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 The Drakes (Dragon Race)

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PostSubject: The Drakes (Dragon Race)   Thu Apr 09, 2015 4:45 pm

Racial Name: The Drakes
Nick Names: Dragons, Locusts
Genders?: All human genders and prejudices are represented.
Average Life span: 1-100 Humanoid form, 100-300 Draconic Form

General Appearance: They are humanoid bugs, with four arms and two legs, commonly having a thin semi-lizard like tail, and bug wings. There are several clans that have several different bug types under them, and traits are chosen from one type as a primary, and the other types as secondaries for that family lineage. There will be a better explanation in Other. They have whiteish hair.
Then at age 100 they go through what is called the change, cocooning for three years and emerging in their secondary adult state, becoming sexually mature.
Common Personality: They are almost identical in mindset to humans. They all have a compulsion to hoard a particular object. No one is totally sure how its selected, but it manifests around 10-15 usually. The impulse gets stronger after the change. The hoard has to fit the character in some way.

Society: The Drakes have a society that is under an uneasy peace. There are three major world factions that each have claim to a third of the world, named Wyvern, Coatl, and Hydra. There is a truce between the three factions because they all know they need each other around, though Wyvern and Coatl have some animosity. Life there is close to human, though with some deviant technological advancements caused by more prominent need.
Home Planet: Most of their world is a thriving jungle, though all other biomes are present. There are many ruinous temples of a so called precursor race that once lived in this realm. Those precursors were lizard people, called Akuma.
Relationships: Their relationships are pretty straightforward, Its very close to human but with some additional factors like horde size and chemical smell.
Reproduction The female lays an egg, and the male fertilizes it. Then they build a protective cocoon around it. It takes 10 months to generate a new egg.
Guardians:Their parents.
Symbol Rules: Anything the character wants.

Naming Conventions: They have a seven letter first name, and an eight letter last name.
Racial powers: They all come with breath weapons, and most of them can fly. Their breath weapon is genetic, and is similar to everyone in their clan, and is identical to everyone in their family.
Attributes: They are durable and fast, but their senses are a bit more dull then most races.
Traits: They derive their traits from their family and their clan. Which will be explained in other.
IM System: BusyBee "X began bugging Y"
Typing rules: No Quirks, types in blood color. Blood colors tend to lean towards the bright end.



Clan name - Breath weapon - Bug types

Air - Sonic - Flies, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Cicadas, Mantises

Water - Electric - Water beetles, Mosquitoes, Crabs, Lobsters, Scorpionfly

Fire - Fire - Fireflies, Fire Ants, Wasps, Scorpion, Centipede

Earth - Sand - Grasshoppers, Ant Lion, Hercules Beetle, Atlas Beetle, Roach

Ooze - Acid - Hornets, Stinkbugs, Bombardier Beetle, Bombardier Ant, Cochineal

Magma - Heat - Bees, Tarantula Hawk, Bullet Ant, Tree Lobsters, Wekiu bug

Smoke - Smoke - Moths, Spiders, Leaf Bugs, Leaf Mantises, Lantern Fly

Ice - Cold - Icebugs, Waterbears, Arctic Bumblebees, Arctic Moths, Caddisflies


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Gemini Posts : 1328
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Age : 26
Location : Land of Spirals and Lies
My Pet : Blue Dragon Hatchling
My /Other/ Pet : EYES

PostSubject: Re: The Drakes (Dragon Race)   Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:18 am

I have subtracted the boondollars and am awaiting approval.

Here is an example of how you choose your bug's looks.

Clan: Smoke
Primary Insect type: Moth
Secondary: Leaf Mantis
They stand at 5'4" and have tan skin, their hair is white pink in color, and is spiked up and back. They have a mane of hair around their neck, and their upper arms are covered in leaf looking armor. Their upper hands have sharp digits, and they have four large moth wings, that are pale pink, with white highlights. Their tail is the traditional whiptail, but with a pink plume of hair on the end. They have an overall cute appearance and demeanor. Do not be fooled.

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PostSubject: Re: The Drakes (Dragon Race)   Mon Apr 13, 2015 12:53 pm


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PostSubject: Re: The Drakes (Dragon Race)   

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The Drakes (Dragon Race)
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