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 Poreillas (The Doll Race)

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PostSubject: Poreillas (The Doll Race)   Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:14 pm

((Warning: wall of text ahead.))

Racial Name: Poreilla
Nick Names: Dolls, Marionettes
Genders?: Moll (female), Dapper (male), and Bird (more of an in-between, Birds provide egg sacs for the males and females to place their genetic material in.)
Average Life span: A poreilla will typically live to be about 150, birds often living about ten years longer than molls and dappers.

General Appearance: Poreillas have white or cream, incredibly delicate, and hard skin (though it does have some give), which one might equate to porcelain. They often look quite young in appearance, even if they are old, and have large, round eyes. Their eyes come in a variety of colours, being anywhere from the brightest reds and oranges to the deepest greens and blues. Their eyes, however, are pupil-less, and Poreillas rarely blink.

They typically aren't too big, ranging from about 4'4" to 5'6" when fully grown. Birds are typically a bit taller than both molls and dappers, which are usually around the same height. Birds will normally have slightly broader shoulders than molls and dappers, as well.

While molls and dappers do look like human females and males respectively, birds will often look to be a bit of a mix. They are almost always flat-chested, though the ideal bird is more bottom-heavy, with wide hips. As previously stated, they normally have broader shoulders and are a bit taller than their two counterparts.

All poreillas are bald, succeeding in making their round heads look a bit rounder, though wigs aren't uncommon among them. Their eyebrows, which are typically black or dark brown, look as if they've been drawn on. They have eyelashes, which are always black in colour. They are without ears.

Poreillas have human-like teeth, though their canines are slightly larger and typically sharper. From either side of their mouth to either side of their chin are fine dark grey or black lines. Their lips can vary in colour, from grey to pink, though it's not uncommon for birds or molls to have lipstick dotted on their lips. Makeup is quite common, although the look is never subtle. Molls might wear bright red lipstick with pink circles of blush on their cheeks, as blending isn't much of a concern.

Around their wrists and ankles are thin dark grey or black lines, not unlike the ones beneath their mouths. Poreillas often have rounded cheeks, and small hands that end in short, stubby fingers. Overall, they have a doll-like appearance.

Typically, Poreillas will dress somewhat formally, wearing what humans would consider outdated suits, dresses and hats. They have the look of 20's fashion, and are often bright and flashy. Molls are expected to wear dresses, and dappers suits, while birds will often wear suits or dresses paired with coats and vests.

Their skin can break easily, and scars will be dark grey or black cracks in their porcelain skin. One way to tell how old a poreilla is by seeing how cracked they are, though it doesn't always work; there are cautious older poreillas and careless younger ones. Poreillas can, in fact, live without their skin, and it isn't improbable to find one missing half their face. Beneath their skin is what looks to be cloth or wool, often cushioning their skeleton and organs.

Their porcelain skin will break away to reveal a metal skeleton similar to a human's, housing their organs and blood, though one can see various organs through gaps in the metal, behind thin grids of wire. Their blood colour is similar to that of a human's, though a bit darker. Terrifyingly, their organs seem to be the only part of them that's really organic, being made of flesh. A half-broken poreilla is a sight to behold and promptly run from.

Though their skin is often completely opaque and white or cream, there are poreillas with birth defects, making their skin slightly transparent. This will allow someone to somewhat see through their skin to their inner workings. Poreillas with these defects are pretty much always outcasts.

When a poreilla ascends to godtier, they have partially transparent insect wings, often those of dragonflies, beetles, flies and the like, which seem to be made of wax. However, they do not melt if one flies too close to the sun.

Poreilla Dapper & Moll (large image):

Poreilla Bird & Skeleton (large image, body horror):

Common Personality: Poreillas are known to be a carefree race, often reveling in parties, which will consist of dancing, gambling, drinking and flirting abound. They're generally rather hedonistic, with their society putting emphasis on material wealth. Typically, they're pretty amiable to other species, but are clever, and they have taken over other planets in the past through manipulation. They believe that they can better the lives of others, and are usually free spirits.

Poreillas are typically vain and shallow, focusing on appearance more than anything. Because of this, a young cracked poreilla, or one that has a birth defect. They're very much fond of pranks, as well as just about anything loud and exciting.

Society: Poreillan society revolves around pleasure and material wealth. There aren't a great deal of poor poreillas, though few are very rich. Poreillas are ruled by a leader which they vote in once every ten years, as well as a council of ten people, which are voted in every fifteen years. However, due to ample bribery and corruption, the same general group of people have been in control for at least 200 years.

As poreillas live on a small planet, they live in tall buildings, often being up to 300 storeys high and housing several hundred poreillans, as well as having rooms for recreation. There are tunnels suspended between close together buildings for easy access.

