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 Yukzax Klatia

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PostSubject: Yukzax Klatia   Tue Feb 17, 2015 4:58 pm

Full Name: Yukzax Klatia
Gender: Female
Height & Weight: 159.7 cm, 49kg
Birthdate: October 28
Age: Roughly 6.46 sweeps (14 earth years.)
Physical appearance: Yukzax stands at an average height for her caste and gender, not exactly fat but not entirely thin either. Her facial features are slightly rounded, but she has an ever-present, wicked grin plastered to her features that wipes away all hopes of looking pretty (to a human's eye). Her lips are black like most trolls, and her teeth are sharp as per the norm. Her hair is scruffy and jaw-length, and her horns are about four inches long, and pointy like lances. Her nails are long and barely ever break, and grow back quickly. This might be a mutation, or might just be a 'trait.' I'll get to the eyes in a bit.
She wears a pair of tattered grey blue jeans and a simple black t-shirt with her symbol on it, which is hardly visible for the shade. Over that she wears an afghan draped over her shoulders sort of like a cape, with a pin fastening it together. It's crocheted entirely of black yarn, which is thoroughly ridiculous.
Her eyes, well, they're the bad part. Because they aren't there. Without her artificial 'eyes' on, they're just empty sockets with wires hanging out and maybe some dried blood. Her fake eyes are sort of like a visor that latches on to her head like wrap-around-sunglasses up to her temples, but a lot more blocky. They're grimy and don't look like one would want them on their face, with wires and knobs all about making it look probably more complex than it should. It basically allows her to link to most machines wirelessly, putting less reliance on her psionic abilities and thus strengthening them tenfold. Plus, it's kind of really weird to have just vacant sockets in your head. Made for her by a friend after she gorged out her own eyes. They hadn't worked properly because of her powers, and she saw so many things. So many things that would make one want to remove their own sight. Technoterrors and data loss zombies. Year two-thousand wraiths and blue screeners of death. So many horrible things, enough to force one to remove their own ocular abilities.


Personality: Yukzax is clever and skilled with what she does. She's very self-confident, and no amount of verbal abuse can get her down unless the person dishing it out had been thought to be a friend. And they'd have to have been a good friend, otherwise, well, oop, they're not a friend anymore! She legitimately enjoys helping people out with their technology problems, but that's mostly because she laps up praise like water on a dying plant. She can, though, become the village two wheel device when it comes to anything technology related, so it ends up a lot of the time that everybody owes her something. Though, oftentimes it ends up too that she caused the problem in the first place.
She's touchy about being blind, though she can technically still see via computers and such.
She lives in her cluttered hive, mostly half-robots built from robots attaching themselves to each other and then blowing up, computers, and hard drives. She lives near a whole bunch of other trolls, and guess what? They all have appliances. She torments them on a regular basis for the fun of it because that is just what trolls do.
Also, since she can only see via cameras and such, she makes sure there are cameras everywhere she needs to look.

Handle: specializedComputerization
Typing Quirk: SHE SPEAKS IN ALL CAPS WITH ALMØST NØ PUNCTUATIØN BESIDES PERIØDS AND BY REPLACING ALL Ø WITH AN EMPTY SET. BECAUSE MATH. ALSØ, REPLACING ALL No.S WITH THAT No., EVEN IF IT'S NØT BEING USED AS A No. . SHE ALSO SWEARS A LØT MORE THAN IS PRØBABLY NECESSARY. SHE HAS A SØRT ØF FUNNY WAY ØF TALKING. When she has been robbed about her blindness or is feeling especially depressed about it, she R3V3RTS TØ TH3 NUMB3RS ØF TH3 BL1ND PRØPH3TS, probably to give her a bit more hope that it blindness doesn't mean everything.
Blood color: Rust. Like, really rusty, nearly black. Not technically a mutation, she just has really, really bad blood.
Symbol: See that power button located somewhere on your computer? That symbol, in really dark burgundy.
Lusus: Cyborg Mole-Papa. He's a giant star-nosed mole that's also partially a robot because of some lunatic Troll adult who experimented on Lusii and then sent them back to Alternia. He's sort of high-maintenance, literally.

Strengths: Stupid good with computers, not half bad with words, and pretty well-off when it comes to manipulation (though that's more a hereditary trait, being a troll and all) and terrorizing everything ever.
Weaknesses: Touchy about her blindness, and bad when it comes to physical confrontation. While she's really good with machines and such, she can't make anything original for the life of her. Creative sterility, so to speak.
Fears/Insecurities: Scared of the dark and water or the loss of data, thunderstorms, bad internet connection, faulty machinery and badly-designed hosts for her powers.
Likes: Computers and robots. Games are kind of like drugs to her, it's not usually a good idea for her to play them. She can get really weird and competitive, and the same goes for Roleplay.
Dislikes: People who can't respect technokinesis and snobbish highbloods.
Driving force: Not a whole bunch. She knows she has an exceptionally snotty lifespan. Basically, just to do whatever she wants while she can.
Hobbies: Programming computers to work better, robots to be more lifelike, other people's toasters to kill them, etc. Anything technology-related.

God Tier Title: Seer of Void
Land: Land of Copy and Paste
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: Fistkind/2x5xNailkind, it basically changes every time she opens her hands or clenches them into fists.
Psionic Power: Extreme amounts of technokinesis, a skilled technopath, gifted with high skill in cyberpathy and an accomplished cyberkinetic. Really, really good at it, she can manipulate things through the Internet or up to twenty miles around her if it can't connect. Basically, anything that can either connect to the Internet or has joints or is electronic she can control. She refers to the power as "TECHNØ-THAUMATURGY," and is very proud of her capabilities.

Describe your character in three words: Crazy techno bitch
If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: A computer and a generator.

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: Maybe give herself a higher blood type for the lifespan, but not if it meant losing her powers.
Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?: YØU FUCKING BITCH. 1 C4N'T BL33DING S33.



hey im your tech support

do you have like a tech problem

cause i mean like i probably have a tech solution

idk i might not i'm not amazing at this

my characters
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PostSubject: Re: Yukzax Klatia   Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:46 am


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Yukzax Klatia
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