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  The Adroiter

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PostSubject: The Adroiter   Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:33 pm

Title: The Adroiter
Full Name: Lukais Luseth
Nickname(s): Luka/Lus/Adron
Gender: male
Height & Weight: An average weight and 8.4 feets tall
Age: 15 sweeps
Physical appearance: Lukais is a tall troll, what gives him flexibility and velocity, His hair is the usual black color that every troll has, but he has a few locks dyed on his blood color, purple. He is strong, not VERY strong, but strong for a highblood, though he usually doesn't need his strenght. Lukais dresses in a full body black suit with a few purple and white details, his usual Doctorturer outfit, which is comfortable and easy to clean on case it is stained with too much blood.
Lukais has several tatoos under his suit, to remember important events of his life, he uses tatoos or, in case that the event was violent, he uses scars. One of his tatoos is on his right cheek, and it symbolizes his capability to see through barriers of mind, when he reached and learnt to control his psionics. Another one covers his right arm, and there is another one on his chest, exacly where you would need to hit him to end him. that one is fuchsia coloured, meaning that the empress has complete control over him, though it might or might not be true.
His expresions are usually false or are not showing, he has been trained not to show the real ones. Lukais takes care of having his fangs and claws quite sharp and clean, his voice is clear, his eyes already completely purple.
There are no fangs that come out of his mouth, but one he smiles there are fangs everywhere, one of his ears has a large wound because someone ripped an earring from it once.
When he is not wearing his Doctorturer Outfit, he wears a white long t-shirt, with blood stains on it or what seems to be blood stains, and also blood prints, Black or dark brown trousers and black boots.
Personality: Lukais Luseth seems to have a charming personality, made to manipulate completely those who he is talking to, he knows how to control his body lenguaje to make other trolls trust him, being gentle or nor gentle, he studies the person he needs to convince or be close to, and he just makes it... also, his psionics allow him to do certain things too, against them. Though he usually talks a lot and seems to be perfectly comfortable, he would rather be quiet, he would rather be alone than surrounded by people as he usually is, but work is work and he is devoted to it.
His work as a doctorturer gives him a really close to perfection knowledge of troll anatomy and weaknesses, so when he needs to kill he knows where to cut or hit, when he has to cause pain, he knows what to do... when he needs someone to trust him, he knows the reactions and how to reach his goal. He is someone who reads and usually writes a diary, though what he writes are sometimes dreams, random thoughts that he considers usefull, and to write he uses an special code he invented, so just he understands what he considers necessary.
As a doctorturer, he is known because once you enter his torture room, you never forget, or you forget so many things that you are not the same. His sessions are made to wreck minds, to twist and break each troll, to cause traumas and phobias, problems... you may end missing an arm or missing the capability to talk, not because you don't have a tongue, but because you're scared, TERRIFIED, of doing it. He is a high ranked one, close to the empress, and though i said that he takes his job seriously, Lukais is someone that usually acts for HIS own interests, and though sometimes he might apparent it, he is not an arrogant troll, life has taught him not to subestimate his enemies or companions, each troll is unique, even if his place among the hemospectrum colors and tones is not the highest or most wanted. His quadrants are empty, because he is feared by most, and not trusted by the rest of them. He could have quadrant mates if he tried, but he doesn't bother to do it, though each time he has to give a pail, he has a kissmesis, that is the most easy thing for him to get.
Most of his knowledge comes from books, since he loves reading, being it one of his favourite activities and hobbies, but he doesn't have much time to do it, his life being quite busy. He is also jealous from the subjugglator's chucklevoodoos, and he would like to join their clown society, but he keeps this as a secret, because he is not able to join them though he tried, he doesn't have the right psionics.
But Lukais has another side, one that enjoys caring for someone and wants to have a mate by his side, to care for him, to make him feel comfortable and purr... it could be pale or red, he wouldn't care. But sadly, no one feels comfortable with all that pain and suffering that he causes daily. With time he has learnt how to accepts this fact too, and as he sometimes says, failures are only there to make you stronger and teach you an important lesson.

Typing Quirk/Color: He types in #5b0bc1 He uses normal font and caps for things that NEED to be quite clear. Instead of a Normal Brakets, he uses this "(- Because it looks like his Symbol -)" Also, he never or hardly ever uses emoticons of any kind, only with quadrant mates and just the diamond, heart, spade or club. Otherwise the grammar is usually perfect.
Blood color: Purple ##5b0bc1
Symbol: like this (- but posiotioned vertically
Lusus: A Giant owl with Six wings, Owl mother, caring and lovely.

Strengths: manipulation, battles, gain trust, mind games.
Weaknesses: lack of close friends, he doesn't trust easily or is open for relationships, problams with self control on ocassions, due to highblood psychosis
Fears/Insecurities: to lose his own mind, himself, because he is always pretending to be someone he is not. or lose himself due to rage. lose his high rank privileges.
Likes: reading, silence, darkness, drawing, inventing stories for wrigglers, or adult trolls. writing. clowns.
Dislikes: stubborn trolls, the empress's attitude, rebellious pieces of scum.

God Tier Title: Lord of Mind
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: Encyclopedia kind, own body kind
Psionic Power: he can read minds, and after many sweeps of training, he can make trolls feel something, fear, enjoyment, happiness...etc to have an easier access to them.

History: The Adroiter was an important one, though not well known yet, when the Summoner's rebellion took place, and there were his services, infiltrating among the rebellion's main important figures, and surprising many in the battle when he started killing from the inside, and helped to win, he didn't have anything against the sufferer or signless, not personal, bit it was a mission and he enjoyed his highblood privileges, not willing to throw them through a window for some butterfly-like scum. Since that moment he earned the empress's trust and started working as one of her main doctorturer's and military leaders, his life was glorious as one of the empress's main tools, but disastrous when talking about personal feelings and being okay with all that, not everything can be perfect, can it?.

Other: He is the anonymous author of many books that would have been considered heresy, and him as a misbeliever or heretic. always written in different colors, in different secret codes.

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Nipper Cadet

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PostSubject: Re: The Adroiter   Fri Aug 14, 2015 6:46 am

I think that this is finished, unless there is something that needs to be changed.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adroiter   Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:10 am


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PostSubject: Re: The Adroiter   

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The Adroiter
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