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 Land of Blackened Snow and Sorrow [LOBSAS] {WIP}

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PostSubject: Land of Blackened Snow and Sorrow [LOBSAS] {WIP}   Wed Apr 22, 2015 9:28 am

Land Name: Land of Blackened Snow and Sorrow

Terrain: Towering cliff sides envelope the land. A massive mountain valley with harmonious green waters trickling between the mountain cracks to form the lakes and small ponds. These cracks in the mountains have been covered with stone faces which allows the waters to flow out of the eyes. The sky is a deep purple and white clouds produce black snow that falls down softly and covers the soft white grass.

Stone pathways connect to the temple, and nine towers that stand on the cliff side of the mountains. There is just on port that leads out to the Sea of Sorrow. which leads to open

Landmarks: nine large towers all a dull grey in colour but each tower has a different coloured door on its front. The nine colours are Silver, Bronze, Dark Aqua, Pink, Magenta, Light Blue, Bubble Gum Red, Green, Snow White.

After gaining access to each tower through the silly means of obtaining keys, there will be pieces to a large key that be used to open up a large sealed off temple. Inside this temple rests the denizen in nine pieces (They will not turn into materials). These nine pieces must be shipped of to the Towers, placed in the coffins on top of them before Denizen arises back in the Temple.

Player Handler:Ceil Arkwight
Main Quest:
Denizen: Penthos
Gate Color:Human Blue
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Land of Blackened Snow and Sorrow [LOBSAS] {WIP}
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