As poreillas always have more than one child, and they focus on money so much, they're presented a choice when they have children; to give them up to work as a slave for the first 25 years of their lives until they're adults, all money that would have been given to the child is instead given to the parents. Once they become adults, they are given the money, and are allowed to leave for a different job. Because of this offer, most poreillans only raise one or two children. Due to the typical lifestyle of an adult poreillan, they usually don't make wonderful parents, as the children will be exposed to gambling, alcohol, and generally rowdy parties from a young age.

Poreillas have highly advanced technology, including things like interstellar space travel, but everything on their planet looks dated. This is more because they like the aesthetic than anything.

Home Planet: Poreillas live on the planet Iuevin, which is smaller than Earth, and has a bit weaker of a gravitational pull. It's mostly landmass, though it does have an ocean, as well as some lakes scattered throughout the land. The atmosphere is similar to that of Earth, though the atmosphere has more nitrogen.

Far below the tall poreillan buildings, the ground is typically close to barren, only growing some trees and shrubs, as well as short tufts of grass, here and there. It is possible to find small forests further away from the crowded cities.

Relationships: As there are three sexes needed to reproduce, poreillan relationships essentially always consist of three members. When there are three, the relationship will be similar to human love, or matespritship.

When there are only two, it's more akin to moiraillegance, although more physical. Due to the usual carefree spirit of poreillas, up until a trio have children, it's perfectly acceptable to have an open relationship. Some groups may even contain four or five members, but they aren't as common. After having children, the molls and dappers are restricted to their trio, but birds are still allowed to take part in relationships with others, due to birds being the more uncommon sex.

Courtship rituals, a bit similar to those of leprechauns, often consist of song and dance. A poreilla's idea of wooing someone would probably involve some heated dancing, perhaps paired with ample drinking and forward advances.

Reproduction: As mentioned, there are males and females, though birds, a third sex, are responsible for creating the egg sacs. Seemingly made of cloth and wool from the outside, but wet and leathery on the inside, egg sacs will normally form four or five eggs. Birds will then care for the eggs, but once the young poreillas have emerged from their pod, the responsibility is, for the most part, handed to the molls.

Birds are less likely to emerge from an egg sac, and as such, birds are typically treasured. While the genetic material belongs to mainly the males and females, birds, who only pass on a snippet of their genes, are a necessary component in having children. Having children is not forced by the government. In fact, they seem to not really care either way.

Guardians: As previously stated, birds will care for the eggs, though the care will be given to the mother once they've hatched, and after about a year, it's shared between either the mother and father, or all three parents.

Symbol Rules: Symbols will typically be alchemical symbols, though there are less mainstream symbols that one might find, such as constellations. Symbols don't have to be the eye colour of the poreilla, but it is more common to find their symbol be the same colour, or a slightly different hue.

Naming Conventions: Poreillans have three names. The first is 7 letters long, and it isn't unusual to have it sound vaguely like a human name or word. The middle name is always shortened to one letter, while the surnames are 8-10 letters long. It's common to find alliteration in their names, though it isn't a must. (Ex: Toilben T. Texemplum)

Males are more likely to have more consonants in their names, molls will typically have more vowels, and birds will have a more even mix of consonants and vowels.

Racial powers: Poreillans are, on a mild scale, psychic. They can pick up on the emotions of others in their vicinity easily, and more powerful poreillans are even rumoured to read people's thoughts.
While poreillans have delicate skin, their bones are incredibly strong. If their skin is completely broken off, they can no longer feel pain, unless one was to hurt one of their partially-exposed organs.

Attributes: Because of their delicate skin but very strong bones, a perfectly healthy poreillan would more rely on fleeing that fighting. However, if one were to fight a skinless poreillan, they would be more likely to stay and fight, but would put more emphasis on defending their partially-exposed organs.

Traits: All poreillas have round, bald heads, small noses, and rounded cheeks. They have very large eyes, and a small nose, as well as no ears. Their teeth are similar to that of a human's, but their canines are larger and sharper. They're quite short, and are always a bit childlike in appearance. They have short, stubby arms and legs, with equally stubby fingers. There are dark grey or black lines around their wrists and ankles, and two going from either side of their mouth to either side of their chin.

IM System: Bustle Buddy
Typing rules: Poreillans do have typing quirks, but not quite to the level of trolls. It's common to find someone using emoticons, and those are usually the more customized parts of their speech. Poreillans will typically use outdated terms and slang when they speak, apparently completely un-ironically. (Ex: "clam" for money, or "bee's knees")

They almost always type in their eye colour, or in a similar hue.

Other: Molls and dappers are referred to as "she" and "he", like humans. However, birds are commonly referred to as "they" or "she", though their request to be called a "he" will be more likely to be respected than if a moll or a dapper asked to be called the opposite gender.


Oh my god, I'm not dead.

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PostSubject: Re: Poreillas (The Doll Race)   Sat Nov 22, 2014 9:22 pm

Whoo, finished for now, I think.


Oh my god, I'm not dead.
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PostSubject: Re: Poreillas (The Doll Race)   Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:57 am


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PostSubject: Re: Poreillas (The Doll Race)   

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Poreillas (The Doll Race)
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