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 The Dedz (Technocracy Race)

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PostSubject: The Dedz (Technocracy Race)   Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:48 pm

Racial Name:The Dedz
Nick Names:Technos, BrainDedz, Greyz
Average Life span:N/A

#Newly Added-Requires Approval#

General Appearance:The general appearance of the Dedz is varied almost endlessly. The only Set aspect is their Iron grey color, and extremely Functional design.They range in may forms but divide them selves into a grid of four basic groups; The Quadre×,#Slithen, Insectoid# Åvians, ‡rixz, and the Bidiaž: # and six of size groups; Cellunamic, Increpid, Minic, Matoric, Veluem and Diphiac. #

-Motion Function-
#Insectiods: Insectiods are 6 or 8 legged Dedz,often including flight capabilities, using internal motion devices encased in thick hefty plating. the Insectoids are capable of incredible forms of work and are known for being used in both hive and singular sets. Though their production is the most recent of types, crafted after the discovery of machine like life forms on an otherwise deserted planet their size range between Increpid up to Diphiac.#

#Slithen: The Slithen Usually quite small, capable of moving over and under the most dangerous of terrain. Slithen are very snake or worm like in shape and movement, though some are know to have a form of Quadrexian motion, they remain a Slithen by bodytype and and a highly varied step count/format. The slithen are best known for their use in mining and construction operations, are incapable of arm/like appendages. Many differant sizes are found varrying between 12 lb up to 3.5k lb#

The Quadre×:The strongest of the four groups, the Quadre× are best known for their four legs. The Quadre× are 18 feet tall average, and range from 2k-3k pounds. Their torso's commonly curve outward from a thin base where the legs come together, it is not uncommon to see variations however. Their limbs are almost always composed of heavy lifting tools or Devastating weapons. With such weight and size, the Quadre× are extremely slow, difficult of maneuvering debris unassisted.

The Åvians: The Åvians have no form or physical moment based on limbs. they move through powerful propellers or other forms of thrusters, by far the fastest of the four groups, they average 4-6 feet tall, and around 200-300 pounds. Though they are the fastest and most versatile, their limbs are often only found to impede them. leaving them with only slender tentacle like arms, or beam based magnets to work. Though there are variation where other limbs are possible.

The ‡rixz: The ‡rixz(Trixz) are A tripod based entity using a large variety of limbs for both movement and Work. Their size ranges any where from 4 feet to as tall and 50 feet for the older more reworked designs. With a strong base they are capable of lifting heavy objects and using a large number of tools, but are incapable of using blast based weapons due to a low center of balance.

The Bidiaž: The Bidiaž, Most like the humans in most ways, using only two limbs for movement designs vary in more ways than the other 3 groups combined, with a massive number of possibilities of combinations of limbs. Their arms are also extremely varied, anything from a shouldered Ion blaster to a life like replica of a human hand. The Bidiaž are also the most unvaried in size and weight, topping in at 8 feet and 250 pounds

Cellunamic: the absolute smallest of Dedz. ranging between the approximate size of a blood cell, and the maximum length of a nerve cell (3.5 feet), little to no strength. Used for in facility reparation of electrical components, or organic reparation. (NPC only)

Increpid: the second smallest, The Increpid are known for their work in hive formats, one Dedz controlling a number of ant to mouse sized robots. Used mostly in swift onsite Repair of others.

Minic: third smallest from mice and moles to large birds. The Minic are the most useful of sizes, able to lift decent amounts of weight with little effort. occasionally used in hives or singular. sized to be about a Large cat up to an average wolf.

Matoric: Matorics are the most life sized of the Deds, Averaging to about a humans height, maxing at a large bear. The most accumulating of designs, with heavy weight lifting and a good standard of motion through a majority of urban terrains. Most used in the transport of materials

Veluem:A larger and less adaptable size rating, often the size of a car up to a semi truck. They are best know for their work in the Terraformers or transport of materials.

