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 The Veturætt (Vikings)

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Kneehigh Pilgrim

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PostSubject: The Veturætt (Vikings)   The Veturætt (Vikings) EmptyThu Dec 18, 2014 7:20 pm

Racial Name: Veturætt

Nick Names: Cragsmen, Boreal, Aurora

Genders?: Yes

Average Life span: 120 to 180

General Appearance: Veturætt spend their lives in frigid and rocky terrain and are consequentially strong and enduring people. Their skin comes in many icy shades, mainly blue but can stray into cyan and lavender shades. Their eyes come in varying shades that match the colours of the auroras that reach over their homes and these colours are used in cultural meanings. In such a dangerous environment Veturætt often have scars or tattoo themselves to show their strength or sometimes colour their hair with streaks of bright dye. Naturally their hair is shades of black or grey, sometimes it becomes a snowy shade or very rarely golden blonde. As they age Veturætt begin to develop bony growths ranging from horns or tusks to bony plates and spurs on their body. These growths keep growing into their venerable years and are often carved with images depicting the great deeds of their lives. Veturætt dress in heavy and warming clothes, usually furs or handmade weaves since their lifestyles and climates make mass manufacture impossible.
The Veturætt (Vikings) Untitled_zpsb6e7f4a5

Common Personality: Veturætt are naturally hardy and stubborn like their native lands though despite the cold they tend to be heated people both fiery in their passions and ferocious in opposition. Their emotions can be varied but they are often natural warriors of some description though this is as much taught by their socioty as bred into them.

Society: Veturætt live in large clan homes made of thick logs and carved stone to hold off the wind and snow. These clans are rarely more than ten families large or more than a few miles from neighboring clans to allow trade and help when its needed. Veturætt spend their time hunting, gathering and constructing and their level of technology is comparativly low because of the conditions but they have developed power using large wind towers and forged metal, though there is little they need such power for in their day to day lives. The main use has become communication between villages using heavy duty computers that often take up a building in the village and are monitered by the elders and young.
Home Planet: Vitrike, a planet made up of massive ice bergs and frozen ocean surrounding a few continents of coniferous forests and high mountains and rock formations. Veturætt usually live in more sheltered areas within the reach of natural resources but still have to endure driving snow and winds on a regular basis as well as climb and hike long distances to get everything they need.

Relationships: Veturætt pairings are considered binding until the beginning of spring though are often reinstated every year unless something has changed. Pairings are often made between couples who share one of the relationship types.
Spear - Spears act as one anothers confidant, someone that is trusted inplicitly.
Bow - Bows are considered to be a challenge, people who push one another to their best.
Shield - Shields make one another feel secure and work to protect one another.
Axe - Axes work to defend one anothers honour, even if they don't truly like one another they respect them.

Reproduction: Veturætt tend to have children in time for the spring resulting in their females going into a state of heat around the end of autum and through winter. This period of heat begins at puberty and can have a very powerful effect on women to such a degree that young women are sometimes used as berserkers in this state.

Guardians: The young of a tribe spend most of their time in the care of the elders while the more able adults are busy with their work.

Symbol Rules: Norse Runes tattooed directly onto the skin somewhere. Many traditions follow their placement some believing it should be placed on the childs strongest location or what they will become most known for.

Naming Conventions: Veturætt names are similar to Norse or Viking names on earth.

Racial powers: Veturætt are powerful and often unstoppable in combat as well as highly resistant to the cold and thick skinned. Veturætt are also capable of lowering their body temperature into a hibernation state making them very difficult to harm indirectly.

Traits: Veturætt have stronge jaws and two pointed teeth. Their clothes are natural and rarely coloured more than simple browns.

IM System: Fjordlink

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PostSubject: Re: The Veturætt (Vikings)   The Veturætt (Vikings) EmptyThu Dec 18, 2014 10:06 pm

While this is good, there is a limit of one fan race per person. I might make it so like, you can buy another race slot for 1000 boondollars though. So this is gonna be left unnapproved till I talk to Dex about it.

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Kneehigh Pilgrim

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PostSubject: Re: The Veturætt (Vikings)   The Veturætt (Vikings) EmptyFri Dec 19, 2014 9:36 am

Alright, if it comes to it I think I like this race more than the last one (Which hasn't been approved yet so I'm guessing its still free to take this one over it)
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PostSubject: Re: The Veturætt (Vikings)   The Veturætt (Vikings) Empty

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The Veturætt (Vikings)
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