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 The Valnirans (Magic Oriented Race)

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PostSubject: The Valnirans (Magic Oriented Race)   Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:15 am

Racial Name: Valnira
Nick Names: Don’t use any other name besides what they tell you to call them. Most Valnira are very particular about their names.
Genders: They’ve got males, and females. That’s it, unless a Valnira decided to warp their body to be both or neither sex. Females are more common, however.
Average Life span: Flame and Water Valnira tend to die quickly, so they usually live to be 150, at most. Light and Dark Valnira live slightly longer than the lower-class Valnira, and live to usually 230-240. Life and Death Valnira, however, live long, extravagant lives, and live to be 500-600 years old. Static Valnira never die, unless they are killed.

General Appearance: A Valnira's appearance derives from their aspect. Depending on their aspect, a Valnira can come in any form. Also, it's said that every Valnira has a twin that look exactly like them, just with different aspects, thus opposite colors and personalities. Their crystals grow depending on their aspect, too, and shape themselves to better suit a Valnira’s type of magic.
Common Personality: A Valnira's aspect decides how they act. Fire Valnira are often loud and outspoken, and are usually the most resilient of the Valnira. Water Valnira are Calm, and tend to move along life with fluidity, adapting to whatever situations life throws to them. Light Valnira value honor above all else, and strive to protect their honor, no matter the cost.
They're often martyrs. Dark Valnira are smart, and posses a lot of cunning. They're nearly the most sneaky of the Valnira, and would be, if not for the Static Valnira. Life Valnira value peace above all else, and strive to protect most living things, besides enemies of life. Life Valnira are soft, sweet, and kind Valnira. Death Valnira want to kill everything, besides Death and Dark Valnira. They're harsh, Brutal, and corrupt people.
Static Valnira, however, are the most unpredictable of the bunch. They contain pieces of each aspect in them, making them very unstable. Still, they don’t interact with lower aspects. Anything can happen, though, so their personalities differ depending on their experiences as children, while still staying along the lines of their aspect. Age may also change their personalities.
Society: They all worship the God of Static, who is supposedly the one who created all magic that exists in their world. Their social orders are commanded by the aspect of the fey. Fire and Water are the two most common aspects, with Static being the most rare.
Light and dark would be known as the middle class, commanding very vague forms of magic. Life and Death are the nobility, ruling over their regions with an iron fist, and commanding individuals without question. While individuals can be born with more than one of these aspects, it's a miracle if they're born with more than one aspect is very, very rare, and individuals born with two are usually held with high honor. Being born with every aspect is almost impossible, if not a miracle, and usually results in premature death in cases where these children are born.
Home Planet: Modicrom. Their planet varies greatly geographically. On one side, sprawling deserts covered with white sand expand for as far as the eye can see, with many small clusters of fertile oasis's. Animals in the desert region of the planet are few and sparse, because water is such a rarity there. The desert side of the planet is home to the aspects of Fire, Light, and Death. On the other side, however, there's thick, suffocating jungles, with giant trees that reach, at most, hundreds of feet into the air.
Life there is diverse, and houses the majority of life on the planet. The jungle is home to the aspects of Water, Life, and Darkness. In between the jungle and the desert, there's a vast ocean that reaches in a ring around the planet. No islands exist inside of the ring, besides on the shores of each continent.
Only the Valnira that have adapted to aquatic environments live in the ocean, and are rarely seen, if ever. The ocean is always still, and animals tend to stay away from the ocean because of that, and its salinity. The ocean is home to the aspect of Static.
Relationships: Valnira relationships are governed by their aspects. A Fiery relationship is heated, intense, and passionate. A Watery relationship is Calmness, Understanding, and Acceptance. A Light relationship is Pride, Protection, and Honoring one another. Dark relationships are all about trickery, outsmarting the other, and stealing all they have. Life relationships are based on Love, Caring, and unity. Death relationships are based on Revenge, Hatred, and Torture. Static relationships are Apathy, and ignorance. Any aspect can have any one of these relationships with another Valnira.
Reproduction: When Valnira give birth, they give birth to a solid, smooth, football sized crystal globe. After birth, the globes are held in a room where guardians choose them.
Guardians: The guardians of the unborn Valnira is a six foot crystal scaled snake. Snakes in Valniran society are the sign of a gentle, caring soul. While they don’t teach the young Valniran to talk, just about everything else they learn from their guardians. The snake guardians are actually old, crystallized Valniran spirits. They take the form of a snake, but this is their second life. They help a Valniran grow, and if the Valniran cannot publish their book, they’re sent into the wilderness with their guardian.
Symbol Rules: They have shirt symbols, with matching rings and necklaces. Ear rings and other piercing are optional.