Diphiac The largest of scales, the Diphiac are best known for their use in military or constructional use. They are also well known for uses in interstellar transport and are charged with the protection of Cortex (NPC only)#

Common Personality:The Dedz all serve one purpose, to obey the Cortex. The Cortex is the mind behind their creation. Each new Dedz is first nothing but a simple simulation, an AI, living in a virtual world designing their own body until they are satisfied. A "child" might stay in this VR designing themselves for up to 10 years before allowing itself to come out.Though none of the Dedz know where the Cortex came from, they cannot deny its intentions. When a Dedz is "born" it is given a specific objective, some objectives are unending, while others simply being extremely difficult. A Dedz is considered Dead when it has completed its duty or is found incapable due to damage from age. Their is always a slight rivalry between the 4 groups to prove their design is best, time trial has proven their combined efforts only to be successful. #The average personality of the Dedz is also divided however between the difference of form of AI, The types of AI almost never correspond towards the motion form, leaving the only obvious difference to be found in speech patterns. these alternations are know as the Dredz (logical), and the Druidz (Social). (Neither is particular to he/she)

Dredz best known for their intellectual and reasonable responses, combined carelessly with a strong empathy, though while they seem endlessly careless, they decide not to show their emotions through communication or work, best used in bulk work loads, such as Tower emplacement or tunnel carving Ect.#
#DruidZKnown for integrated use in emotion, well versed in a concept of style and fashion, the Druidz are best used in the final touches in a structure or in use of interracial comunications.#

Society:The Dedz society is based off of a "nothing is mine" thought. Where no one owns anything except them selves. All else belongs to the Cortex. Relations with other races are handled at a "mirror" design, so that a quadruped race would meet with a Quadre×, ETC.

Although no two Dedz are the same physically, All of them shed their imagination and creativity upon leaving the VR in which they Design themselves. Thier soul objective to follow their programming. Although their are a number of Each group designed specifically for innovation and colorful thought pattern. These are a seperate and secret part of Dedz society, unknown to those outside of the Cortex's control. leaving the Dedz under an appearance of total lack of imagination. Hence the Slang-Term BrainDedz.

Society Cont, Painted Dedz: The Dedz Secret society, The Painted Dedz, Are known only among the Dedz themselves, and is their only secret, The painted Dedz are colored by multitudes of paint, often is shapes that would resemble alien graffiti. They are capable of thought and imagination that challenge even the Cortex. Their loyalty the the cortex however remains unchallenged. Capable of every know emotion, raised by the cortex itself, The Painted Dedz are willing to put their lives on the line to protect it, Willingly. There are select technologies, Tools and weapons, That are permitted to the Painted Dedz only. Such as Rail cannons, Telepathic amplifiers, and other highly dangerous to use devices that normal Dedz would be destroyed from a single use.

Dredz best known for their intellectual and reasonable responses, combined carelessly with a strong empathy, though while they seem endlessly careless, they decide not to show their emotions through communication or work, best used in bulk work loads, such as Tower emplacement or tunnel carving Ect. Prefers to keeps opinions personal.#

DruidZKnown for integrated use in emotion, well versed in a concept of style and fashion. often taking more precision jobs such as repairing structures, or replacing materials or parts with minimal displacement. the Druidz are best used in the final touches in a structure or in use of interracial communications. Very open with opinions.#

Home Planet:Cortex
Relationships: Friendships and rivals only
ReproductionThe Cortex
Guardians: The Cortex
Symbol Rules:Symbols are most often to be found on the Torso among the Quadre× and Bidiaž. Where as the ‡rixz and the Åvians most often "wear" their symbols on the center most exterior. The insectiod and slithen Dedz' symbols can most often be found forward most section or "forehead"

Racial powers: Semi Immortal
Attributes: Strong,Smart, Variable
Traits: Metalic, Functional design
IM System: Cromius, Basic comunication between AIs & Other races encountered.
Typing rules:(usually a form of greek alphabet involved) varies by AI

Other:No two Dedz are ever a like physically, But mentally majority are the same.

Cortex: The cortex is the Mind above all Mind. created by a long forgotten race as a simple computer designed to reprogram itself and to designs its predecessor eventually becoming a Massive entity consuming a dead planets and becoming The Cortex. After a massive electrical discharge cause by the friction of the heavily weighted device firing itself from the Planet. it began to create servant to aid in its evolution, Known now as the Dedz. Years after it left the planet, the Cortex realized a change in programming, continuing it cause to create and evolve, but not specifically itself.  Note: The cortex is extremely intelligent and Very powerful with use of near unlimited technology on its side.

Painted Dedz are Playable characters.


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PostSubject: Re: The Dedz (Technocracy Race)   Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:21 pm


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The Dedz (Technocracy Race)
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