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 The Integral Rot

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PostSubject: The Integral Rot   Sat May 02, 2015 8:05 pm

Full Name: The Integral Rot
Subtype: Skeleton
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: 6 foot, 30 pounds
Birthdate: 21st of March
Age: 14
Physical appearance:
Rot's bones are dirty and slightly cracked from the weathering life that he enjoys living. Rot spends most of his time outside, often coming home too tired from his day of playing and exploring to remember all his limbs. Despite this his bones are still as hardy as they come, and despite his sometimes forgetful nature he never loses his head.

His dirty bones hide the sharp, jagged line pattern inscribed in his limps, the only one very visible being the conjunction of jagged lines that meet on the very centre of his forehead. Between the two crests of these jagged lines lays a small dot, there colour indistinguishable under that thick dirt covering his body.

His lower jaw is missing and one or more his bones will be missing at any given moment. He still manages to wear to a cartoon-y grin at all times. The only thing he will wear is a beaten down brown leather jacket with no under-shirt, scruffs littering the wrists and elbows of the jacket due to too many tumbles.

Personality: Rot loves life and all the good and bad that comes with it. The durability to pain and dismemberment makes Rot very absent minded when it comes to his physical well being, maybe he lost a rib in the woods, maybe he didn't. Who cares? This lack of care means he comes off as goofy, he will juggle his own head to entertain himself. He spends a lot of his time finding random adventure outside in the wilderness. Despite this lack of focus he is still quite intelligent, being a skeleton affords him the ability to problem solve his way out of a tricky situation.

He is very easy going and likes to make friends wherever he can however his loose nature can make others feel like he is not as close to them as they are to him. He is completely oblivious to the way he makes others feel, even his comedy is more for himself than them. This all together makes Rot quite selfish in relationships both platonic and romantic.

Despite this he is a very romantic person but the moment anything real starts to happen in his relationships he begins to panic as he feels trapped by the pressure being applied to his free lifestyle. He will not know how to respond and will try to avoid the other person to prevent anything further commencing. The moment his mind is taken off it he feels better.

Handle: xxxxxXxxxx
Typing Style: Very good grammar and syntax however he is quite prone to misspelling a word or two. He uses pink text (hex: #FF00FF) When he is emphasising something important he will alternate the capitalisation of each of the word's letters. Uses emoticons.
Eye colour: No eyes.
Symbol: Crossed bones with a colourful ripped rag hanging from it.
Guardian: Tall figure draped in a dark navy/emerald robe that covers it from head to toe. A brown belt, engraved with the same symbol as Rot's bones, is tied tightly around the presumed neck of the creature. The creatures head is comedic-ally enlarged with a small pair of librarians glasses sitting were it's nose would presumably be.

Strengths: His easy going nature, sense of spirit and adventurous skills
Weaknesses: His lack of commitment, his lack of focus.
Fears/Insecurities: Fears his guardian's scorn. Commitment.
Likes: Adventure, treasure, friends and good times.
Dislikes: Seriousness and bad times.
Driving force: To have fun.
Hobbies: Adventuring outside, playing with whoever he finds and discovering treasure.

God Tier Title: Heir of Breath
Land: Land of Rattles and Rainbows
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: Bonekind
Special Power: Durability, weirdly specific knowledge on the art of escapism.

Describe your character in three words: Goofy, friendly skeleton.
If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: A treasure map and a shovel
If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: His lack of focus.
Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?: Chocolate coins!

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PostSubject: Re: The Integral Rot   Mon May 04, 2015 12:30 am

With no WIP on this anymore, as far as I'm concerned this looks good.


hey im your tech support

do you have like a tech problem

cause i mean like i probably have a tech solution

idk i might not i'm not amazing at this

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The Integral Rot
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