Naming Conventions: When a Valniran becomes old enough, they publish a book with their name as the title. However, if it’s not before the age of ten, they’re deemed unfit to live, because they’re not mentally capable to name themselves, or writing a book.
Racial powers: Depending on a Valnira’s aspect, they each have different magical powers. Fire aspects include control over flaming magic, lightning magic, and in rare cases, plasma magic. Water aspects include control over both water, air, and ice magic. Light aspects control the essence Light, and Dark aspects control the essence of Darkness. They both, however, can see and command spirits. The spirits must be aligned with their aspects, though, and must match the intent the commander feels. Life aspects control the growth of things, and can weaponize this by growing something to death. Death aspects control the opposite, they rot things. Both Life and Death also have the powers to heal, or worsen wounds. Static Valnira have each of these powers.
Attributes: Valnira use magic to defend themselves, and become stronger as they age. They store magical energy inside of the crystals on their bodies, and naturally grow them this way. The bigger and brighter the crystals, the more powerful the Valnira.
Traits: Each Valnira has crystals on the backs of their necks, and their foreheads. The crystals grow in patterns and emanate the color of their aspect. The patterns of each Valnira are never exactly alike, though family patterns share resemblance. A Valnira’s hands are made entirely of crystal. But, though it’s made of crystal, the crystal in malleable, and they can feel through them.
IM System: Magilin
Typing Rules The typing quirk will be up to the creator of the Valnira. They don’t have to have typing quirks, but if they do have one, it’s themed to magic, or magical related things.

Other: Long ago, when the civilization of the Valnira dawned, there was an equal number of each bloodline, and no borders between each branch of the race, each tribe. They all existed in peace, until inbreeding led to the creation of a bloodline that was by far more powerful than all the others, which in modern times of the planet, is the Static race.
They deviated away from the other tribes, and formed a tribe all on their own. After years of growth, they began to believe that the planet was destined for them to rule, and them alone. After this sudden epiphany, they began to systematically kill off each race, beginning with the strong, long-living bloodlines.
When they thought that the life and death Valnira were extinct, they began to work on the light and dark Valnira. After crushing the Life and Death Valnira, the others began to fear for their lives, for the tyranny of the Death Valnira hadn't even began to compare to the cruelty they showed.
When the Static Valnira began to strike upon the Light and Dark Valnira, the remaining Valnira rose up and united against the warped Valnira, beginning the 1,000 year war. In the end of the war, the Static Valnira struck a compromise with the other races. They agreed to leave the continent to rule an even greater expanse, the ocean. All the Static Valnira joined on the shores of the ocean, and combined their magic to warp the appearance of each and every Static Valnira.
They all grew gills, scales, and webbed fingers and toes, then crawled into the ocean. On the other end of the compromise, the tribes had to stay out of the ocean, off the shores, and never attempt to interfere with the Static Valnira. a bridge was built to connect the continents, and ensure that the tribes wouldn't grow distant. Many eons later, tensions between tribes began to form as the tribes grew. Each tribe settled onto neighboring tribes lands, and formed cities. After their crushing defeat, the Life and Death Valnira had finally began to flourish as high nobility on land.
The Life Valnira sided with the more gentle sides of the bloodlines, the Water Valnira, and the Light Valnira. The Death Valnira favored the latter of the bunch, Fire Valnira, and Dark Valnira. A council had been formed to regulate each Valnira bloodline, besides the static, and soon, Valnira began to call for the removal of foreign bloodlines in their lands.
After years of discussion, the Valnira decided. Fire and Water Valnira would stay in their native homelands, Fires being the desert, and Waters being the jungle. Them being the largest of the bloodlines, they had no restrictions on where they might live in their Homelands. Light and Dark Valnira decided to side with their aspects on choosing where to live. The Light Valnira moved to the desert. The Dark Valnira moved to the jungle. Life and Death Valnira, however, tried to follow their favored aspects. Life Valnira followed the Light, Death followed the Dark.
After years of being away from their elements, they began to weaken, and rebellions formed as a result. The Life and Death Valnira elders decided to meet, and move away from their favored aspects to regain control over the Valnira. The rest of the bloodlines, however, wished to stay with their allies, Light with Life, Dark with Death.
Being their allies, they didn't want to see their friends die to rebellion, and urged them to move. Finally, they relented, and left their homes to the others bloodline. Death Valnira didn't wish to go without sacrifice, however. On the way there, they began to attack the Life Valnira. After being suddenly attacked, the Life Valnira retaliated. Soon, a new war ensued on the bridge, starting yet another war, the war of Life and Death. Eons of fighting led to near extinction of both sides, and when only four on each side remained, they finally let each other pass to their new homes.
With such devastating losses on both sides, they finally gave up. This is where modern history of the Valnira begins. While they fought, the others worked to form new technology, and soon, a link was formed between all Valnira, internet.
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PostSubject: Re: The Valnirans (Magic Oriented Race)   Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:27 pm

You never actually said what they look like. Only "They get their appearance from their aspect"
This is really disorganized, there isn't a list of types anywhere either. You should take a bit to make this better, but its not the idea itself thats bad, just presentation

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The Valnirans (Magic Oriented Race)
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