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 Bebzel Duleze

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PostSubject: Bebzel Duleze   Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:43 pm

Full Name: Bebzel Duleze
Gender: NB
Height: 5’5
Age: 7 solar sweeps
Physical appearance:
Bebzel is of a relatively average height, but weight-wise they try to keep to a probably less-than-healthy shape, accentuating it further with clinging or dynamic angles in their clothes. Their hair is black, silky smooth and curls a bit at the ends when they get to them with a curling iron. Horns shaped like the number 7 point forwards on the top of their head, sort of like antenna. The colours between the segments bleed into each other with a sort of rough scratchiness, likely due to improper care as a younger troll. They prefer this aesthetic, however, and keep it as it is.
Their face is roundish with a bit of a weak chin, and their nose is small and upturned. A grin will reveal two large, in-turned fangs where one’s incisors would normally be. However, these things are usually drowned out to the onlooker by the large, smiling eyes. Black as sin and deep as the pits of hell, a strange luster glints off from his opaque visual organs. They are effectively blind, but the pupilless eyes seem to eagerly follow your every twitch
When meeting with Bebzel in person, one would likely notice seemingly nervous tics and a slightly unnatural air about them, constantly straightening their clothes and smiling for maybe one full second before being distracted by a noise or smell.
Their taste in clothes is flashy and vogue, mostly tactful furs and black gems, with turtlenecks and jeans for a more casual style. While generally dressed to androgyny, they are known to slip into the odd dress. They may apply lipstick in an even blacker black, or anything from glittering gold to simple mustard or acid green, but not often venturing into the colours of the highbloods, less out of respect than just worry about people bullying.
Personality: Bebzel is a fairly easygoing and mellow person, eager to make friends. They like light conversation and socializing, and it is one of their true vices. However, Bebzel is still a pretty sensitive soul, legitimately caring about how everyone sees them. They often won’t even mention their psiionic ability until they are sufficiently acquainted with a new person, due to the judgement that would go with a power seen as unlucky or unholy. That said, they like to lay all the cards on the table as soon as possible- they’re afflicted with a little bit of an anxiety problem, really, and getting things over with makes that go away faster.
As a friend, Bebzel is caring and almost constantly involved. They make other people’s problems their own, which they fully realise might be annoying, and so try to be tactful and resolve conflict as easily as possible. Not quite kind, a better word for Bebzel may be caring. Possessing of a short fuse and a soft shell, they may become erratic or violent and moody if pushed into a bad mood. In this state they struggle to keep their head up, but might still devolve into an immature and spiteful brat.
Bebz’s interests include the company of dead things, the research of biology and nature, and the collection of fancy clothing, something abnormal for a troll. Although not particularly gifted in the intellectual side of things, they have an almost creative urge to learn things interesting to them.
They see the hemospectrum as cruel and limiting, but still respect those who have legitimate authority over them like elders or royalty.

Handle: thaumaturgicalDiener
Typing Quirk/Color: They tend tø replace all o's with ø, but use perfect punctuatiøn. Sometimes they add in random words that probably aren’t real. They give møst peøple and things nicknames, tøø.

Blood color: Gold (#a5a53f)
Symbol: A skull nested inside a hexagon
Laser Bear Daddy is a fairly average-sized, opalescent white bear, structured for more bipedal motion than the average bear. It has black blood, something that made him shunned by the rest of his kind. Bebzel adopted him after her own lusus from childhood, a colossal drone bee, perished via natural causes. Poor Bebz was feeling vulnerable and charitable, and took the bullied bear as their new ‘guardian.’ However, they end up being more of the guardian to him; While the protection he provides is of course more than ample in a civilized society, the bear is addicted to troll mind honey. The addiction leads to him often theft and destruction of personal property, something not exactly dealt with in a pseudo-anarchistic society. The honey grants him a higher mental capacity and causes his eyes to spurt black beams of death at random intervals, completely out of his control.

Strengths: Bebz is outgoing and charming, and possesses an extremely potent psiionic ability
Weaknesses: They are sensitive and short-tempered. On a physical perspective, they are blind through their own eyes and may experience sensory overload if controlling too many things and trying to pay attention to all of them. They are also sort of frail.
Fears/Insecurities: Bebzel is basically just an insecure person, sensitive to a fault and often worrying on others and their opinions on them. Their greatest fears lie in being humiliated or having their friends turn against them.
Likes/Hobbies: Fashion, clothing, biology, zoology, socialization, friends
Dislikes: Their own anxieties, the judgement of others, extreme weather, smoke

God Tier Title: ____ of _____ (ambiguity for ease of session entry. Bebzel would likely be sorted as an active doom player or a general blood player)
Land: Land of Us and Them (Prince of Doom) Land of Plague and Plunder (Knight of Doom)
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: Blwdrtkind, needlekind
Generally starts in possession of an antique bamboo blowdart with normal darts and a set of sewing needles and string.
Psionic Power: Bebzel has the overwhelmingly powerful ability to hijack the will of anything with a brain and no sentience. This mostly works best on dead things though, because they can't fight back no matter what! So, they could control a swarm of bees, for instance, but not another person unless were asleep or unable to control their own limbs for some reason, like being dead or something. They could probably control a good-sized army of people with their powers if all the targets were dead. Having essentially reached peak potential with this ability, it’s really just a terrifying thing to hold over someone else. They also can't see out of their own eyes, and so must use the eyes of other creatures. Also, if something's brain tissue is damaged in almost any way, they can't control them. Because they’re hijacking their brain's electrical signals and if they can't travel right then Bebzel can't do anything.
They are upbeat but sensitive about their ability, and hate it when people hold it against them.

Describe your character in three words: Interested demon-child
If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: A phøne if it came with a charger and a generatør and a signal I guess? This is kinda a stupid questiøn...


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PostSubject: Re: Bebzel Duleze   Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:13 am


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Bebzel Duleze
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