes are usually bright red or yellow and glow prominently in the dark. When they hatch and emerge from beneath the earth their bodies are bat like and exceedingly fluffy, for their first year they continue to live by flying around in packs and biting other creatures to survive off blood before they begin to grow. Their wings quickly become incapable of supporting their weight and wither into arms, the pack then retreats into their roost until the growth spurt is complete. Entirely carnivorous Boogies have jaws and stomachs that can distend to such a degree that they swallow most prey whole up to their own size. To allow their contortion and flight in early life Boogies skeletons are comprised entirely of cartilage supported by additional muscle strands. Reproduction among Boogies and Grindies is identical, after mating the females lay a clutch of eggs and buries them, the majority become Grindies but about one in twenty becomes a Boogie.

IM System: Infermality

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PostSubject: Re: Boogies, the Nightmare Race   Tue May 05, 2015 10:26 am

Cool! Approved!

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Boogies, the Nightmare Race
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