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 Thathals (The Winged Race)

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PostSubject: Thathals (The Winged Race)   Fri Nov 07, 2014 2:23 am

Racial Name: Thathal

Nick Names: The Winged Race, The Immortals

Genders?: Male Thathals are called Hauks and Female Thathals are called Robens

Average Life span:  Thathals have four stages of life, each with their own life spans. There is the Egg Stage, where the Thathal is in its dormant state for 100 years while it develops. After that it soon enters the Hatchling Stage, which is quite similar to human childhood. The Hatchling Stage lasts for the next 300 years without accidents. The Hatchling then goes into the Feathering Stage, which is similar to a human teenager. The Feathering Stage lasts for 600 years for men, and 700 years for women without accidents. After that the Thathal enters the final stage: the Winged Stage. Winged Thathals live for many eons without troubles, only dying if they are killed by disease or, *ahem* otherwise.

General Appearance: The only key features of the Thathals are the feathers: instead of hair they grow feathers (excluding eyelashes and eyebrows). In some rare cases, a Thathal will have their entire body covered in feathers. All Thathals upon hatching have wings, which come on all shapes and sizes. All that's known is that these wings are powerful enough to lift the Thathals. Other than the "feathers", Thathals come in all shapes and sizes--and colors! What should be noted though is that their pupils are always bizarre shapes. What should also be taken into account is that a Thathal can take a completely new appearance as they enter new stages of growth. Thathal blood can be any color.
If a Thathal God Tiers, they will grow an extra two pairs of wings, resulting in six wings, and have antlers sprout from their temples. Their blood color will become rainbow, with the most dominant color being their pre-Tier blood color. All of these traits can be hidden.
Common Personality: There really is no common personality--the Thathals are a very diverse race. However, the key role is creativity. Every Thathal is creative in some way. As the Thathal enters different stages, their already massive imagination can only grow. However they use this creativity is up to them, whether its dark and gloomy or kind hearted and cheerful.

Society: The Thathals live in a complex monarchy where imagination is the most important thing. Jobs such as writers and artists are held in high regard. Those who focus their creative tendancies on violence or lack any imagination (Mutants) become a Talon, which are the soldiers/enforcers of Lagios.
They are seen as a peaceful race, but a dangerous one, seeing that they are incredibly far in scientific and technological research. Their technology rivals most robotic races. Despite this, they are incredibly social and hate war. Even the Talons dread fighting.

Despite their advancement, they prefer primitive ways of living. They build nests and use spears for hunting creatures. They will, however, contradict this by modernizing the nest, having electric light and indoor plumbing. It is even a requirment for a Thathal to have working internet!

The Monarchy works as such:
The Aves is the highest order. Aves is essentially the King/Queen. This consists of Owl Lineage. The current Aves comes from the Strig Family.
The Second Highest are the Neoaves, which is essentially Nobility. This consists of Raptor Lineage.
The third is the Telluraves, which are aristocrats and lesser nobles. This consists of Crow Lineage.
The fourth and final is the Piciformes, which are the high middle class workers. This consists of Woodpecker and Hummingbird Lineage.
Those of a flightless bird lineage are the lowest, with Ostrich and Emu Lineage at the lowest. They are taken care of considerably while still working as servants. They are called the Palaeogs.
Everyone in between the Piciformes and the Palaeogs are called the Apodiformes, which have their own suborders.

The only "religion" that exists centers around five Thathals, each of them having six wings, antlers, and rainbow colored blood, which is unheard of even for a Thathal. All of them started an intellectual movement that inspired many inventions and stories that made Lagios what it was today. Their names and deeds are still spoken of, even on other planets. While these beings aren't worshiped, there are still festivals and holidays to celebrate their existence. These people are:
More Strig: The first Aves
Erith Rubec: The first painter
Crow Vrus: The first Talon
Swall Hawkk: The first poet
Passe Crane: The first scientist

Home Planet:

A lush jungle planet where diverse fauna live. Thick layers of clouds hangs over these forests, which are the dwelling place of the Aves, the Thathal Royalty. Other Thathals just live in the forests, though they are allowed to fly over the cloud and explore. Birds are the most advanced creatures in terms of evolution--Thathals evolved from the earliest birds.
Lagios lacks any natural satellites, having two artificial ones for the use of the Thathal Nobility, as homes or otherwise.
Lagios is roughly the same size as Earth, but has a weaker gravity. Their atmosphere is mostly oxygen, resulting in Thathals being oxygen based life forms, but still rely on water.

Relationships: Thathals have five distinct forms of relationships (or Notches as they like to call them), which is symbolized by their wings.

Primaries: Romantic Love. It is the most similar to human relationship. To initiate this you remove a primary feather and burn them in the same vat of pink oil. It is accepted for mating.
Secondary: Counselor. They make sure that the uncontrollable imagination of the Thathals don't go wild. They make their partner mentally stronger but also make sure that they keep their priorities straight--don't let them become to powerful or crazy (they already have to worry about one Destroyer; they don't need another one). The secondary feathers are burned in the same vat of green oil, and it is clear that this relationship is strictly platonic. Romancing your Secondary is considered taboo.
Axillar: Romantic Rivalry. Where two Thathals want to make each other stronger no matter what. Harsh words are often said, as well as threats, but it is known that Axillar Notches are meant in good intention. Sometimes flirting is involved. It's not common, but it is acceptable for Axiallars to be part of a mating ritual. The axiallar feathers of the participants are burned in the same vat of blue ink.
Speculum: Physical Love. This is where lust, not love, is a key role in the relationship. It is an unspoken rule that you have to always be in contact with your Speculum when your are with them, from hand holding to mating. The Speculum Notch is where mating is most common, as it gives the best offspring. Burning a Speculum Feather in the same vat of red ink initiates this relationship.

