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 Mandrakes (The plant Race)

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PostSubject: Mandrakes (The plant Race)   Thu Nov 06, 2014 4:44 pm

Race Name (EG, Humans, Trolls): Mandrake

Average Life span: The Mandrake are a long lived race, and though their time is varied by sub-species, they typically last for 200 years with proper diet and exercise. However, once the females hits 200, instead of dying they lose the ability to move, and begin releasing stored seeds for an additional 200 years.

Genders? (Y/N): Yes. Males are referred to Foys, and Females are referred to as Firls.

General Appearance: Mandrakes are a humanoid race of plant based creatures, whose form and abilities are largely determined from their subspecies. The commonly possess leaves, vines, or similar structures for hair, and have eye colors ranging from gold to silver, though green is surprisingly uncommon. They maintain a very humanoid form despite their varient subspecies, the feature sof their subspecies acting as their main differing physical features from one another.

Often lithe or simply thin, the Mandrake on avergae is simply a humanoid body type, but augmented with various plant features that go along with their specific subspecies. Their skin color is often various shades of green or brown.

Mandrake skin, depending on subspecies of course, will often develop thicker and tougher then human skin. This is however mostly when Mandrakes are older, as young Mandrakes have much softer skin, similar in feel to the stem of a flower depending on their subspecies. Females, due to biological needs early on and even later on, are usually capable to grow much larger then males, somewhere near 7-8 feet tall while males typically reach 6-7 feet tall.

Mandrakes sport many, many subspecies as a result of their highly mutable DNA, these subspecies each having adapted to their respective environments. For example, not all Mandrakes take on a resemblance of the earthly tree or shrub, but may take on a form similar to a cactus, gaining traits instilled into the biology from successful ancestors that allow them to better survive the desert climate. Some of Mandrakes can even produce such defensive mechanisms as toxic barbs or deadly false fruit, among things less relatable to earth based plants such as sound mimicry and acidic excretions.

Common Personality: Mandrakes have a predisposition to create an appaearance of calm behavior and partner it wise words; their actions can almost always be seen as some way to maintain this in their peers. Their overall culture is a rather peaceful one, differing slightly in certain areas of the world where more violent tendencies were needed for survival, seeking more often than not emotional or mental completion. It is what drives their constant cycle of romance, divided between the world of material, the world of thought, and the world of heart. They still however experience war from time to time despite it being rare, and whenever a "war" begins it usually involves not much more than four dozen individuals. The actually fighting however is either honorary contests of superiority, or behind the scenes of that "conflict" assassins "take out" a target. For Mandrakes, murder is a difficult concept to understand, because for one thing it happens so rarely, and the other thing is that it is usually quite difficult to kill another individual. Due to their insensitivity towards murder, fire has actually been labeled as a weapon of mass destruction. Normally neutralizing a target is poisoning them into a coma that may take weeks to actually take effect due to their peculiar plant-like physiology. Due to this history violent Mandrakes do exist, though normally sparingly in modern society and they are often ostracized to the point of never being involved in any group activities or allowed to interact with the general public.

Relationships (how they are handled (Optional)): There are three forms of romance for the species. Aplove, Belove, and Galove. All of which are filial. Aplove is the artistic pool based only on physical desire and beauty. Belove is the philosophical pool based on the minds and ideas, skills and thoughts of your lover. Galove is the tranquil pool, based on emotion and needs. They are a stabilizing force.

Aplove is less important than Belove.
Belove is less important than Galove.
Galove is less important than Aplove.

Their symbols are rock (A marriage set in stone), paper (A marriage written in flesh), and scissors (a marriage bound by blades).

Any of the three can be based on hate, love, or pity, and one person can fulfil all three pools for one person, known as a trifecta, or Ocean.

Marriages set in stone (Aplove) are the simplest to understand, as it is merely a bonding of appearances or mutual artsmanship, so when two Mandrakes find each other to be equal in artistic beauty they find a large stone, scribe their names to it, and stick it into the ground where the agreement is made; where they promise to meet for as long as they can stand one another. This is most common among artisans.

Marriages written in flesh (Belove) is another rather simple concept to understand. Two Mandrakes that find each other to be of complementary intelligence on an appreciative level shall make it known by carving each others names into each others flesh. Since these wounds will heal, the Mandrakes married this way will meet each other in the future to carve their marriage into each others flesh once again for as long as they can stand one another. This is most common among scholars.

Marriages bond by blades (Galove) can be a little more difficult to pin down. Because it is an emotional concept of completion, it is up to interpretation for either Mandrake what is expected out of the arrangement. Most common however, since such emotional completion may not always be permanent, the bonding ritual is (unlike the other rituals of romance) rather temporary. They cross blades in a specific location (usually their first meeting place, or just a place of mutual significance), and when finished sheath the blades into the earth. This is most common among guardsmen.

Guardians: None existent. Young Foys and Firls slowly grow where they are planted, defending themselves with biological defenses or the manipulation of stronger creatures. When they are old enough to uproot themselves, they are instinctually drawn to the nearest settlement, something they likely would have heard about or come into contact with over the development cycle.

Racial powers:

The race has a wide array of possible powers they can draw from, however they are completely cut off from the mystical forces that play large roles in the background of the universe. So much so in fact, that magic is an only recently created concept in their society, created by highly imaginative writers to entice readers of a new unknown and never before seen power.

Other: Mandarakes naming system follows as thus. a five letter name that is plant themed for the first name, then an anagram of that same name for their last name.

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PostSubject: Re: Mandrakes (The plant Race)   Thu Nov 06, 2014 4:53 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Mandrakes (The plant Race)   Mon May 23, 2016 10:44 pm

editing mandrsakes, still editing to improve it
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PostSubject: Re: Mandrakes (The plant Race)   

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Mandrakes (The plant Race)
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