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 Yummi: The Sweet Food race

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PostSubject: Yummi: The Sweet Food race   Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:14 am

Racial Name: The Yummi
Nick Names: Desserts, Candy Men, Walking Buffets
Genders?: They have your typical male and female genders, along with ones that are out of the gender norms, like agender, bigender, and the likes.
Average Life span: The Yummi live to be roughly 150 years, or 119 rolls. Even rolls are called 'twotsie rolls', where you divide the even rolls in half, and get your 'twotsie roll' age.
1.26 years = 1 roll
2 rolls = 1 twotsie roll

General Appearance: The Yummi appear to be humanoid people, made solely out of food. Shapes and sizes vary from each individual, and appearances are vastly different based on what dessert type the Yummi is.
Common Personality: There is no common personality, they are complete individuals with minds of their own, and mixes of personality types.

Society: Their society has no one true government. Different countries have different governments, like Democracies, Oligarchies, Monarchies, and Autocracies.

Home Planet: Diabet is what one would call a 'child's paradise'. Made up completely of candies and confections, it is literally one of the most visited places in their universe. Unfortunately, the planet itself is poisonous, so it is ill-advised to go there just to eat it.

There are biomes that fit perfectly for certain Yummi to live in, like the frozen regions for the Ice Cream Yummi, to the hot grease geysers near the south where your Fried Yummi prefer to dwell, or to the Saccharine Mountains that the Rock Candy Yummi resides. Some Yummi can live in most places, but others may not be able to inhabit some.

Relationships: Their relationships are known as 'Flavors'. There are 5 types of flavors; Sweet, Salty, Bitter, Sour, and Bland.

The Sweet Flavor is self-explanatory, as it usually contains the loving relationship between two consenting Yummi. This Flavor is symbolized by the mound of whipped cream with a cherry on top, as well as the color pink.

The Salty Flavor is a one-sided relationship, usually involving two individuals, with one of the Yummi envying the other for what they have that the person doesn't. This Flavor is depicted by a box of french fries with one stray fry lying beside the box, as well as the color brown.

The Bitter Flavor is a relationship of pure hatred. Not even the love-hate, but the kind of hate where you want to brutally hurt someone and not even feel bad about it. This is a consenting relationship, and also a deadly one. The Bitter Flavor is symbolized by a used lime wedge, as well as the color bright green.

The Sour Flavor is a relationship based upon rivalry. This Flavor is called the 'Seesaw' flavor because of the chances of it either turning into a Bitter or Salty relationship. It is depicted with a circular slice of lemon, as well as the color yellow.

The Bland Flavor is a strange relationship, as it has subcategories. Two Yummi enter this relationship when they aren't sure what Flavor they should be in. Those with vague ideas about what they might be enter the Bland relationship, and go into one of the four subcategories; 'Bland-Sweet', 'Bland-Salty', 'Bland-Bitter', and 'Bland-Sour.' It is depicted with a white bowl with a single color stripe near the top, the stripe color matching the subcategory, as well as the color gray.

Reproduction: Two Yummi lay in a bed made of starch, where the starch begins to form a mold for the baby. The mold is then taken to somewhere by a Carrier Droop, and within a few days time, they come back with the couple's infant.
The process after the making of the mold is a mystery to the Yummi, but they are content with not knowing, since they have a baby.

Guardians: Their guardians are sentient, slime-like creatures made of a syrupy body, called 'Droops'. Droops are gentle giants, are simple-minded, and do not speak. They pick their charges based on what runs through the Yummi's body, and raise them up from kids to adult. They will stay with their Yummi until that Yummi dies, then leave to go pick a new charge.
Moldy Droops are called 'Clumps', and it is advised to steer clear from them, as their mold carries parasites that will kill a Yummi if gone without treatment.

Symbol Rules: Symbols are usually shaped after typical cookie cutter shapes, and usually pertain to the individual's interests. The color of the symbol is either black or white only.

Naming Conventions: 3x5 naming convention.
Racial powers: They do not have any psionic abilities, but they do obtain great agility and stamina. And, for those of certain candy- and dessert-types have many unique abilities, such as; Bubblegum Yummi are capable of stretching to great lengths, Rock Candy Yummi are have rock-hard bodies that are tough to break, Chocolate Yummi can melt their bodies and reform at will, and so on and so forth.
Attributes: They are great with defensive strategies and evasive tactics. Their speed gives them great advantage against opponents, and high stamina allows them to fight for long amounts of time, wearing down their foes and going in for the kill. It is ill-advised to eat one after you kill them, as their body is poisonous, and very fatal.
Traits: All Yummi body fluids are a syrup/sauce-like substance. The substance varies from each individual, depending on what dessert or sweet they are based off of.
IM System: Crony Chatter
Typing rules: They have no odd quirks, like switching numbers or letters, or using odd ways of typing. They type like a typical person, in their own specific way.


  • Much, much, much, VERY much credit goes to H3LM37 H34D and V.M.P. for their help on many of these sections
  • The Yummi eat a lot, and I mean a LOT
  • If you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask
  • This is my 2nd fanrace

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PostSubject: Re: Yummi: The Sweet Food race   Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:59 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Yummi: The Sweet Food race   Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:47 am

These are really cute :D

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PostSubject: Re: Yummi: The Sweet Food race   Sun May 24, 2015 8:38 am

You forgot the Umami flavour.
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PostSubject: Re: Yummi: The Sweet Food race   

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Yummi: The Sweet Food race
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