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 The Cadmus [The Robot Race] WIP

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PostSubject: The Cadmus [The Robot Race] WIP   Fri Nov 07, 2014 3:23 am

Race Name (EG, Humans, Trolls): The Cadmus

Average Life span: theoretically can live indefinitely without outside forces ending their life, but are required by law to be decommissioned  after 200 years of life. Individuals can appeal for more time, some even managing to do so so regularly they stay alive well over the time they'd normally live. However, the process is closely monitored, complex, and most do not have their appeals approved, let alone have them approved multiple times.

Childhood lasts from their birth to around 20 to 25 years after that, teenage years starting at the end of the individuals childhood and lasting for another 30 years. From that point on an individual is an adult until they are decommissioned.

Nick names:
Junk bound- Refers to those individuals within the decommission pool, and are awaiting decommissioning. Rarely used by polite society, due to the very sensitive topic it covers.

Copper Head- Refers to individuals with poorly made or handicapped bodies, and is used to not only insult and degrade the victim, but also attack the image of their parents.

Pre-fab - Refers to those individuals with either pre-fabricated bodies from the government or those using recycled bodies. Can be used as an insult, but a sub culture of Pre fabs has begun to rise embracing this and actually putting a positive spin on it by slightly modifying themselves so they can all be connected, but unique in their own ways. Imagine punk hippies, and you get that. Punk being the music subculture.

Droid- refers to an individual that makes their body look so much like the creators that it is seen as an oddity. Has begun to grow in popularity as of late in the younger population, with more synthetic skin upgrades being presented on the market

Genders? (Y/N): Yes. There are 3 Genders. The Writer, the Editor, and the Artist.

The Writer is closest to what would be considered the Female in this race, and is the source for the base code of the child that will be created. The data is taken from her, and arrange din a way that pleases the writer. The writer then interfaces with the editor in anyways they see fit, physical contact being traditional and able to cause stimulus more efficiently then wireless connections.

The Editor is closest to what could be considered male, though this is only a generalization that doe snot perfectly cover the gender, and in charge in the diversity and growth of the race by manipulating the writers work to allow growth to occur however they see fit. Once they are finished, the and the Writer must interface with the Artist for the final step.

The Artist is the last gender of the process, and cannot be defined by any gender traits, sharing many, but also possessing traits neither have. The artists job is to fuse both the original and edited data from the previous two genders and create the final product, acting as a third filter to allow the best to be created while also allowing growth and change to be at its most efficient. When interfacing is done, the artist will enter a 3 month state of hibernation, from which it will awaken with the beginnings of a new consciousness ready to develop. The consciousness will then either be placed in a specially made body, or will use one provided by the government.

General Appearance: Though the Cadmus come in many different shapes and sizes, all share a distinctly humanoid shape with proportions reflecting this. Commonly, they are made of a metal plastic combination, and have plates that layer each other in such a way to cover circuitry like skin, and allow smooth movements.

Physically, most Cadmus have an androgynous appearance to them, though some are created with more masculine or more feminine appearances. These features can be anything physical, such as curves or musculature, to even secondary features such breasts. This is all free for the Cadmus to decide upon as they grow, and though some go much further to the point where they appear completely human, they are not treated as lessers, just strange equals.

Example of average appearing Cadmus

Example of a "Droid"

Common Personality: Commonly, Cadmus are a creative and artistic race, mostly showing this through their landscaping, gardening, and terraforming. Every Cadmus has some sort of skill in plant care and growing, though how they use it and what it entails is largely up to the Cadmus.

When conflict would occur between individuals, a jarring occurance takes place. Two or more Cadmus stuck in a conflict will inevitably disinterest themselves with society, and will lock into either a debate or a physical confrontation, the physical outcome usually being an inevitability. This conflict can either end with both agreeing on a winner, or a clear winning being found by a third party.

However, if civil debate can be kept going and finished, no individual can be hurt and new relationships can form due to the now shared ideologies.

Society: Ruled by a single intelligence, the Cadmus society is one that is almost completely unified in its mission. That mission, is to maintain and expand the natural beauty of the planet they call home to all worlds. This is not a mechanical beauty, but a natural one. They terraform and destroy anything in their way so the environment they see as perfect may appear everywhere.

While the individual Cadmus is emotional and intelligent, the large governmental affecting decisions are actually handled by a single logic based computer system that runs on premade laws and conditions that all it's decisions must be built around.

Any life that is not naturally occurring from their preferred environment is given little care, as it is either a mere obstacle for their spread of the environment, or some tool to be used to further their own goals.

Home Planet: Gaia

Relationships (how they are handled (Optional)): The Cadmus have a pretty straight forward system for determining the kind of reproductive relationships. The Twilight, sunset, Witching, and Zenith forms cover relationships that are guided by intellectual and physical attraction or repulsion.

Twilight: Twilight is the name given to a relationship of mutual physical based love, where the Cadmus share their love with one they find physically attractive in some way. Also, they may love each other due to their partners fighting style or ability.

Sunset: This refers to two Cadmus whose rivalry has arisen due to reasons involving physical appearance or combat style and skill differences.

Zenith: This name refers to a relationship of the individuals that is based on one another intellect, emotions, and wit. Based solely in the mind, Zenith relationships tend to be much stronger then Twilight relationships.

Witching: This name refers to a relationship where the cadmus have a rivalry or hatred with each other based on their intellects, emotional states, or how they use their wit. Being based in the metal area, these relationships can end up much more volatile then the Sunset Form.

Along with these 4 relationships, one can find 3 more relationships that do not lead to reproduction.

Rise: The positive relationship between cadmus, this will include those who will rise to your aide, or help the individual rise to a challenge

Stand: A neutral relationship, and the most common, is a relationship between cadmus where the Stand individual will do no harm or good to the other.

Fall: A negative relationship, those that fall under this relationship will actively seek the fall of their target. This is how must Witching start out before turning to the more stable Witching Relationship.

Guardians: Young Cadmus are taken care of by the its three creators, who either work togethe ror compete with one another to mold the youth into what they wish them to be.

Racial powers: No magical capability, no magical ability, but have access to physical modifications and upgrades that can easily have them overpower most any race barring near god like ones. Also, they can easily change their body with actual weaponry of common or unique design.

Other: Have terraformed 30 planets in their quest, and have eradicated just as many Civilizations.
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PostSubject: Re: The Cadmus [The Robot Race] WIP   Sat Nov 08, 2014 10:16 pm


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The Cadmus [The Robot Race] WIP
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