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 The Spooks [RACE]

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PostSubject: The Spooks [RACE]   Fri May 01, 2015 6:20 pm

Racial Name: Pseudoverus Sapianopsis
Nick Names: Spooks, The Creepers, Scaries, etc. (General)
Demons (Fireheads, Netherbeasts)
Skeletons (Bones, Clatters)
Werebeasts (Weres, Animal-Shifters)
Spectrals (Ghosties, Ghosts, Bedsheets)
Wights (Half-and-Halfs, Inbetweens)
Stiffs (Zombies, Wrapping Bros)
Goblins (Scalies, Lizards)
Fleshlings (Plushies, Impishes, Gremlins)

Genders?: Male and female, but not all of the types are very obvious about it.
Average Lifespan: Immortal (And yes, this is for good reason, and yes, they can still be killed.)
One of their years is equivalent to a random number of human years between one and nine and including decimals, due to their planet's complex nature. They still have minutes and hours, but years are strange. Because of this, when dealing with another time type they definitely will use it instead.

General Appearance: The race itself has no general appearance. Each subcategory, though, has a unique look;

Demons: The Demons have skin in deep to bright reds, and stand at average human height with two hooked horns the same color as their skin on their head which vary in size but always curve towards the center of the head. They have three fingers and one thumb, and some have satyr-like legs with darker red fur over them, ending in hooves. Otherwise they will have two large toes and a hooked heel. Females tend to be flaming hot, and males tend to look cruel but cool. This is not always the case.
There are also Fire Demons, Water Demons and Storm Demons, which look like glass people filled with their respective element. They have no heads, but have the mystic ability to see out of eyes carved in vegetables and fruit, so they put those in their shoulders instead. Their elements are often tinted in strange colors, like pink flames or white water, or red storms.

Skeletons: They are skeletons with varying realisticity, generally bent towards cartoonish, and the structure and even amount of bones varies from one to another. They can have any color and even patterns on their bones, though, like plaid or even glittering. All glow with an eerie iridescence in the dark, and most lack lower jaws.

Werebeasts: The Weres are the most humanoid of all the subtypes, being entirely humanoid with slight characteristics depending on the animal they can literally transform into. The animal is always the same size as the person transforming, and as fit as them too. There are Werecanines, Werefelines, Werebats and rodents, and generic Werebeasts which are just furry monsters in their creature form. They tend to be devilishly handsome, but sadly thin. They like a bit of bling in their clothing.

Spectrals: The Ghosties are basically white versions of people, like silhouettes in negative. Imagine if you were to put on a white skinsuit, except it were actually a bit baggy and made of a bedsheet. They vary in shades of white, tint color and transparency. They usually have a unique face on their head, and often feel obliged to wear jewelry to further set themselves apart from eachother. They are only solid when they want to be, but can wear clothes at any time. Not wearing clothes is pretty awkward.

Wights: The Inbetweens are only semi-spectral, and thus cannot control their solidity. Their feet hover above the ground, and they usually wear robes of some sort. They generally have pale skin, either grayish, orangish, bluish or greenish, and often are really quite thin.

Stiffs: These guys are basically zombies and mummies. They can have either greenish blue skin or shriveled brown-to-red, and often are missing chunks of flesh for comedy's sake. They're seriously hilarious, I can't even take this. The two types, zombies and wrapping bros, are between the walking dead and mummies. The mummies are wrapped in cloth and are often very picky about how it's wrapped and the fashion statement it makes. The zombies are just walking corpses. They're usually average height for humans if they don't slouch too much.

Goblins: These guys are all just covered in scales. They often have no hair but sometimes do, and their eyes glow either red, yellow or orange. They are often really strong and lithe, and their scales can be in greens and tans, with shiny, tomato red being possible but rare and envied. They share height variety with humans, but have much cooler pointy ears.
Another breed of them is the Scalies, who have large fins on their backs and arms and head and cheeks. They are sort of ugly, but they don't let that get to them!

Fleshlings: They have sandy tan skin, and strawish white or orange hair. They stand at maybe knee height to an adult human, and often have biggish or longish noses and awesome little triangular hats kind of like a windsock but with less wind and feet. They have pointed ears and they can make their eyes glow in any color like a technicolor disaster.

Common Personality: The entire race is generally jolly and eccentric, if not dark and imposing in many ways. Besides this, each race has its stereotypes:

Demons are generally just super awesomely badass. They prefer more punkish lifestyle, leather and fur, maybe some bikes. Their talents lie in their brawn and imposing nature. Boys are more often mean, and girls are just as often complete sluts.
The Fire, Water and Storm Demons are, as an inverse, complete nutjobs. They love to cause mischief and abuse their special powers to the furthest extent.

Skeletons are generally quirky, but are observant and many of them are much smarter than anyone else. They do not really use their lack of flesh much to their advantage.

Werebeasts are often charming but manipulative, and many a time dead stupid. The guys are vain and the girls are really weird about them.

Spectrals are quiet, but usually good fun. They like to help out and generally are the best friends available. They often don't connect very well with the more solid friends, though. With eachother they are pretty competitive about a lot of things, and being included in that would mean somebody likes you a lot.

Wights are almost always really glum. There's not much else to it.

Stiffs are picky about clothing, and usually aren't very attentive. But they're good at fighting, better than most, and have strength unmatched by most anything and know it.

Goblins are more evil than any of the others. They delight in causing discomfort, though not usually true harm. They love meat and hate bread.

Fleshlings love their powers a lot and are usually really good with machines, but they don't like other people very much.

Again, these are all just stereotypes.

