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 The Wanderer

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PostSubject: The Wanderer   Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:36 am

Title: The Wanderer
Full Name (if possible): Distra Moteri
Nickname(s): The One Who Lurks

Gender: Female
Height & Weight: 7" 7, 190lbs
Age: 17.51 sweeps
Physical appearance: Distra has calm, jade green eyes that are slanted slightly and she always has what seems to be a tiny smile on her face. Her hair falls all the way past her waist in a neat mess, strands sticking out here and there. She also has a rather slim and built figure.
She wears a black and coat with a high collar which shields her neck with intricate jade embroidery along with a mouth mask which she often puts up. Underneath, she dons a long grey figure-hugging gown that reaches past her feet. For shoes, she wears black boots with jade green designs. Her horns point upwards, the left longer than the right, both curving inwards like > .
Personality: Distra is a rather stubborn and introverted troll who is quite fractured. She is pretty silent and has never spoken much before unless she has a need to, which is seldom. She wasn't always like that though. She used to be a rather polite and calm troll who was always understanding of others. Somewhere inside that same one lies there but it may take years for her to become that again.
She also is kind of mean towards others, always wishing the worst for them or for them to lose or have something taken from them. She also livws by the eye for an eye policy meaning that she would still help you, but only if you do something helpful for her first.
Typing Quirk/Color: I-$peak-and-enunciate-my-word$-a$-clearly-a$-I-can-while-pronouncing-my-$'$-like-sh$.
Symbol: Σ
Lusus: Mother Eagle

Strengths:  Smarts, Understanding
Weaknesses: Stubborness, Hard-headed, Introverted
Fears/Insecurities: Loss of precious items or bonds
Likes: Gaining, Being on the winning side
Dislikes:The fuchsia bloods, losing more than she already lost

God Tier Title: Maid of Void
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: kneekind, macekind
Psionic power: N/A

History: Having been born as a rare Jade green blood, the Wanderer was automatically the role of tending to the wigglers. She was about 5 sweeps old when she heard of the Dolorosa who had taken in a mutated grub, who she soon knew as the Sufferer. However this had happened when she was still a grub and the Sufferer was already a couple of sweeps older than her already. She grew up admiring the Dolorosa and the Sufferer for this and wanted to accomplish things.

When she was finally 8 sweeps old, she ended up leaving her hive and ended up exploring the Trollian culture and she soon heard of the Sufferer's sermons. Curiosity soon got hold of her, causing her to abandon her role as a caretaker for the wigglers and went in search for something to prove her worth as well. She hated the troll society, and had strived to change it, managing to somehow gather a small group of other bloodcastes as her supporters.

However, her small group of supporters slowly left her one by one, even one who she had as a matesprit. She soon felt lost and grew to fear what might become of her if she ever let her feelings grow again, ending up shutting them out but the sermons of the Sufferer had remained in her heart. When she heard of the incident with the Sufferer, she was devastated, feeling as though everything would end up gone and dead no matter what.

Soon enough, she had given up all hopes of actually succeeding. She had abandoned her post, which infuriated the royalty, landing her in prison in which she broke out from with sheer force after years of training within her confinement and now she just wanders, hoping dor some possible meaning of what she can contribute without making so many mistakes and quits numerous times.

Other: She's a rainbow drinker.


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PostSubject: Re: The Wanderer   Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:07 am


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The Wanderer
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