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 Her Dispassionate Acendancy

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PostSubject: Her Dispassionate Acendancy   Fri Feb 13, 2015 10:28 pm

Title: Her Dispassionate Ascendancy/ The Cendancy / The Previous
Full Name: Allume Orphen
Gender: Female
Height & Weight: 8' 10"
Age: 190 sweeps
Physical appearance: She has an athletic build, one that show an excess of exercise in both running and swimming. Her skin is unscarred, mostly due to the fact that not many people would challenge someone of her status. Her horns are massive, jutting out a foot out the sides of her head and curling at their ends, with a thicker base that is around 4 inches thick. Complimenting this is a large mane of black hair that is almost as large as her own body. She keeps this usually in a large bun or buns when she out doing things, but likes to use it as a pillow when she back home.

She wears a standard apparel for an empress, though hers is far more traditional with various silen wraps and fabrics drapped over her to remind others of her position over them and troll society in general. These frabrics come in many colors, but that are not ove rdone in such a way to become an eye sore. Instead, they are mearly bright enough to be noticed and make the black of her outfit pop more, as well as her own Royal Fuschia blood.

Personality: Cendancy was a ruler that left the High bloods wanting more. She was lax with her control, routinly ignoring the trouble Low bloods started up, and honestly cared little for running her government, complacency staying he rhand. However, when she was forced to do something, she reminded everyone why she was Empress, and just what kind of power she held behind her lax attitude.

During her reign, the subbjugulator cult that had begun to flourish within the High bloods was under heavy scrutiny, Her Ascendancy making sure their power didn't grow to quickly or interfere with the High bloods job of governing the land in her stead. Personally, she despises the religion, but she knows better then to attack the religious views of the High bloods, not wanting a riot on her hands.

Typing Quirk/Color: always types in lower case, throwing in the orcasional fish pun due to tradition and the lolz, and will always types words with doubles of one letter next to each other with only one letter. example "man, soner or later we gota listen to some music that's got some Bass."
Blood color: Fuschia

Lusus: Horror Terror Emmisary

Strengths: Psionic Combat, skill in using her position to her advantage, and a great amount of strength.
Weaknesses: Does not take full control of her people, prefers to seclude herself, horrible tactical mind.
Fears/Insecurities: Over doing it and leading her people to their end.
Likes: Her time alone, low blood art, and a new art form popular among the eastern land dwellers.
Dislikes: Losing control, dealing with the class tensions

God Tier Title: Rogue of Space
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: Boot Kind
Psionic Power: Empress level powers and standard range of abilities.

History: The Empress during the time before and near the end up the Signlesses time, she had taken over by fighting the previous Empress one on one and winning easily, without needing her Psionic abilities. It was a testament to her strength, and it still keeps many would be Heiressess from even trying to over throw her, most just living their lives quietly in the shadows. However, One Meenah pieces changed that, and killed The Cendancy to claim the throne as empress of the Trolls.

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PostSubject: Re: Her Dispassionate Acendancy   Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:40 am


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Her Dispassionate Acendancy
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