Society: They all see eachother as equals, despite their subgroup. Racism would be like disliking someone for their eye color, it's picayune and petty. Their unofficial leader is The Corpse Maker, a large man who creates their bodies and guardians from nothing. All the sections of the planet adore him, and even the section rulers send everything through him first. The planet is split into different sections, like continents, under the rule of a different Spook. They don't really rule, though, more make sure people don't do anything (too) stupid.
Home Planet: Timorus is a huge glass sphere with a smaller glass sphere fitted snugly inside it. Inside the inner sphere is a platform resting on crossing beams. The platform has a landscape on it, with every biome represented in a swirl. Their houses vary vastly in design and style.
Relationships: Spooks have a very simple relational system- Love, hate, spook love, spook hate, help love and help hate. Love and hate are just that, but Spook Love is when people "trade" pranks and scares with eachother. The same is true for Spook Hate, but they do it less in fun and more in trying to actually wound the other. This relationship is not for the faint of heart.
Help love and hate are when they help eachother out with everything, especially more pranks and scares. The love version, though, is genuinely wanting to help, while the hate version is helping for the sake of sabotage. This is best related to kittens fighting, and they probably don't really hate eachother.
Reproduction When two Spooks love eachother very much, they generate a spark, which is a soul. The soul flies to the Corpse Maker, who gives them a body of a random type. This body then wanders off, to grow up. The Corpse Maker sends them a Guardian to protect them, though. (Demons, Goblins, Stiffs, Werebeasts and Fleshlings can still 'do it,' though)
Guardians: The Guardians are called Fearmongres, and can vary in size and shape. Basically, they are humanoid, but with oftentimes comically warped proportions. As with all the Corpsemaker's creations, though, the Guardians are unique mentally, but to fit the general role assigned- In this case parenting.
Symbol Rules: The symbols are just Halloween themed, really, and only loosely at that.

Naming Conventions: Their name is going to have five syllables, and one of them is often an article (A, An, The)
Racial powers: The powers of their race never vary between subtypes, but often only a few bother to nurture them. Some subtypes do get different powers more often, though. Basically here are three power types: Intellect, Strength and Magic. Some have strange, inexplicable knowledge of one topic, some are extremely powerful or elastic, and some can generate magical things. Not everyone has a power. The magic usually is pretty weak, but they can generate fires, freeze things, etc. Basically mild elemental control, and can turn some stuff invisible or make it float around.
Attributes: They can all die by being killed, and their soul is attached to their their body. Demons can be killed by any wound that would kill a human, but do have tougher skin. Their bone structure is very similar to a human, too, but they have tails and horns as well.
Elemental Demons are made of really, really strong glass, but breaking that and bleeding them out would kill them.
Skeletons are only killed when their skull is pulverized, and are thus possibly the hardest to kill of all subtypes. Their bones are often much more resilient than humans', and can knit themselves back together.
Werebeasts are killed as easily as a human, and since wounds transfer to their animal form there's no changing that way. They have a marvelous pain tolerance, though, and seemingly buckets of blood.
Spectrals are aphysical, and thus can only touch and never be touched unless they want to. They still, though, feel cold and heat, and are weaker in sunlight. Killing one is pretty hard, but possible with fire or drowning.
Wights are only semi-physical, and so half the time can have their head lopped off and be done with, but the best way to go about it is to light them on fire. Their bone structure is pretty much humanoid.
Stiffs have ridiculously tough skin, hard and leathery and it regenerates quickly. Because of this they often are the last ones standing, but again fire will just light them up like a candle.
Goblins have scales, but they don't serve much protection. They are literally cold blooded as well.
Fleshlings get their name from being crazy easy to kill. They don't handle shock well, and have weak bones and soft skin. They are, however, more adept at using their racial gifts than any other subtype.

Demons have sharp teeth and horns, but only females have hair.
Skeletons can have any amount of variations, so not much is constant.
Werebeasts usually have slightly feral looks to them, or creepy eyes. They oftentimes have fangs.
Spectrals draw their own faces, so they don't have any constants either.
Wights usually have sunken features, but would probably look pretty nice otherwise. Their teeth can be very scary, needlelike or fangy.
Stiffs are just zombies. They don't look super pretty, but they're still pretty cool.
Goblins usually have crescent shaped eyes, colored orange or yellow or red, and swamp monsters have green eyes and more obvious lips. Neither have noses, just slits.
Fleshlings smile often, have largeish noses, and their eyes are a solid color, usually brown.
IM System: They use Ghostly Gabber. When someone begins chatting with another it reads "xxxxxXxxxx [XX] wants to talk to you, xxxxxXxxxx [XX]! Deny it now or let them through?" There is then a "Totes!/Let's not." prompt. Clicking either option will usually allow them to chat to you, though, unless you have your status set to "Not Happy" or worse, or have them blocked. The Statuses range from "Splendid as Sugar" to "RANCOROUS." Ending is "xxxxxXxxxx [XX] skipped out!" depending on who left the chat first.
Both messages are displayed no matter the chat system on the other end.
Gabber allows you to change your font, and has a "Time Lockstep" function for communicating with people where time runs differently.
Typing rules: They can speak with any amount of literacy or punctuation and capitalization, but for emphasizing words and annotating actions or any kind of link, emote or exclamation they each have a unique way of doing it. Some of them do choose to replace a couple letters with something else, and Ghostly Gabber allows you to change your font, too, so many choose one as their own.

Other: This is my second fanrace, and as such I am paying for it. WIFF MY OWN MUNNEYS.
Also, than you to whoever actually reads all this Pleasant


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PostSubject: Re: The Spooks [RACE]   Fri May 01, 2015 9:03 pm

These bbies are cute! vov

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PostSubject: Re: The Spooks [RACE]   Sat May 02, 2015 11:14 am

Cash money devoured

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PostSubject: Re: The Spooks [RACE]   

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The Spooks [RACE]
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