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 Lacrim Maeror

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PostSubject: Lacrim Maeror   Thu Jan 29, 2015 12:03 am

Full Name: Lacrim Maeror
Gender: Female
Height & Weight: 94 lbs, 5'4.7
Birthdate: August 24
Age: Six sweeps
Physical appearance: Lacrim is very, very skinny. A bit tall, making that even more obvious. Besides her build, the most remarkable thing about her is the ridiculous amount of tangled, bushy hair. It seems to go off in every direction, and there's so much of it one might wonder how she stays up underneath it. There is literally enough for her to hide underneath it if need be-In her entire life she has never cut it once. In short (Anti-pun not intended), she has some crazy-ass hair. Her facial features are sharp and dramatic, but not really haughty. Her eyes are cold and hard. Her horns are lost underneath her hair perpetually, but they're very short and curve abruptly inward after an inch, and continue for an inch before terminating in flat ends. She wears a bit teal bow in her hair, like it's floating in a stormy sea.
Now, a gruesome part. Her black, thin lips are sewn shut with equally dark thread- a crude job, too. Her lips can still smile and maybe sneer, but opening them for more than a straw to suck nutrition smoothies through isn't going to happen.
She wears a blue top and blue jeans that somehow fit her long legs, but neither really flatter her skeletal figure. The top is loose and a bit too big, but underneath she wears a tight dark grey shirt with sleeves long enough to fit her longer arms.
Personality: Lacrim is a sad person. Well, sad might be pushing it, actually. She's a downright sorrowful person in general. She is afflicted with chronic depression and slight mood swings, and at times would rather be dead. She has attempted to take her live multiple times because of how miserable she is, but her Lusus always stops her. Her mind is almost always filled with thoughts of how well off everyone else is.
As a person, when she's not In a deep mood, she's pretty nice and accommodating. Though probably not assertive enough, as she is prone to letting herself get pushed around because of her very low self esteem. When she is in a bad(worse) mood, she might go on for hours like 'Woe is me,' or be snappy and rude, shoving all her fallings in your face.
She despises her position as a mutant, and wishes she could be more like the others. She puts up a half-hearted attempt at pretending to be a teal blood, but she honestly wouldn't care if she was carted off for being a mutant.
The one redeeming trait about her is that if she had a purpose, a single thing to keep her going. That one thing would be enough to make her get up and struggle onward, changing her entire being from dumpy downer to perky princess.

Handle: woebegoneGriever
Typing Quirk: She generally only ever communicates through actions -like so- or via images. But if she has good reason, she'll type, usually prefaced with something like '-she starts writing on the piece of paper-' and puts her text in quotes. she never capitalizes or uses punctuation and sometimes mispels without bothering to corect it or maybe just makes a typp and leaves it be when she does decide to chat
she also adds a ' next to every : in smilies if she uses them :'(
Blood color: Mutated Cambridge Blue
Symbol: The alchemical symbols for salt and water laid on top of one another-See provided image below in 'Other.'
Lusus: A scorpion/snake hybrid with mandibles and pincers but a long tail with a sting on the end instead of a body.

Strengths: She can be a good and reliable friend if you somehow get her to be one, though she may rely on you just as much as you do on her. She is actually really smart, but seldom uses her intellect. She is a good fighter if she'll get up and actually do something.
Weaknesses: So many. She's mentally insecure and chronically depressed to extreme levels. She lets herself get pushed around too much.
Fears/Insecurities: She isn't really afraid of anything, because she has little to live for. Though, she is insecure in general.
Dislikes: At the same time both EVERYTHING and NOT REALLY ANYTHING. She has very few real opinions on things.
Driving force: Nothing. She has no driving force. Vacancy here. Open for renters or devoted buyers.
Hobbies: She can sew pretty well, I suppose. Doesn't do it often, though. She mostly just mopes. Sometimes roleplays if someone really wants to with her.

God Tier Title: Rogue of Envy
Land: Land of Snakes and Them
Derse or Prospit: Derse.
Strife Specibus: Clothespinkind/Polearmkind. She has a Podao that transforms into an innocuous green clothespin.
Psionic Power: Lacrim is blessed with the TEETH OF DEFINITION. Or possibly just 'In possession of.' Or, cursed. Yeah, it's probably that last one. The Teeth give access to the THOUGHTS OF ONES ALMOST, those who are not yet but yearn to be. She can hear each of their voices in her head, and knows exactly what they want. They can help, yes, because what is not yet obviously knows what will not be. But they are more aggravating than helpful, and she tried for a very long time to get them to stop whispering. In the end, in a desperate and sleep-depraived fit, she sewed her lips shut to block her teeth from the outside world. Remarkably it sort of worked, but well, her lips are sewn shut now. The voices are quieter, but her subconscious still absorbs their envies.

Describe your character in three words: There, there, dear...
If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: The answer to this varies on who she knows. Because you can be sure the things would belong to them.

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: Her psionic 'power.'
Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?: GWAAAAaaaaaaa...... Waaah! Baaaaaw--- *hic*

Other: I am so sorry for making such a pitiful character.
An image: Link


hey im your admin

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Head Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Lacrim Maeror   Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:49 pm

A picture of her-

I drewed this mythelf


hey im your admin

my characters

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PostSubject: Re: Lacrim Maeror   Fri Jan 30, 2015 8:39 am


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PostSubject: Re: Lacrim Maeror   

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Lacrim Maeror
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