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 Horkos Coprea

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PostSubject: Horkos Coprea   Tue Oct 14, 2014 7:17 pm

Full Name: Horkos Coprea
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: 6'0 & 168lbs
Birthdate: August 6th  
Age: 8 Sweeps

Physical appearance:
Horkos's face is always smoothed over with the highlight of paint that is considered so crucial to a Juggalo. Somewhat concealed by the mask are the dark purple bags that seem to permanently stain his under eye; displaying countless days he's gone without sleep. His usually drained expression is further extenuated by the listless droop of his horns. His black hair cascades down his back in a mess of loose curls; usually drawn out of his face in a messy pony tail.

The young troll is usually seen sporting a black tank top with his symbol printed on the front, as well as stripped grey shorts held up by braces. All the clothes he owns are loose fitting and comfortable enough for his contortion maneuvers. Though, his trainers seem to be quite a liability; their laces always remaining untied due to his inability to figure out how the whole loopty-loop thing works. Despite finding it impossible to actually tie his shoes, he refuses to wear anything without laces; finding that they compliment his giant bowtie quite nicely. He wears a pale glove on the one hand he has.

Personality: Cheerful - Menacing - Curious - Playful - Remorseless

Horkos barely sleeps; constantly being plagued by nightmares of ghoulish clowns. This has lead to him becoming a lethargic young troll with slow reflexes and a constant tired slouch. However, his weariness has lead to him having much less energy for flipping out; forcing his underlying rage to become more or less sedated. Despite being docile, his violent nature is still evident in his constant fantasies about maiming others. He couldn't care less about changing the hemospectrum, and takes great glee in killing low bloods when he has the energy to spare; the colors don't matter, so long as he can still fight them. Even though he's willing to ruthlessly murder lesser trolls, he doesn't see the harm in doing so. After all, they'd kill him too if they had the chance.

Regardless, the young troll despises rules and limitations, and does pretty much anything to go against them. His blatant disregard for restrictions is sometimes carried over into his Juggalo culture; though he tries to stop himself from being too blasphemous. When he's mindlessly tapping away at his keyboard, he frequently hints at darker intentions towards his friends. Though he wouldn't be able to harm a troll once he'd grown fond of them; the pleasure of killing them would be far outweighed by how boring things would be without them around. It would be fair to say he's pretty much in control of his urges, and doesn't kill because he has to, but because he wants to.

Horkos can appreciate the divine nature of joking, and seems to favor anyone with a decent sense of humor. Of course, this means he takes pranks lightly; anything revolving around humor unable to provoke his rage. For this reason he's drawn towards people who can make him laugh, though it isn't exactly a hard task to complete; seeing as he's amused by pretty much anything so long as he's told it's a joke. Due to this, it's pretty common for him to burst into a random 'kekekeke' of laughter in mid-sentence; though he rarely cares to explain what he finds funny.

Handle: perniciousAbsurdity   
Typing Quirk/Color: horkos speaks in all lowercase letters using only full stops for punctuation. he tends to bracket off /positive things/ with a forward slash though he also uses them for corruptions. /corrections/. heh. his typing will double up when he gets worked up about something like RrEeLlIiGgIiOoNn or TtHhIiNnGgSs TtHhAaTt MmAaKkEe HhIiMm AaNnGgRrYy.
Blood color: Purple #664191
tusk beast:
Horkos' lusus is a large duel-headed tusk beast with a foul temper and preference for violence.

Strengths: Extremely flexible, determined, good aim, social.
Weaknesses: Rash, Easily distracted, slow reflexes, disregards rules, irresponsible.  
Fears/Insecurities: Horkos is deathly afraid of clowns; so much so that he often fears he's a heretic in his own religion. He never gets any sleep during the day; far too unnerved by the multiple clown posters pasted over his walls, and he spends pretty much every moment in his hive freaking the heck out. Despite this, he refuses to take them down and actively avoids looking in a mirror when applying his face paint. Not that he'd admit such a blasphemous thing out loud.
Likes: Sandcastles, skeletons, conspiracy theories, miracles and troll Shakespeare.
Dislikes: Proper etiquette, science, dolls, social justice and heretics.
Driving force: He merely plans to follow the laws lay down by the mirthful messiahs.
Hobbies: Hula hooping, contortion, reading Shakespearean literature, attacking heretics, juggling with one hand.

God Tier Title: Prince of Doom
Land: Land of Unrest and Decay (LOUAD)
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: Hoopkind
Psionic Power: -

Describe your character in three words: Chipper killer clown.
If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: He wouldn't need to bring anything along, because of course miracles would happen and he'd be found by his juggalo bros.
If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: His blasphemous phobia.  
Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?: The fridge is jammed full of the wicked elixer, of course.  

Other: -
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PostSubject: Re: Horkos Coprea   Tue Oct 14, 2014 7:23 pm


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Horkos Coprea
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