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 The ∀lchemist

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PostSubject: The ∀lchemist   Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:24 pm

Title: The ∀lchemist
Full Name: Ferver Normae
Nickname(s): Several unflattering ones, most-likely.
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: 7'4 in, 247 lbs
Age: 18 Sweeps
Physical appearance: The ∀lchemist stands at a formidable height, but that is slightly robbed by his spidery nature and the fact that he's most often found reading a book. Besides his height, he's twig-thin and with a head of almost evil-looking hair whenever his hood's down. It reaches only his jaw, but curls and spikes like black flames. Usually, though, the hood to his purple cloak is up because getting it off with his horns isn't exactly easy. His horns are really rather large, being each a vertical rod a foot-and-a-half tall with a quarter hoop connected to it about an inch up- Sort of like the upper half of this (€) monetary symbol, but with higher main rods. His eyes are intelligent, but cold, and his facial features are sharp.
His cloak is a prized possession of his. Rich, reddish purple with intricate trim dyed in every shade of the hemospectrum- Dyed using the blood of those who had dared contradict him, including fuschia, and purple that wasn't his own; The man had his ways to obtain his bloods and ingredients. The cloak reaches down to just brush the ground, and has long, wide sleeves and an impressive pointed hood.
Personality: The ∀lchemist is a very dangerous person to be in the way of, but a valued intellect and practical operator when time calls for it. In his mind, things are sorted into two categories; 'Useful intellectually' and 'Mindless drivel,' which can make getting along with him infuriating. He tends to do things only when they would further his own research or satisfy his curiosity for a time. His mind is dreadfully unstable, though, and his inherent Chucklevoodoo sometimes gets a bit out of hand because of it, manipulating without realizing and forgetting things that may be important later. When later comes, though, he will act on whatever comes to him, still not remembering, but relying on his own formidable wit and alchemical abilities.
When it comes to other people, Fervor doesn't really mind them. As long as they aren't outright annoying, he'll tolerate them. He even likes to help people out sometimes, if they actually have a reason.

Typing Quirk/Color: HE SpeakS WitH A DeliberatE, ThougH SlightlY DisconcertinG TonE, AnD IN ThE ShadE OF HiS RobeS. WordS MaY TeG ReverseD.
Blood color: Regal Purple
Symbol: The carpenter's triangle, Norma.
Lusus: A long-dead worm/oceanic centipede Lusus, killed by another Troll's gargantuan mouse Lusus. He hates rodents because of this.

Strengths: A very strong thinker and philosophical mind, and an almost unreal skill for 'Alchemy,' as he calls it. He can turn stone to glass and lead to gold using things like water, salt and blood, but says it's Black Science and Alchemy, not magic.
Weaknesses: Easily unhinged, and a single contradiction will put you on his hit list. He holds grudges for basically forever, and has a horrid hatred for rodents.
Fears/Insecurities: He fears death and failure above all things.
Likes: Alchemy, books, black science and blood of every hue.
Dislikes: Rodents, smart-alecs and imbeciles.

God Tier Title: Heir of Space
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: Tomekind
Psionic Power: Chucklevoodoo isn't technically a psionic power, but his is sort of out of control.

History: The ∀lchemist has little history to himself- He stays to himself and helps anyone who can find him and asks nicely enough. He was born, and raised by his Lusus until it died when he was about six sweeps old; A sad day, but a necessary one. He lives by the seaside, in an underwater cave lit by things that shouldn't exist.

Other: Ancestor to Zealon Normae.
The ∀ in ∀lchemist makes it pronounced 'All-chemist,' it being the mathematical term for 'All of.'


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PostSubject: Re: The ∀lchemist   Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:57 am

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The ∀lchemist
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