All of these relationships can be voided if the vat is intentionally poured out.

Edge: Enemies. While not an official relationship, it is still common. It is different from the Axillars, where the participants want to end each others lives. The Edge Notch is one of the responsibilities of the Axiallrs--they make sure that their rival is ready for their battle with their Edge. It is best described by a Troll as "pure, platonic hate." It is initiated differently as well--the participants meet in the location of their future battleground, pour black anything over their heads, and declare each other as Edges. It is an unspoken rule that an Axillar is required to have an Edge.

Reproduction: Once a Thathal reaches a certain age, usually in the Winged Stage, but earlier occurences have occured, there is such thing as a Mating Ritual. Any and all of the Relationships can be used for this, since the Thathals see the birth of a child as the most beautiful form of creation that there is. The oil or ink used in the initiation is a key role in reproduction.

Those in a Primary Notch go to their place of meeting and camp there for a week. Once the week has ended, they each sacrifice another primary feather and place it in the exact spot they were standing in when they initiated their relationship. The pink oil is poured onto the feather, which forced the feathers to metamorph into an egg. There have been debates on why this happen--the most accepted one is that the oil forces the feathers to absorb a portion of the infinite amount of life energy that is teeming on Lagios. It is a tradition to share a passionate kiss while pouring the oil.

Those within the Axillar Notch, if they decide to mate, have a much more complex ritual. Those in an Axillar Notch go to their place of meeting, before they even commited to each other, and fight each other. This battle can last for many weeks. When one loses, they remove an axillar feather and place it on their abdomen while the winner pours the ink on the loser. A week later, the loser will lay an egg, and it is the victor's job to hatch it. No one has any reasonable explanation for this. Like the Primary, it is tradition to share a kiss while pouring the ink. This is the least common for obvious reasons.

Those in the Speculum Notch are the closest to human reproduction. Normal mating habits apply here, and the Roben always carries the egg. It is not the Hauk's job to hatch the egg, but to comfort their mate while they do. This is the easiest and most common form of mating that there is. Carrying the egg lasts a week, hatching it takes 100 years.

Guardians: A Thathal always has three parents, their parents and their caretaker, which is a fauna, commonly a bird, that the parent has tamed to take care of the child. When the Thathal reaches the Feathering Stage, the birth parents leave to continue their duties, whatever it was before. The caretaker finishes the Thathal's grooming then, and usually keep a close relationship with their protege.

Symbol Rules: Thathals wear card symbols upon their shirt. Any symbol found on any card in the universe is worn upon their clothes. Bicycle and Tarot Cards are the most commonly used. The Ace of Spades is reserved for the Aves however. It is common for a Thathal to wear the symbol of their parents, or one of their ancestors, but this isn't always the case.

Racial powers: Due to their wings, all Thathals can fly after their 200th year in the Hatchling Stage. All Thathals also subconciously choose a physical trait after hatching, in which this trait is boosted immensely (strength, speed, durability, flight, etc.)

Thathals, as a race, can survive without breathing for long periods of time, as they live high up in the air. It is also noted that they can heal incredibly fast, and shapeshift as they enter new growth stages. If this is controlled or not is still unclear.

As they grow older, Thathals develop certain abilities depending on how they express their creativity. For example, a pessimistic Thathal got the ability to make places he went dark. The limit to how many abilities a Thathal gains isn't clear. The highest recorded was five--on average, every Thathal gains at least three abilities. Two of these powers are passive, and one power is always active

Attributes: Thathals have wings, which have allowed them to survive for many eons as an escape method and a style of fighting. Their physiology is common to that of a  birds, allowing them protection, or even kinsmanship, with the other avians that rule the planet. The Thathal immune system is also incredibly powerful; as such, there is only one disease that can kill them, and it went extinct a long time ago.

Traits: The only common trait that all Thathals share is the feathers replacing body hair. Even then, the feathers differ from each other by color, legnth...some Thathals have even made their feathers look like mammalian hair! (Though upon closer inspection, they are in fact feathers.) This is mostly due to the fact that there are Thathal subspecies, each one evolving from a different bird.

IM System: They used to have Twitter, which was just a chatroom, but the humans stole and butchered it. Now every Thathal uses Featherain.
(X began soaring over Y)

Typing rules: Each Thathal types in a way of their own, doing everything possible to make their quirk unique.

Other: Thathals have a Four Four or Five Five Naming Scheme that somehow relates to birds.
EX: Crow Vrus
(Vrus being a four letter anagram for Corvus)
Erith Rubec
(Deriving from the scientific name of the European Robin: Erithacus rubecula)
the First Guardian of the Thathals is Coronis, who resembles a winged stag.

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PostSubject: Re: Thathals (The Winged Race)   Fri Nov 07, 2014 7:46 pm

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I added to the Society Section.
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Thathals (The Winged Race)
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