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 Muyiel Yunare, The Searcher

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PostSubject: Muyiel Yunare, The Searcher   Sat Feb 14, 2015 5:08 am

Title: The Searcher
Full Name: Muyiel Yunare
Nickname(s): The High-Blood Hound
Gender: Female
Height & Weight: 5 foot, 6 Inches
Age: 14 Sweeps
Physical appearance: Standing with a smaller body then most fully grown Trolls, Muyiel uses her small frame to her advantage. Her body his hard with lean muscle, her line of work forging her into a miniature weapon. She has scars all over, memories of her past hunts, and arms were long ago replaced with gruesome cybernetics that she used to cripple those who tried to escape her. the top half of her head is encased in a large device to not only enhance her psychic powers, but also keep her easily controlled by her handlers, so she can serve her purpose. Often, sparks will escape the machine as she uses her powers, and luminescent lines of light will glow certain colors depending on what power she will use.

Her horns were long ago shaved down, to make room for the helmet. Her hair was shaved as well, leaving her bald beneath her head piece. Her ears are long and floppy, almost elvish looking except for how they're situated. For the rest of her clothing she wears a simple burlap tunic with shoes made of a thin pad and string to keep the pad on her foot.

Personality: Long ago, a young yellow blood who was fearful and timid stood alone in a cruel world. That little girl is no more, and now only a beast remains. Conditioned and trained like a hound beast, Muyiel is a weaponized yellow blood whose only mission is to make her handlers proud, or at least satisfied enough to treat her with kindness. She cares nothing for anything else, and knows no other way then what she is.

Typing Quirk/Color: ....I talk...slowly....patiently......sometimes whispering in the dark.......and then....I CHARGE OUT, READY TO RIP, TO TEAR, TO SEVER MY PREY LIKE MY MASTER WISHES!
Blood color: Yellow
Lusus: Mouse Lusus....long dead...eaten by Muyiel per her masters orders

Strengths: Immense psychic power, Brutal ferocity in close quarters combat, unquestionably agile
Weaknesses: Lack of self preservation, not intelligent, panics once she fails a mission
Fears/Insecurities: Failing her master and being punished
Likes: Master
Dislikes: whoever master says to dislike

God Tier Title: Bard of Fear
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: Claw kind, or whenever she's allowed, Spike kind
Psionic Power: Telepathy, telekinesis, illusions, and a Sonic scream

History: She was originally just like any other yellow slave in troll society, going from one place to the other when she was needed to work. However, through bad luck it seems, she was picked out of hundreds of others to become what she was today. Her master was cruel, and took pleasure in the long process of degradation and training of the young yellows mind. She hunted down low blood trolls when ordered, killed them when told, and did it all for the approval of her master.

During the Signless marches, she was witness to one of the Prophets lectures, and for a brief moment, hesitated when her master had decided to leave. She quickly fixed her mistake, despite being punished for it anyways later. But she kept hold of that feeling, and buried within her, somewhere safe where it could grow and one day bloom. At least, that's how her dreams go when she rests.

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PostSubject: Re: Muyiel Yunare, The Searcher   Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:27 am


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Muyiel Yunare, The Searcher
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